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REVIEWS - FLEETWOOD MAC Live in Berlin June 6, 2019

Fleetwood Mac in the forest stage
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Powerful and dignified in spite of little wobbly: Fleetwood Mac gave a fine concert in the Berlin 

Der Tagesspiegel

Drama, quarrels and rearrangements - they are part of Fleetwood Mac even in old age. Just like their constant since 1967 rhythm section, consisting of the two founding members Mick Fleetwood and John McVie. In the preliminary final chapter of the sometimes soap opera-mature band biography guitarist Lindsey Buckingham had to go because he and his ex-sweetheart Stevie Nicks just could not get along. At first he threatened to sue the rest of the band, but then settled out of court with her.

Buckingham, who played a key role in the most successful phase of Fleetwood Mac as a musician, composer and producer, is being replaced on stage by two newcomers. His vocal parts are taken over by Neil Finn, formerly of Crowded House, on guitar replaced by Mike Campbell, who once played for Tom Petty's Heartbreakers. The two are doing well at the only Germany concert of the group on Thursday evening in the Berlin Waldbühne. Although Finn irritated in the opening piece "The Chain" first by a slightly too dashing and over-motivated lecture, but that is soon, also because the pieces with female lead vocals move into the foreground.

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Great singalongs and little magical moments: That's how it was with Fleetwood Mac in Berlin
by Christina Wenig

Almost everything would have been all right: While heavy rain and storm clouds hung over Berlin, the beginning of the current European tour of Fleetwood Mac threatened to fall into the water. The band still came to the Berlin Waldbühne, as well as about 20,000 fans, the storm subsided - and it was followed by an unforgettable evening.

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Fleetwood Mac in the forest stage
by Frank Junghanel

The Fleetwood Mac show on the Waldbühne was opened with a special effect that you would not have liked. "Thunder only happens when it's raining" Stevie Nicks sings in "Dreams". Donnerregen formed the meteorological supporting program for the performance of the - here fits the superlative once - legendary band, which on Thursday (!) In Berlin has given the first of only three European concerts.

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Fleetwood Mac rock the forest stage despite rain
At the only German concert, the mega band of the seventies and eighties plays with many hits through 52 years of band history.

by Ulrike Borowczyk

Both arms raised in greeting, Mick Fleetwood is a fleshed victory sign. A good omen. And in fact, Fleetwood Macs do it. Already in the second song "Little Lies" is the sold out Waldbühne head. The smartphones at the ready to record the gig for eternity sing and dance with the audience.

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