Friday, August 29, 2014

Stevie Nicks reveals song sample of "I Don't Care"

Check it out... New song sample of "I Don't Care" from Stevie Nicks... Sounds like a swampy rocker! Vocals are really crisp on this one.  I'm liking it!

"I don't care where you go
I don't care what you do
I don't care what you said
I just care that you love me"

Pre-Order Stevie Nicks "24 Karat Gold - Songs From The Vault" from
Available October 7th.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

How Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks Unlocked Her 'Songs From the Vault'

Stevie Nicks Unearths Her Hidden Gems For '24 Karat Gold – Songs From the Vault'
Fleetwood Mac singer heads to Nashville and cuts 45 years' worth of unreleased songs

By Rob Sheffield | August 28, 2014

These songs are little jewels," says Stevie Nicks of her new album. "Each one is the story of what was going on at the time – new relationships, new friends, new Fleetwood Mac albums." 24 Karat Gold – Songs From the Vault (out October 7th) is full of songs Nicks had written but never previously recorded, dating back to 1969. Some are so private, not even her Mac bandmates have heard them. "'Lady' was on a cassette I kept in a box, in a sacred trunk that my mother had," she says. "It just said 'Lady' on the front."

Nicks faced a severe time crunch in the studio – she had to finish before rehearsals for Fleetwood Mac's fall reunion tour with Christine McVie began. "I called [producer] Dave Stewart and said, 'I've got the songs, but how do we make a record in two months?'" she says. "He said, 'Nashville. That's what they do.' It's like checking yourself into music rehab."

The Nashville session cats helped Nicks crash 17 tracks in just three weeks. It was a new experience for her. "I'm usually up till four or five in the morning, but [for this album] I had to get up at nine, do a vocal lesson at 10, then watch Wendy Williams just to wake up. I'm in the bathtub at 12, then dressing as fast as I can, and driving across town to be in the vocal booth by two." It was exotic in other ways, too. "I'm used to bands where we argue over how to do the song. These Nashville guys just say, 'Yes, ma'am.'"

The album is decorated with Polaroid selfies taken by Nicks over the years. "People would ask to model for me, and I'd say, 'Be at my hotel room at 2:30 a.m., dressed in lipstick and gowns and hats and rhinestones and diamonds,' " Nicks says. "And they'd say, 'Uh, no, I'm good.' So I was the model, photographer and furniture mover."

Like the photos, the songs document Nicks' private life. "'Lady' captures the mood of me and Lindsey [Buckingham] being scared to death when we moved to L.A. in 1971," she says. "Our producer Keith Olsen gave us this white carved piano – I wrote 'Rhiannon' on it. But I didn't know how to play. 'Lady' was me figuring it out."

Nobody from Fleetwood Mac has heard the album yet, but she's confident her mates will like it. "Lindsey will love it," she says. "Half the songs are about him!"

Pre-Order Stevie Nicks "24 Karat Gold - Songs From The Vault" from
Available October 7th.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Preview - Sept 15th FLEETWOOD MAC On With The Show Tour Special

Surprisingly Fleetwood Mac is back to full strength with the mid ’70s line up that made them international superstars, and three of them, singer/songwriter/guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, singer/songwriter Stevie Nicks, and band co-founder Mick Fleetwood join us In the Studio on the eve of their North American tour for some of their most popular songs.

In The Studio with Redbeard

Sounds like it's an hour of Fleetwood Mac tunes with archival interview footage interspersed between tracks. Check your local listings to see if it plays in your area.

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Available October 7th.

Canadian Television Premiere Stevie Nicks: In Your Dreams Sept 7th Documentary Channel

Canadian Television Premiere 
Stevie Nicks: In Your Dreams
September 7, 2014 at 9pm ET/10 PT
Documentary Channel

Watch this documentary that follows Stevie Nicks as she begins writing and recording her first solo album in nearly a decade.

Pre-Order Stevie Nicks new album "24 Karat Gold - Songs From The Vault"
from Available October 7th.

Monday, August 25, 2014


By Ann Friedman
Elle Magazine

Christine McVie looks into the camera and asks, “How does it feel being a sex symbol in rock ’n’ roll?” Hanging out backstage on Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 world tour, McVie, the band’s keyboardist, looks as if she’s had a few vodka tonics (and if this night was like most on the Rumours tour, probably a fair amount of 
cocaine, too). She pauses for the perfect comedic beat, then delivers: “I don’t know; ask Stevie Nicks.” Her blond shag and shiny caftan shake as she emits a husky laugh. “Oh, listen, Stevie’s gonna know I’m kidding,” she says in her proper English accent. The two women of Fleetwood Mac have always been friends. There’s no need for competition when their roles are so clear: Nicks in front, twirling seductively in her shawls; McVie in back, stealthily ruling the keyboards. If Nicks is the band’s witchy goddess, McVie is its warrior queen, strong and steady. She’s also one of its key creative forces, having written half the songs on the band’s Greatest Hits album.

And so in 1998, McVie sent Fleetwood Mac into a midlife crisis of sorts when she announced she was quitting the band. After 28 years of late nights, she was done living out of a suitcase, finished with recording studios and sold-out arenas. She was also increasingly scared to fly. A few years earlier, she’d bought a rambling old manor in the English countryside, and, at age 54, the quiet life beckoned. “I did my last show, got everything shipped out from the house in L.A., went to catch my last flight back to London,” she says, “and didn’t look back.”

Until now. At age 71, after almost 20 years out of the spotlight, McVie has returned. She’ll crisscross North America with Fleetwood Mac on a 40-city megatour this fall, playing Katy Perry–size venues from Boston to Portland. “Serendipity is the only word I can think of to describe it,” she tells me over coffee and salmon-and-cream-cheese sandwiches at her London pied-à-terre. It’s in a modern building overlooking the Thames but made cozy with an overstuffed sofa, a leather chair, lots of Persian rugs, and keyboards pushed up against the floor-to-ceiling windows. McVie looks decades younger than her years and exudes well-earned rocker cool. She wears a simple tank top and jeans with a silver-plate belt and a tangle of bracelets. Her 
shaggy blond hair is almost identical to her Rumours-era cut, her skin so tan it’s as if she never left California.

“Since she’s been back, I’m already feeling the steadying effect of her presence,” says Mick Fleetwood, Fleetwood Mac’s drummer and jovial father figure. “There is no doubt that there was a void in the chemistry of the band. The band rose successfully to the creative withdrawal, but emotionally…the balance was challenged.”

Sunday, August 24, 2014

New Song: Stevie Nicks "Lady" from 24 Karat Gold - Songs From The Vault

"Lady" a beautiful piano driven ballad is the latest song released from Stevie Nicks from the upcoming "24 Karat Gold - Songs From The Vault" scheduled for release on October 7th.  If you are familiar with Stevie's old demos, this song was referred to as "Knockin' on Doors".

The song is now available on iTunes and Amazon.


Stevie sounds pretty amazing on this... just her and a piano, which I don't think she's ever done before.

"What is to become of me
And I’m unsure
I can’t see my way
And, he says
Lady, you don’t have to see”

More clips from "24 Karat Gold - Songs From The Vault" can be heard here.

Pre-Order Stevie Nicks "24 Karat Gold - Songs From The Vault" from
Available October 7th.

Friday, August 22, 2014

New Song Sample: Stevie Nicks “All The Beautiful Worlds”

"All the beautiful worlds
that I have seen so far have all fallen down.
Oh it used to be yours..."

More clips from "24 Karat Gold - Songs From The Vault" can be heard here.

Pre-Order Stevie Nicks "24 Karat Gold - Songs From The Vault" from
Available October 7th.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

"Will you dance with me... Belle Blue... Belle Fleur..." New Stevie Nicks song sample #24KaratGold

New sample on Stevie's Instagram and Facebook pages.... "Belle Fleur".. Little bit of banjo going on in this one. Sounds great!

Will you dance with me...
Belle Blue... 
Belle Fleur... 
It's just love... 

More clips from "24 Karat Gold - Songs From The Vault" can be heard here.

Pre-Order Stevie Nicks "24 Karat Gold - Songs From The Vault" from
Available October 7th.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

REMINDER: 18 Hours of Fleetwood Mac... Thursday August 21st Summer Marathon Series w/ 88.3FM The Sting

After the on-air promise to bring back the mac in 2014…. if Christine McVie rejoined the band… they are keeping their word!

Once again WBWC 88.3FM The Sting will be hitting the airwaves with 18 hours of Fleetwood Mac including many hits, live recordings and deep dark cuts for the die-hard fans. They don't even have a Cleveland date on the tour, but they're still going on… 

2013's  FM Marathon was a huge success - Dave, Nikki and Todd had a blast featuring all the band's incredible music, (something from each of the 16 different line-ups!). All three will be back on the air in Cleveland for another round of great music.

Tune in Thursday August 21st, as part of the 2014 Summer Marathon Series on 88.3FM and from 7am to 1am EST (on air and live streaming).

Giveaways and on-air guests including a live chat with Richard Dashut. More info to come.

If you were around last year, 2013's marathon was a highly entertaining 18 hours of Fleetwood Mac music! Obscure live and studio tracks you love but never hear on the radio were featured. It was as if Fleetwood Mac had their own channel - nothing but non-stop Mac!  So save the date and check it out... I'll post another reminder closer to the date.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Weekend Earworm: @StevieNicks Reveals Catchy "Mabel Normand" Clip!

Here's another lyric to have stuck in your head!...Stevie sounds pretty amazing on this and from the dark undertones of the music, this sounds like it'll be winner!

"but her heart was quietly crying
I guess she even felt quilty, about even dying
Sad Mabel Normand"

More clips from "24 Karat Gold - Songs From The Vault" can be heard here.

Pre-Order Stevie Nicks "24 Karat Gold - Songs From The Vault". In stores October 7th.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fleetwood Mac included on The Midnight Special Collector's Edition DVD Release

Late-night’s original rock & roll show returns in a brand-new DVD set jammed with extras!

Available September 8, 2014, the DVD release features over 100 live vintage performances across 11 DVD's from late-night's original rock & roll show.  Fleetwood Mac's "Over My Head" is featured on Disc 2.

Pre-order via

"Over My Head" is featured on Disc 2 
Midnight Special Collector's Edition DVD Trailer

A couple of fun initiatives from Camp Stevie Nicks...

Have any Stevie memorabilia in your personal collection? Photos that you took, concert tickets, classic merch...anything!

Post them on your Instagram/Twitter/Facebook with the hashtag #24KaratStevie and selected ones will be featured on Stevie's social sites each Thursday!

Calling all fashion designers! This is your chance to design a shawl for Stevie Nicks and receive $2,000. Submit your work now at  Deadline is September 22, 2014.

Stevie's new album "24 Karat Gold - Songs From The Vault drops October 7th. Pre-order now via

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

"Directing Stevie Nicks - things like that just don't happen in real life" - Alfonso Gomez-Rejon American Horror Story

7 Questions with ‘American Horror Story’ Director Alfonso

The Wrap had 7 questions for Director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon about American Horror Story - Coven and here are the two regarding Stevie.

What was the toughest thing you had to do this season?
Alfonso Gomez-Rejon: Finishing the last episode of the “Coven” season, “The Seven Wonders,” was definitely the toughest thing. It was an impossible — undoable — schedule, resolving every storyline, with heavy VFX, stunts, etc. But we had a hard out at 4 a.m.  Hours later, actors would be on planes and sets would be taken down. I had two full crews going in adjoining soundstages. I'd run back and forth between them, setting up a shot here, shooting there, changing the cast on set and rushing them back to the other stage, and so on. We finally wrapped a few minutes shy of 4 thanks to the heroic work of every department, particularly my VFX supervisor, who was directing the 2nd unit. Our last shot was Frances Conroy as Myrtle throwing glitter in the air (for the Stevie Nicks “video” opening of the episode). A surreal but poignant ending to the show followed by a lot of champagne.

What was the most fun thing you had to do this season?
Directing Stevie Nicks — things like that just don't happen in real life. I stopped by her trailer in the morning to introduce myself and within minutes she was singing “Rhiannon” a cappella to me. She was fun, generous, humble and a great raconteur. I'm especially proud of her final scene as she plays “Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You” to Jessica Lange‘s Fiona Goode. It's so touching that you forget that she just drowned someone in a bathtub.

Check out the rest of the article at The Wrap

The American Horror Story: Coven season will be released on DVD October 7th.  Two episodes include Stevie Nicks and a great majority of the season contains either Fleetwood Mac or Stevie Nicks music.  Pre-Order at Amazon.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Stevie Nicks Reveals Limited Edition 24 Karat Gold Lithographs

Artwork for the 24 Karat Gold Limited Edition Polaroid Lithograph is now in the store. Pre-Order at  

With each bundle order you will receive one of these hand picked polaroid shots of Stevie.  The bundles are half way to being sold out so if you have not yet pre-ordered one of the limited editions sets that also includes a 48 page 8' x 8' Photobook... I suggest you get on it.

SONG SAMPLE: Stevie Nicks "If You Were My Love" from #24KaratGold Songs From The Vault

Ooohhh... This sounds beautiful - even from the short clip!


Album previews on instagram at @Stevienicksofficial and on Facebook

Monday, August 11, 2014

Album Chart Update: It's all about Fleetwood Mac's Rumours

Interesting week on the Album Charts... Typically "Rumours" isn't so alone.  With the exception of Australia, the album is everywhere.

In the UK "Rumours" moves up the Top 100 Albums Chart this week to No.59 after re-entering last week at No.79.

In Ireland the album also moves up the Top 100 Albums Chart to No.47 from No.56 last week.

In it's sixth week back on the US Billboard Top 200 Album Chart "Rumours" continues to move down sitting at No.178 this week.

In Australia "Rumours" re-enters this weeks Top 100 Chart at No.61 and landed in the top 10 on the Top 50 Catalogue Chart re-entering at No.8.  The only other Fleetwood Mac album on the Catalogue Chart is "The Very Best Of" which remains static at No.31.

IRELAND - August 7, 2014
# 47 (56) Fleetwood Mac - Rumours

UK - August 10, 2014
# 59 (79) Fleetwood Mac - Rumours - 35th Anniversary Edition

# 6 Fleetwood Mac - Rumours

USA - August 10, 2014
# 178 (165) Fleetwood Mac - Rumours

# 40 (28) Fleetwood Mac - Rumours

AUSTRALIA - August 11, 2014
# 61 (R/E) FLEETWOOD MAC - Rumours

# 8 (R/E) Fleetwood Mac - Rumours
# 31 (32) Fleetwood Mac - The Very Best Of

# 37 (R/E) Fleetwood Mac - Rumours

# 30 (35) Sound City - Real To Reel

Friday, August 08, 2014

Truth and Consequences My Times With Fleetwood Mac

This could be interesting.... Richard Dashut and his assistant Stacy B have started a Tumblr blog titled Truth and Consequences My Times With Fleetwood Mac.  Never before seen photos and short stories will be posted... Follow the Tumblr blog and if you want to ask a question, submit one by clicking the 3 bar icon at the top left on the page.

via Richard Dashut's Facebook Page:
"Please join me & my personal assistant, Stacy Be in our blog journey as we release never-before seen photos & short stories of My Times With Fleetwood Mac. More content in the upcoming days, this is just the start. Your comments are more than welcome, please enjoy the ride as the truth does have consequences." Richard Dashut - Facebook

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Due to high demand Stevie Nicks adds 2nd lithograph to "24 Karat Gold Songs From The Vault" Album Offer

Due to high demand, Stevie has selected a 2nd image from her personal collection for a 2nd series of limited edition lithographs. An additional 2k hand numbered lithographs will be printed for this series. This will be the last addition to the 24 Karat Gold lithograph series. Pre-Order Now at

Source: Stevie Nicks - Facebook

100 Most Influential Artists according to NME #FleetwoodMac

100 Most Influential Artists
NME have published a list of the 100 Most Influential Artists in their August 9, 2014 issue.  Fleetwood Mac came in at No.26.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

REVIEWS: Stevie Nicks "The Dealer"

Stevie Nicks Delivers Emotional New Track 'The Dealer'
Fleetwood Mac singer unleashes the catharsis on the first taste of her new album, '24 Karat Gold'
By Jon Blistein

Stevie Nicks has handed out "The Dealer," the first track from her upcoming solo album, 24 Karat Gold — Songs From the Vault. The upcoming album stands as the Fleetwood Mac frontwoman's first LP since 2011's In Your Dreams.

The swinging, piano-driven cut comes complete with a lyric video and finds Nicks delivering an ode to misplaced love, owning mistakes and the catharsis that comes from reconciling the two. "I was the mistress of my fate, I was the card shark / If I'd've looked a little ahead, I would've run away," Nicks belts during chorus, her velveteen voice taking on a wizened-with-age quality that's perfectly belied by the line's winking conclusion: "If I'd really known you then / You'd've had to watch out."

Nicks initially wrote and recorded “The Dealer” with Fleetwood Mac in the late Seventies when the band was working on their 1979 album, Tusk. A leaked copy of the original demo has been floating around for some time, and as Nicks said in the press release announcing 24 Karat Gold, it was bootlegs like this that inspired her to reimagine tracks from her back catalog that never saw an official release.

Produced by Nicks, Dave Stewart and guitarist Waddy Wachtel, 24 Karat Gold will see release on October 7th via Warner Bros., though vinyl lovers will be able to pick up a limited edition double LP a week earlier starting September 29th (pre-orders begin today, August 5th). The album artwork will also feature never-before-seen Polaroids taken by Nicks from throughout her career, while the deluxe photo book CD boasts 48-pages of pictures from her private collection, as well as two bonus tracks. Nicks will also be previewing more cuts from 24 Karat Gold on her new Instagram account in the lead-up to the LP’s release.

Following 24 Karat Gold‘s release, Nicks will embark on yet another massive tour with Fleetwood Mac, this one reuniting the group with keyboardist and singer Christine McVie, who left the band in 1998. The On With the Show tour kicks off on Tuesday, September 30th in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the Target Center and wraps up 34 shows later on December 20th at the Tampa Bay Times Forum in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Stevie Nicks Channels the 1970s in Her New Single, “The Dealer” 
By Eliza Berman

I get a little nervous when an artist whose older work I favor comes out with a new album. But I take heart in the fact that most of the songs on Stevie Nicks’ forthcoming album, 24 Karat Gold: Songs From The Vault, were written between 1969 and 1987, with a couple penned in the mid-’90s. And with “The Dealer” she delivers a track that would have been at home on 1983’s Wild Heart or even Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours (1977).*

Musically speaking, “The Dealer” is something like a time capsule that Nicks could have planted decades ago—but the lyrics seem to come from a wiser woman taking stock and looking back: “It was my fault, my move, and my wine/ I see the sun now, and it still shines.” Her voice has a gravelly quality now that matches the sentiment.

Nicks has a busy fall lined up. In addition to promoting 24 Karat Gold, her first album since 2011’s In Your Dreams, she joins Fleetwood Mac for a reunion tour in September, and she has a gig as a mentor on The Voice. Don’t call it a comeback, though. As she told NPR, “You just can’t make a comeback. Comebacks are no good. You have to just keep singing. Or keep dancing.”

24 Karat Gold comes out on Oct. 7 and is available for pre-order now.

Stevie Nicks Releases 'The Dealer' From '24 Karat Gold: Songs From The Vault'
by Jessica Goodman

It's time to gather your shawls. Stevie Nicks released a new song, "The Dealer," from her upcoming album, "24 Karat Gold: Songs From The Vault." With lyrics like, "I was the mistress of my fate / I was a card shark / if I'd a looked a little ahead, I'd a run away," the song features classic Nicks themes of love and fate, fear and heartbreak. 

Huffington Post

By Eric Sundermann and Kyle Kramer

America is a country constantly in flux, and American music is an ever-shifting behemoth, always looking for the next drop. But amid the change, there are certain things that remain timeless: liberty, love, a certain hustle, a sense of destiny, and, perhaps most of all, the golden voice and songwriting talents of Stevie Nicks, American hero.

Right now, it's Tuesday afternoon in 2014, but it might as well be a sun-glazed day in the late 70s, and we might as well be riding around in cars that take too much gas in a world that looks like a Valencia filter. Stevie Nicks just released a new song, "The Dealer," on which she quite literally escapes time. It's off her new album, 24 Karat Gold: Songs From The Vault, which is out October 9 and of which Stevie Nicks, via her website, says: "Each song is a love story... They represent my life, the secrets, the broken hearts. These songs are the memories - the 24 karat gold rings in the blue box. These songs are for you."

Naturally, the song, like the polaroid in its accompanying lyric video, comes across like so many unearthed memories, and your tears might come spilling out like so many decades of pent-up sadness. "I was the mistress of my fate," Stevie croons sadly, knowingly, in the way that only Stevie Nicks can croon about heartbreak: "If I'd a looked a little ahead/I'd a run away." "I'll be the passion/You be the play," she adds later, poetically. "I'll just almost hold you/You'll just almost stay here." Yeah, it's beautiful. Yeah, we might as well be standing in front of a corner store that looks like a movie set listening to this float toward us as it plays out of our car's AM radio. Yeah, we love Stevie Nicks.

Noisy Music by Vice

Stevie Nicks "The Dealer" 
by Tom Breihan

The Fleetwood Mac singer and general all-around classic-rock hall-of-famer Stevie Nicks will soon release 24 Karat Gold: Songs From The Vault, a new collection of unreleased tracks, most of them written between 1969 and 1987. One of the album’s new songs is “The Dealer,” a sparkling piece of California studio-rock magic that seems like it could’ve come out at any point in the last 40 years. Check out a lyric video for the track below.


Stevie Nicks’ new song “The Dealer”
by Michelle Geslani

Our very first look at the new album comes courtesy of “The Dealer”. A charming and dusty little rocker, the song finds Nicks in true form, as though Rumours came out just yesterday.

Consequence of Sound

Stevie Nicks streams unreleased track, ‘The Dealer’
by Alex Moore

Stevie Nicks is getting ready to release a new album of unreleased songs collected over the last few decades, called “24 Karat Gold: Songs From The Vault.” And while it might be obnoxious for anyone else to label their own stuff “24 Karat Gold” that was deemed not good enough for inclusion on any of her records, Stevie Nicks actually means it. She’s probably forgotten more A+ songs than most artists ever write in their lifetimes. Like this new single “The Dealer,” for instance—it wouldn’t have been out of place on any of your favorite Fleetwood Mac records.

REVIEW: Stevie Nicks releases disappointing new track, "The Dealer"
by Deirdre Kaye

Stevie Nicks' new single isn't so hot: Was it better off a bootleg?

Legendary songbird Stevie Nicks released her new single, "The Dealer," today. The track is the lead single off her upcoming album, 24 Karat Gold, and with it comes a lyric video complete with a soft-focus old photo of the singer. The song was previously recorded in 1979, while Fleetwood Mac was working on their album, Tusk. "The Dealer" didn't make the cut for that album, but a leaked demo has occasionally popped up among fans. We'd love to say Stevie Nicks can do no wrong in our eyes, but in the case of "The Dealer," we think some things might have been better left in the '70s.

Nicks was about 34 when the song was originally recorded and it seems as if she still had a bit of maturing to do with her songwriting. The concept is simple enough: Nicks is coming to terms with past transgressions and unrequited love. Heavy stuff, sure. However, the lyricism is a little immature. We can appreciate that it was written when she was considerably younger, but by mid-30 and well into her career, we expect more. With lines like, "But, you'll just almost stay here, I'll just almost hold you," the lyrics, at some points, seem more like Nicks was grasping for syllables more than good song content.

Furthermore, there's not much musical growth. In a way, it makes sense that Nicks' music would still sound so strikingly similar to everything she's released in the past. Again, this song was written long ago, as are all the other songs on the album. However, she could have used this chance to reboot them with slightly more modern music. Instead, the song still sounds exactly like it came from 1979 — you know, when it was a demo that didn't make the cut for Tusk. This, of course, will appeal to the vast majority of her longtime fans. However, it leaves us underwhelmed.

Is it the worst song ever? No. In every other way, Nicks will continue to be our golden goddess of the music world. Hopefully, the rest of 24 Karat Gold will shine light on brighter, actual gems that have long been forgotten. Just don't expect us to spend any more time with "The Dealer."

Purchase details available at

Follow Stevie Nicks on Instagram for weekly song updates

PRESS RELEASE: Stevie Nicks launches

BURBANK, CA -- (Marketwired) -- 08/05/14 -- Today marks the first day Stevie Nicks fans can pre
order 24 Karat Gold - Songs From The Vault as well as hear samples from the album and view exclusive content from the highly anticipated CD, Nicks' first album in three years, it was confirmed today by her label, Warner Bros. Records.
Commented Nicks about the release of 24 Karat Gold: "I used to make cassettes of my songs and hand them out. But to know that these songs have finally been recorded with the same love they were originally created is joyous for me. I picked 12 songs from about 40 demos made from '69 - '87 and one each from 94 and 95. These songs are all about love and heartbreak -- how to pick up the pieces -- how to keep moving... I'm really chronicling love from the very beginning. When you write a song and it doesn't go on a record, it floats around in your life for years. I took myself back to the time when these songs were written... Sometimes I can't remember what happened yesterday but I remember so well what happened through the whole period of time that I wrote these songs. You think about them and go over them and they live inside of you until they becomes part of your world. These songs are now 24 Karat Gold."
"The only way this would have been possible was because of the amazing 'Nashvillians' as I named the brilliant musicians we worked with in Nashville. They were a great band -- tantamount to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers... We were awestruck just watching them. We had two weeks to lay down the tracks... This was going to be a fast moving train... That is how we roll and that IS how we rolled!! And we did it."
A special version of 24 Karat Gold will be available on which will also feature a lyric video for "The Dealer." In addition, Stevie will be unveiling snippets from every song on her album each week through her Instagram account at "stevienicksofficial".
Nicks, a multi-Grammy award winning, multi-platinum selling Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee is scheduled to embark on the Fleetwood Mac 'On With The Show' Tour with recently returned bandmate Christine McVie beginning September 30th.
24 Karat Gold Songs From The Vault: August 5th - Pre Order September 29th - Special Limited Edition Double Vinyl October 7th - Deluxe Photobook CD which includes two bonus tracks plus 48 pages of exclusive photos from Nicks' personal collection.

Press contact:
Liz Rosenberg Media
Source: Warner Bros. Records

WOW! Stevie Nicks Deluxe Photobook and Litho Album Bundle

This is amazing... Links are now live for you to pre-order 24 Karat Gold at the Nicksfix

Click the image below or go to  for further details.

Three bundles available:

  • 24 Karat Gold CD Album + Digital Album + Litho + Photobook $59.99
  • 24 Karat Gold Photobook CD Album + Digital Album Bundle $39.99 (no litho)
  • 24 Karat Gold Deluxe LP + Digital Album $26.98 (no litho)

Limited Edition 48-page + cover full-color perfect bound 8”x8” soft cover photobook featuring never-before-seen photos from Nicks’ personal collection available exclusively on
  • Includes 24 Karat Gold Deluxe CD album containing two bonus tracks
  • 18”x24” Limited Edition Heavy Stock Lithograph featuring a photo selected by Nicks from her personal
  • Polaroid collection. Hand numbered. Only 2K in print.
  • “The Dealer” digital single download delivered instantly
  • Digital MP3 album delivered on release date.

Monday, August 04, 2014

Fleetwood Mac begin rehearsals this week.

Fleetwood Mac are stocking up the rehearsal space... Photos by Drew Foppe

"63 guitars/basses thus far in rehearsals. 
We will see what the total is after today when the guys bring in even more with them!"

Stevie Nicks "24 Karat Gold Songs From The Vault" Tracklist, Cover and Order info

Pre-sale available now on Amazon and iTunes

Here's the tracklist for the Deluxe and Standard Editions.

The first single "The Dealer" is available now on iTunes.

Deluxe Version
01. Starshine
02. If You Were My Love
03. Mabel Normand
04. Twisted (bonus track)
05. 24 Karat Gold
06. Belle Fleur
07. All The Beautiful Worlds
First Single "The Dealer"
Available now on iTunes
or Amazon
08. Lady
09. I Don't Care
10. Watch Chain (bonus track)
11. Hard Advice
12. Carousel
13. Blue Water
14. Cathouse Blues
15. The Dealer
16. She Loves Him Still

Standard Edition
01. Starshine
02. The Dealer
03. Mabel Normand
04. Blue Water
05. Cathouse Blues
06. 24 Karat Gold
07. Hard Advice
08. Lady
09. I Don't Care
10. All The Beautiful Worlds
11. Belle Fleur
12. If You Were My Love
13. Carousel
14. She Loves Him Still

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Album Chart Update: Fleetwood Mac UK, Ireland, AU, USA

No big movers this week except for Rumours re-entering the UK Top 100 Albums chart at no.79 this week up from no.128 last week.  In the US Rumours is still in the Top 200 for a fifth week at no.165 this week down from no.143 last week.

USA - August 9, 2014
# 165 (143) Fleetwood Mac - Rumours

# 28 (25) Fleetwood Mac - Rumour

UK - August 9, 2014
# 79 (R/E) Fleetwood Mac - Rumours

UK - August 2, 2014
# 15 (23) Fleetwood Mac - Rumours

# 36 (R/E) Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere

AUSTRALIA - August 4, 2014
# 85 (76) Fleetwood Mac - Greatest Hits

# 40 (29) Fleetwood Mac - Greatest Hits

# 20 (16)  Fleetwood Mac - Greatest Hits
# 32 (17) Fleetwood Mac - The Very Best Of

IRELAND - July 31, 2014
# 71 (85) Fleetwood Mac - The Very Best Of
# 56 (89) Fleetwood Mac - Rumours

Friday, August 01, 2014

"A GREAT time at lunch with some members of the Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks family."

Somethings cookin' over at the Nicks residence and it may be more than lunch... Dave Rahn, Production Co-ordinator and Catering Manager for Stevie's 2010-2011 tour and Fleetwood Mac's Catering Manager on the 2009 Unleashed Tour posted this photo yesterday with the caption:

"A GREAT time at lunch with some members of the Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks family. Love this group of people!"

Not in the photo, but also there and had just left apparently was Waddy Wachtel.  The photo was taken yesterday (July 31st) and appears to have been taken at Stevie's home.

(From left) Sharon Celani, Carlos Rios, Karen Johnston, Dave Rahn, Kellianne Murphy, Jimmy Paxson, Sheryl Louis, Brett Tuggle and Eilynn Chapman.  On the floor... Stevie's little Yorkie Sulamith.

A lot of familiar faces connected to Stevie either solo or with Fleetwood Mac. Sharon of course sings back on everything Stevie does whether solo or with Fleetwood Mac. Carlos has mainly been backing up Stevie on her solo ventures. Karen is Stevie's Assistant. Kellianne is one of Stevie's god daughters and if you saw the In Your Dreams Documentary, she was sprinkled all through the video. She did all the cooking at the big house during the recording of the album. Jimmy is Stevie's solo band drummer. Sheryl Louis is Stevie's Manager. Brett supports Stevie and Lindsey solo and has been part of the back up musicians on Fleetwood Mac's past 3 or 4 tours. Eilynn is Stevie's makup artist for everything Stevie does. Not shown, was Waddy Wachtel who of course is Stevie's Musical Director and co-Producer of her new album "24 Karat Gold - Songs From The Vault".

Of particular interest is the presence of Waddy Wachtel, Carlos Rios and Jimmy Paxson - which leads me to believe this was more of a Stevie (solo) meeting rather than something to do with Fleetwood Mac.  Just a guess of course.