Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Legendary Supergroup Fleetwood Mac

DBH Music Series Presents Fleetwood Mac!

Taking a page out of rock n' roll's history book of music icons, DBH will be partnering with bands that span the spectrum from the great classics of all time to the hottest emerging musical artists today. Packed with tons of cool prizes and a chance for worldwide recognition, the DBH Music Series brings a whole new level to the world of t-shirt design contests. Hold on to your Wacom Tablets, cuz this is gonna be good!To kick things off, DesignByHumans has teamed up with legendary supergroup Fleetwood Mac, one of rock's most enduring and influential bands, to create some fresh new tees for the band's upcoming "Unleashed" tour.

First Prize
$1500, $200 DBH store credit,
2 concert tickets with backstage passes and an opportunity to meet the band

Second Prize
$1000,$150 DBH store credit

Third Prize
$700, $100 DBH store credit

Fourth Prize
$500, $100 DBH store credit

Fifth Prize

Submissions due by February 22, 2009 (Midnight PST). Good Luck!

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T-Shirt Submissions So Far:

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