Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mick Fleetwood hopes Stevie Nicks will find time to contribute to new Fleetwood Mac music

Mick Fleetwood says new Fleetwood Mac music 'profound,' hopes Nicks contributes
By Nick Patch - Canadian Press

TORONTO - Mick Fleetwood says he hopes Stevie Nicks will ultimately find time to contribute to the new music Fleetwood Mac is recording — which could ultimately form the band's first album in nearly 30 years with its entire principal lineup intact.

Chris Young,The Canadian Press
The newly reformed rock titans — who welcomed keyboardist Christine McVie back into the fold for a tour that hits Toronto on Saturday and other Canadian cities in the coming months — went into the studio "many months ago now" to work on new material, Fleetwood said.

Lindsey Buckingham has called the new material "profound," an adjective that Fleetwood agreed with enthusiastically.

"It is profound. It's great," said the 67-year-old drummer Thursday in an interview in Toronto. "The four of us went in ... and had a lot of fun — for Chris, just reconnecting, playing music, with no particular thought in mind.

"I hope it becomes part of something that will make sense. But (bassist) John (McVie), Lindsey and me and Chris, we were all participating. So it's exciting."

The band's last album of new material was 2003's "Say You Will," but the last to feature the band's most successful five-piece lineup was 1987's "Tango in the Night."

Asked whether Nicks would eventually be involved in the recording, Fleetwood replied: "We hope so."

"Right now we've got this tour to do and it's very time-consuming so we'll see," he added. "It will come out one way or another."

The time-consuming nature of the tour didn't stop Fleetwood from stopping by an exhibit of his photography in Toronto on Thursday, with a more formal gathering expected to take place Friday.

The tall, lanky Englishman has dabbled in photography since the late 1960s, but took a more dedicated interest in recent years. The 26 photographs on display at the Liss Gallery are primarily concerned with nature — a fascination for Fleetwood after he moved with his elderly mother to Maui.

There he was inspired by bountiful yellow bushes, majestic trees and the sprawl of lonely country roads. Some photos hold more meaning to Fleetwood than might be immediately obvious; two images of swans, for instance, conjure memories of the children's stories his father used to write.

"Swans, like dolphins, when they become partners they never part. They stay, unlike my marriages, in one piece," quipped Fleetwood, thrice divorced.

The austere photos are decidedly not, he notes, typical rock-star material.

"There are no, like, thigh shots of women and stuff," he pointed out. "(Those) seem to be expected from an old rock and roller like myself. It's a calm feeling that seems to be welcomed."

Photo: Genevieve Peters
The works are for sale, most retailing for $2,800 or $7,250. He already found a buyer during Thursday's muted media presentation, with Toronto resident Genevieve Peters scooping up one of the pieces as a gift for her fiance.

"This is a historic moment," beamed Fleetwood as he signed the back.

For Fleetwood, photography has been a creative outlet quite separate from the band — for which he does not write songs.
Still, he's clearly deriving a deep satisfaction from the band's long-awaited reunion.

"It's a great time for all of us in Fleetwood Mac," he said. "Certainly me, (who) tended to be the gatekeeper — or my insecurity forced me to keep the band going, who knows really what it might have been.

"We owe it, I think, to get some things right. It's more of a spirited, emotional thing. It's a great time for all of us."


me said...

Whatever! Christine joined the band at the last second and if they would be recording right now as they should be instead of on the road, Stevie would be recording new material. She just gave Fleetwood Mac a year for a creatively pointless tour and they should have waited while she chose to do something fresh. Good luck if you think you can pull off music without Stevie -- it will have less of a chance than "Extended Play" did. They claimed that was a profound work of art too so that quote doesn't exactly excite me. They should work as a group and not allow any solo contributions, bite the bullet and help each other out. Stevie should let Lindsay correct the tense of her song lyrics and he should let her write his songs and they should all sing and write on every track! A good amount of people like or love Stevie Nicks without Fleetwood Mac and next to nobody likes Fleetwood Mac without Stevie Nicks. Yes, they all shine brighter as a unit if they work as one, but only she truly shines alone and doesn't need the unit. I hope these articles are all misquotes as I wouldn't blame Stevie, (diva or not), for being mad at her band mates with these comments.

Anonymous said...

Please Mick, please put your images on Facebook so we can see em. ASAP!
have great time on the tour, and y'all come down to Australia, missed you guys!

MplsMike said...

I think Christine's absence is ultimately what has kept Stevie from recording a new Fleetwood Mac album. After SYW was released she was very vocal about how she didn't like the way her compositions were produced. But now that Christine is back, I think she will come to the table when the time comes with a handful of new songs for them.

Anonymous said...

"We hope so" - WTF? Stevie better not undermine this or I'll be really, really angry.

Anonymous said...

Stevie always comes to the table. She just didn't jump because all of a sudden Christine came back. And Stephen's post above is correct - without Stevie the new album wouldn't get off the ground. There is no FM without her. Christine adds a lot to the band but without Stevie - forget it. Don't worry - Stevie always comes to the table and she will when she gets a chance. More dates added to the tour is not helping.

Robert said...

Stephen, sweetie, calm yourself. The only diva here is you. And you're making absolutely no sense.

Anonymous said...

Lindsey just gave the radio interview on this site last week where he says Stevie is taking part in the new Fleetwood Mac CD. Now Mick is questioning it. I for one, am sick of hearing any member of the band say anything negative about any other member of the band. We, the fans, are happy to have Chris back and of course want a new CD with all five taking part. But we have put up with too many rumors over the years, and too many of them have been spread by the band members themselves.

To all five of you in the band, keep your comments about each other to the press positive, we the fans don't want to hear anymore negative things said about each other. We the fans have invested a lot of emotion in the music of Fleetwood Mac and you are all rich and famous because of our love of you and your music. I believe Stevie will ultimately take part in the new CD, there would be no point of even putting out new music without her participation. But either way, just let us fans enjoy the rest of your careers without having to hear about the backstage maneuverings of the band members. Just all get along already without anymore gossip thrown at us fans by you the band.

Anonymous said...

There is no FM without Stevie? Interesting albeit historically and factually incorrect statement.

MplsMike said...

Listen to the Andy Greenwald podcast just posted ... Lindsey talks about how the material he and Christine did is about 75% complete, and mentions Stevie plans on coming in and contributing once the tour is done.

Anonymous said...

The band's messaging on this is uncoordinated and almost contradictory - and for no good reason. While Lindsey recently reassured everyone that Stevie will definitely participate, Mick's chiming in leaves room for doubt. I wish they wouldn't operate this way. Stevie needs to saying something - unless things aren't as rosy as they appear to be and she really doesn't want to do this, which would be insane. Ah - the agonies of being a Fleetwood Mac fan!!!!

Brian said...

Don't get me wrong but I do love fm but if prices for the best seats in the house are going to like this. Then I would rather see Stevie and Lindsey in solo projects way more reasonable prices. I think stevie is missing her solo projects and her band mates. it been 2013 2014 and now 2015. with no solo Stevie I think she feels obligated to the fm because Chris is back yes she is happy that Chris is back but it also is taking away her solo stuff and her band. It will be interesting after 2015. What will happen with the mac. Will they do some stuff without stevie involved cuz she will go back her solo band!! Just a thought to ponder apon.

Anonymous said...

This won't be a popular opinion and may not even get published, but I think Stevie is creatively bankrupt/uninterested when it comes to new tracks. I'd be surprised to learn that she even writes at all these days.

In fact, I have to wonder if she even has anything other than the vault to work with now, which is why she's happy to live in the past, perform the same dried up songs night after night, and exist on her "legend" laurels.

Anonymous said...

I think it's way too early for there to be much messaging. I think some of these comments get sort of turned into headlines but don't really mean anything. Why would anyone think that Stevie would suddenly, what, leave the band? Refuse to participate in a new Fleetwood Mac album? They amazingly just got Christine back and seem to be loving it! I'm sure once the tour winds down in 2015 (March?) that Stevie will be getting involved. I would hope for the album to come out in early 2016 with a tour (with new music in the set list) to follow. That would be about 1-1/2 years from now.

Anonymous said...

I say Stevie do what feels healthy for you. Each member has their own talents that shine. It certainly doesn't make one better than the other. Lindsey says Stevie will be back. Mick says he doesn't know. I sense there is still a lack of communication,cooperation and respect in the band.

Anonymous said...

to anoymous about new tour in 2016, you really think without any stevie solo project or tours for that long, that will be hard to believe.

Anonymous said...

It's much easier to record nowadays, and Stevie very easily could record songs for a new Mac CD while on breaks from the tour. I think her recording involvement will be limited as it was on Tango, and that is her choice, especially since she just recorded a well-received new CD in a very short period of time. For the Mac, she will probably have 3 songs (and expect 1 will be a vault song) and her harmonies be dubbed into a few more tunes. All that could be recorded in less than a week or over several days while on tour.

Anonymous said...

To the individual who will be "really, really angry" if Stevie undermines the Fleetwood Mac recording process, needs to get over him/her self. Really? making a veiled threat to Stevie Nicks? You are the reason why they have security at their's just a is not a life ending thing if they don't record a new CD.

Anonymous said...

Chris is back and "oohhhhh, well, new record only if Stevie decides to come to the table. Not sure it's gonna happen." I can't believe we're even hearing this BS right now. Between the band & the suits, it will happen. If it's good or not will be the only question.

Anonymous said...

"We hope so" - WTF? Stevie better not undermine this or I'll be really, really angry.

And what do you plan on doing if Stevie decides NOT to record? Do you really think she won't participate in some way? I doubt she would care whether you would be angry or not....unless this should be perceived as some kind of threat to her safety.

John Seger said...

Oh, Mick says this dumb stuff for publicity and attention. Just like he said in the Playboy interview last year that FM was over because Stevie continued her solo dates into 2013. Mick's as bad as Gladys Kravitz , and I don't believe a thing he says anymore. He lies more than pinocchio. Lame-o-Rama

ScottD said...

I agree that it's for publicity too, makes a better headline I guess! I can't believe people are actually thinking that the band would make an album without Stevie or that she wouldn't want to be part of it?!

brian said...

I did not say that stevie would take part in an album. but what happens after 2015 where will this band go. because stevie will not go to long without her solo career and tours remember she says about 3 yrs away from one career to the other after 15 the 3 years are up!!! She should not feel obligated to just fm because Chris is back.

John Seger said...

I think Stevie's solo career is winding down. And FM as well in 2-3 years. They'll do one last album and tour, most likely. We "might" get another solo album and tour. But this all won't last for much longer, sadly. Christine is 71 and the rest of the band is closing in on the 70 mark. I don't envision FM or Stevie recording and touring into their 80's. Retiring is on the horizon. The end of an awesome era of music.

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