Monday, November 02, 2015

Review Fleetwood Mac Live in Melbourne, Australia November 2, 2015

Rod Laver Arena, November 2
Sydney Morning Herald

Photo: Pat Scala
Like superheroes. Five mysterious individuals with unique powers, reunited against incredible odds to save the free world one more time. Like Kiss with better tunes, Fleetwood Mac is a band inseparable from its own mythology.

There's mad uncle Mick Fleetwood in his eccentric country gentleman's attire, biting bearded lips with bug-eyes rolling. He's an inseparable bloc with his "truly dearest friend" John McVie, quietly plucking bass in the shadow of a flat golfer's cap.

Messianic ringleader Lindsey Buckingham and witch-fairy Stevie Nicks are another unit: eternal king and queen of the Heartbreak High prom, playing up the sexual tension through misty eyes in the whispers of Landslide then re-enacting the finger-pointing rage in Go Your Own Way.

Then there's Christine McVie, returned at last to quietly steal the show with You Make Loving Fun and the gentle coda of Songbird, as if the 22 songs preceding hadn't already made their case for one of the most fertile hit factories of the modern age.

Sure, some of the moves may have felt a little stilted. Tusk wasn't quite the climactic eruption with its marching band horns caged inside a synthesiser. Nicks did duck out of few high notes in Dreams and elsewhere.

But from Buckingham's psychobabbling song introductions and anguished six-string pyrotechnics to Fleetwood's nutty crowd-baiting drum solo, to nearly every damn track plus B-sides of that album, Rumours, the world felt as harmonious as it'll ever be.


Bearz3 said...

It is awesome that this fantastic band has come out of the drug-induced darkness -into the light at the latter part of their lives to give the world so much love. These people send so much love & hope - that it is never too late to do their very best to entertain the world.

Brian said...

you wish the set list could of been changed to these songs for the last usa leg of the tour. But O well at least they are still all together at this stage of there lives and still preforming!!!

Anonymous said...

Stevie sounds great, and how does Lindsey get more attractive every year?

Anonymous said...

What a concert !!!!!!!! Simply, THE BEST. !!!!! When's the next Australian tour ???? Dreams.....

Anonymous said...

Just about to walk into concert in melboure Got call my baby girl crashed my car So me and wife ran back to car Walked up to 2 ladys on southbank here you go 2 VIP tickets have great night Hope they come back again !!!!

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