Saturday, October 17, 2020

Eddy Quintela, second husband to Christine McVie has passed away

Eddy Quintela, second husband of Christine McVie and co-writer on a number of her songs from 1987 through 1997 has passed away.

Song writer, keyboardist and composer of Portuguese origin, Eddy Quintela was also the second husband of Christine McVie, a fundamental element in the formation of Fleetwood Mac. For the North American band, Quintela composed with McVie numerous songs between the years 1987 and 1997 Among them is the hit, "Little Lies" from the album Tango in the Night, published in 1987. The hit helped this LP to become the second best seller in the entire Fleetwood Mac career.

They divorced in 2003 but continued to collaborate on Christine McVie's solo album published the following year. One of Eddy Quintela's themes for the American band, "Nights in Estoril", alludes to the time spent by the couple in Portugal, where the musician established several connections, namely in the Cascais line, with Marita Leon (with whom he maintained a musical project in the 1990s) and Fernando Cunha dos Delfins. The song would be published on Fleetwood Mac's Time album, which came out in 1995. In an interview with the British newspaper Guardian, McVie would say however "he was not happy in love".

Eduardo Quintela de Mendonça, of his full name, will also have collaborated with Adelaide Ferreira, at the time of "Baby Suicida" and Portuguese rock. In a post on his Facebook page, Manuel Falcão, founder of BLITZ, says he met Eddy Quintela through a mutual friend, Pedro Baltazar. "He lived a large part of his life in the United States and Great Britain and returned to Portugal some twenty years ago. He was a creative man, he was engaged in a musical project that he loved, a rock opera about John Kennedy, which he left almost ready, now that's left".

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Unknown said...


So very sorry.
You marry for love.
So his loss is a part of you.

I have always loved "The Smile I Live For"

I do not know if Eddie had a hand in that song, beautiful, right era.

Keep safe, always.

Unknown said...

I knew from a Youtube comment, As I listend to "All Over Again" from the Fleetwood Mac album "Time". RIP Eddie

Doug said...

I could listen to you sing every day I am sure that eddie is still hearing your precious voice of yours in his next sorry for your loss of a friend

Doug said...

Christie I am sorry for your loss of a close friend I am sure he is still hearing your beautiful voice in his next adventure.I have loved you and the band ever since my high school were a special person to him and all you met.thanks for all your beautiful music.

Unknown said...

Beautiful Hearts never Die,they just go through trasition till the next destiny.Christien Perfect love ur voice will always Cherish your solo songs.xo

Anonymous said...

He did not contribute to that song. She wrote that about Dennis Wilson. She didn't really remain close with Eddy after they divorced.

Anonymous said...

RIP Christine xoxo

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