Friday, March 15, 2024

Fleetwood Mac's “Dreams” reappears on this week’s Streaming Songs chart.

Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’ Is A Streaming Hit All Over Again
Hugh McIntyre - Senior Contributor

Fleetwood Mac’s heyday was long before the streaming era. Unlike many of their peers, the pop-rock band has been able to somehow find an audience with younger listeners, who make up a large share of users on streaming platforms. Their albums and singles continuously rack up millions upon millions of plays–and their catalog is still selling, as well.

The beloved band’s single “Dreams” stands out as one of their biggest hits. It was a commercial win when it was first released decades ago, and in the past few years, it’s become a success on streaming sites. This week, the tune is back on one specific chart, as Americans are still eager to press play on the cut, even after so many years.

“Dreams” reappears on this week’s Streaming Songs chart. The Billboard ranking tracks the most-played tunes on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and many others. It is genre-agnostic, which makes it very competitive. The list usually favors younger, more current acts–but Fleetwood Mac has bucked that trend.

On the latest version of the Streaming Songs chart, “Dreams” returns at No. 49. That’s a fairly low position on the 50-spot tally, but the fact that it’s found space on the ranking at all is impressive.

Even more impressive is the history of “Dreams” on the Streaming Songs chart. The tune once peaked at No. 6 on the tally, becoming not only Fleetwood Mac’s biggest hit on the ranking, but perhaps one of the oldest top 10s on the streaming-only roster. The cut reached an entirely new audience several years ago after going viral on TikTok, propelling the band to new heights on several streaming-focused lists.

As “Dreams” finds its way back to the Streaming Songs chart, it’s also on the rise on another, related list. The tune is up one slot to No. 7 on the current edition of the Rock Streaming Songs chart. As its name suggests, that tally only looks at the most-played titles in the country labeled as rock. In the past, it has conquered that roster.

“Dreams” remains Fleetwood Mac’s only No. 1 hit on the Hot 100, so it’s not surprising that it has managed to stand out for years among a bevy of smashes the group released. The tune gave the band their only placement on the Streaming Songs chart and their only leader on the Rock Streaming Songs ranking. On the latter list, it’s one of their three tunes to find space, as “The Chain” peaked at No. 5 and “Landslide” rose as high as No. 14.

Fleetwood Mac On The Charts
Here's a look at how Rumour and other Fleetwood Mac albums are doing on the charts around the world this week (March 15, 2024).

"50 Years - Don't Stop"
#3 - Top 100 Albums Streaming Chart
#8 - Top 100 Albums Chart

"Greatest Hits"
#83 - Top 100 Albums Sales Chart

#26 - Top 100 Albums Sales Chart
#26 - Top 100 Physical Albums Chart
#27 - Top 100 Albums Chart
#27 - Top 100 Albums Streaming Chart 
#40 - Top 40 Vinyl Albums Chart
#70 - Top 100 Album Downloads Chart

"50 Years - Don't Stop"
#4 - Top 100 Albums Chart

#19 - Top 100 Albums Chart

#35 - Top 100 Albums Chart

#30 - Top 50 Albums Chart

#74 - Top 200 Albums

#13 - Top 100 Albums Chart
#7 - Top 33 Vinyl Chart

#41 - Top 40 Albums Chart

#14 - Top 25 Vinyl Albums
#19 - Top 100 Album Sales
#43 - Top 200 Albums Chart

"Greatest Hits"
#196 - Top 200 Albums Chart

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