Saturday, February 11, 2012

Video: Mick Fleetwood on the MP3 ‘Dumbing Down’ of Music with @MaxSoundHDAudio CEO

Jane Wells talks to Mick Fleetwood, of Fleetwood Mac and Max Sound CEO John Blaisure about his company's new technology which restores MP3s to CD quality.

Mick has joined the advisory board of a company called Max Sound, which is releasing its new MAXD technology this weekend at the Grammys. In an exclusive interview with CNBC, Fleetwood joined Max Sound CEO John Blaisure in explaining how the technology works.

Full article at CNBC News


Anonymous said...

Considering a large percentage of the population now listens to their music in minuscule headphones that are ultra limited in output capability, I don't think the average person would really notice a difference between to the two file types.

Keep trying though...I'm always up for better sounding Stevie! :-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like another of Mick's crazy, money-losing schemes he always gets involved in when Fleetwood Mac is inactive. Can we please have a band meeting?

Robert said...

Agreed, anonymous. Mick, you're RICH. Spend time either getting the band back together or hanging out with your family. Creating a line of wines and renting out your home on the weekends both reek of desperation.

Anonymous said...

Mick is itching to tour again but Stevie & Lindsey aren't done promoting their recent CD's. I think Mick will get a Return on this latest Investment scheme.

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