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Review Fleetwood Mac Live in Glasgow, Scotland - June 16, 2015

Fleetwood Mac, Glasgow, Scotland
SSE Hydro - June 16, 2015

By Marianne Gunn

On With The Show was merely a tagline last week for Fleetwood Mac when they had to cancel tour dates due to illness. Although they played the Isle of Wight festival at the weekend, Scottish fans were still on tenterhooks last night to see if the first of two nights in Glasgow would go ahead. It did - and, if it was a celebration of anyone, the members of Fleetwood Mac said this show was a "welcome back" to Christine McVie, who did not play the Hydro along with the rest of the band two years ago on their world tour.

After a warm greeting from the capacity crowd, You Make Loving Fun from seminal 1977 album Rumours highlighted the venue's tendency to challenge vocal clarity, even for legend Stevie Nicks. "This is Show 91!" screamed Nicks huskily, admitting that on many levels this was a truly amazing feat. Hits continued to be played early on: Dreams was given some minor alterations, while Everywhere saw Christine McVie take lead vocals on the classic track she penned in 1987, although the band's three-part harmonising was the main draw.

An acoustic set began with Lindsey Buckingham's contemplation on alienation (otherwise know as Big Love) which he disclosed mirrors the breakdown the band experienced at the height of their "recreational" activities. Gypsy, Little Lies and Go Your Own Way were the highlights of the closing section, although an extended Gold Dust Woman was played like a rebirthing of Nicks and Buckingham's I'm So Afraid guitar solo brought a much-needed crescendo.

Gig review: Fleetwood Mac, Glasgow SSE Hydro
by Fiona Shepherd

ACCORDING to the traditional concert closing remarks of Fleetwood Mac’s resident ringmaster Mick Fleetwood, “the Mac is most definitely back” - and now these MOR giants come with added Christine McVie.

Hydro, Glasgow
Rating: * * * *

The singer/pianist has rejoined the line-up after a sixteen-year absence and immediately made her leavening presence felt on the close harmony of opening number The Chain.

Her simply stated love songs, such as the sweet, girlish Everywhere and mellifluous Little Lies, made a welcome comeback to the setlist, providing a charming contrast to Stevie Nicks’ more melodramatic, impressionistic numbers - though the absence of Songbird from this show’s setlist was a great shame.

The eternal hippie chick Nicks was in her theatrical element, donning a black feathery shawl for extra gothic ambience on Rhiannon – though it hardly needed an atmospheric boost with Lindsey Buckingham’s burnished guitar and the ethereal harmonies as embellishing features.

Buckingham, meanwhile, was energised throughout, limbering up those fleet fingers to deliver an athletic, acoustic Big Love which climaxed with a primal yelp.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps shorter tours are more interesting... I am sorry, but this feels like it has been going on for years... I am so ready for a Stevie solo tour... but after this who knows... They must bored, but richer, singing the same thing every nite. Hummmmmmmmmmm

spellcaster said...

this tour has gone on way too long especially since they dont change any songs and cut out songs like seven wonders ,if they want to tour this long they need to change the set list up from show to show, this is nothing but another rumours tour we have heard these songs over and over again what about everybody finds out running through the garden steal your heart away affairs of the heart anything different ! enough of this same set list.

Brian said...

well It should be shorter as old as they are I think it went to far and dragged out. What compounded it more was they had a tour before Christine and the world tour after Chris for another well almost 2 years. I said this 6 months ago. I am so ready for Stevie solo shows. When stevie goes she goes for 3 to 4 month then takes a break for a while they will go to austraila and europe. she knows her limits but about 2 weeks ago stevie was made the to be the bad egg. because she basically said the samething that she needs a break. Further more the prices are way to high, I much rather see Stevie and lindsey solo at least the tickets are more reasonable!

Anonymous said...

I was at Glasgow both nights and I LOVED the set list!!! It's MOST defo a magical and spiritual experience and the inter-generational bond was amazing. A woman asked ME, (I'm 42) if I was too young to know FM and my reply was, "That's my 24-year-old daughter front row and this is my 19-year-old-daughter beside me!" Also my daughter at 19 has changed her name by deed poll to Stevie lol, it's on her driver's license!!!!!!!!!! Would LOVE to see Stevie tour solo, but the chemistry that this band has on stage more than makes up for her absence! Glasgow loves you, the Mac is most definitely BACK!!!

Anonymous said...

It's definitely been a cash grab of a tour....the one that never long that they are getting
sick, cancelling shows and cutting back songs from the original setlist....they could have at least
mixed it up a bit and changed some songs, especially since they played some cities 4-6 times.
A bit boring if you went to more then one show as I did

MplsMike said...

I think 2016 you will see the them all doing solo things. Stevie wants to tour for 24KG and drop another vault record. Christine mentioned a couple years ago wanting to record another solo record. Poor John probably needs a break; he said in his MOJO interview that he couldn't see himself doing this much longer. Lindsey and Mick are pushing for this new album - and it will happen. Stevie will come to the table with her new songs. She's clearly not in a place to talk about it right now, and she shouldn't have to. I think late 2016 the band will reconvene and finish up this new album. Releasing it in 2017 seems right as that's the 50th anniversary of the actual band. The tour that follows will in all likelihood be their final big stadium tour.

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