Friday, September 26, 2008

Lindsey Buckingham has a winner

Thursday, September 25, 2008

In my humble opinion, Lindsey Buckingham's newest CD "Gift of Screws" is without a doubt his finest release to date.

The polar opposite of his last release, "Under the Skin," this CD is mostly a high energy electric offering with a few acoustic gems mixed in.

Let there be no mistake, though, this is a fairly intense and introspective set of songs representing his most potent song writing to date.

All songs on "Gift of Screws" were written or performed by Buckingham with very few exceptions, and the production is spotless.

The album opens with "Great Day," featuring red hot guitar solos that we have come to expect from Buckingham. But here he takes it to another level.

"Time Precious Time" is a dreamy introspective acoustic song that features Buckingham's excellent vocals and his unique ability to strum his guitar like a harp.

"Did You Miss Me" is a very catchy melancholy pop-rock song that may be an ode to his former love, Stevie Nicks, or it could be for his wife of many years, Kristen. Either way it would be an instant classic if it was on any Fleetwood Mac album and would have fit really well on "Rumours."

"Wait For You," the disc's fourth track, is a bluesy rocker that is more like Buckingham's solo work and reflects his views on getting older and less independent.

"Love Runs Deeper" is a classic Lindsey-era Fleetwood Mac rocker with terrific lead guitar work and, not so coincidentally Mick Fleetwood and John McVie on drums and bass, respectively.

If this song is not about Stevie Nicks then explain these lyrics to me, "I loved you little child, how you mystified," and "Black Angel can't be alone."

"Bel Air Rain," the album's sixth track is a lovely laid-back song featuring Buckingham's virtuoso acoustic guitar work. The introspective song is about being contented and more patient and relaxed by taking life as it comes at this stage of his life.

"The Right Place to Fade" is another introspective song about the good fortune of being able to realize what is most important in his life and how to appreciate it before it is too late. However, this song is a rocker with a freakishly wicked guitar solo at the end.

The title track, "Gift of Screws" is one that I haven't been able to get a handle on yet, but it sure sounds, like they had a lot of fun recording it.

"Underground" is a nice and melodic laid-back delivery for a song that shows his frustrations with the music business and the way in which it is run.

"Did I sell my heart for the dream in my head?" he wonders.

"Treason," the disc's closing track, is a beautiful song about love, hope and redemption with Fleetwood and McVie providing perfect accompaniment.

Everybody needs to know about this great CD. If "Gift Of Screw" was a Fleetwood Mac album it would be its best release since "Rumours," and the press would be all over it.

As it stands, it is Lindsey Buckingham's crowning achievement and one of this year's best albums.

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