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Reviews, Videos, Photos: Fleetwood Mac Live in Denver - April 1, 2015

Fleetwood Mac at the Pepsi Center in Denver
by John Wenzel

If you’re like me, and it’s not impossible that you are, you grew up vaguely aware of Fleetwood Mac. You thought of the band’s music as something primarily designed for parents, like chardonnay or station wagons. It wasn’t until you listened to it at a party in college, surrounded by people who were a bit older and cooler than you, that you realized it was also something for you. Something that deserved the critical praise and karaoke treatment it always got. Something really good.

Those thoughts wouldn’t leave me last night as I watched the band play its second, capacity Pepsi Center show in the span of four months. The “Rumours”-era lineup, which includes recent and utterly indispensable returning member Christine McVie, plowed through a 22-song set like gleaming pros. Most of the audience was middle-aged and seated, and happily so. But despite the frequent, between-song nostalgia from Stevie Nicks (resplendent and witchy), Lindsey Buckingham and a circumspect McVie, the band proved its music doesn’t belong to one generation. We all own “Rhiannon,” is what I’m saying. And it owns us.

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Fleetwood Mac Remains a Strange and Potent Musical Family
by Alex Warzel

The Pepsi Center was moving and shaking on Wednesday evening to the smoky sounds of the infamous Fleetwood Mac. The night was filled with velvet-draped microphone stands, beards, vests and the crackle of big personalities.

Although the group seemed to be in high spirits, there was a suggestive tinge of emotion drifting between the bandmates throughout the show. Christine McVie, once married to bassist John McVie, has not been a part of the band for over sixteen years, but she began touring with it again in September. The event mainly focused on Christine McVie and her return — something Stevie Nicks seems to have had enough of. 

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          Set list:

  • The Chain
  • You Make Lovin’ Fun
  • Dreams
  • Second Hand News
  • Rhiannon
  • Everywhere
  • I Know I’m Not Wrong
  • Tusk
  • Sisters of the Moon
  • Say You Love Me
  • Big Love
  • Landslide
  • Never Going Back
  • Over My Head
  • Gypsy
  • Little Lies
  • Gold Dust
  • So Afraid
  • Go Your Own Way


  • World Turning
  • Don’t Stop
  • Silver Springs


Marcia said...

What a weird thing to say, Stevie has had enough of the focus on Christine. Duh, clearly that's not the case. Stevie understands the reason for that focus, and is obviously glad Christine is back. That comes through in every show.

Anonymous said...

Marcia, you are so right. Steve has been begging Christine for 16 years to come back and has been more than happy (even relieved) to share the spotlight with her. Clearly this individual knows nothing about the wonderful dynamic that is Fleetwood Mac.

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