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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mick Fleetwood's "Blue Again" Gets North American Release Date


New Live Album Features Original
Compositions and Classic
Fleetwood Mac Songs


SANTA MONICA, Calif., Feb. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Revisiting the blues-based classic songs of early Fleetwood Mac, along with completely new songs in the same style, iconic rock drummer and band co-founder Mick Fleetwood has assembled a hand-picked quartet of musicians, The Mick Fleetwood Blues Band, who've created a stunning new live recording, BLUE AGAIN. Equal parts blues rave-up and loving homage to the early incarnation of Fleetwood Mac, BLUE AGAIN is a fiery blues showcase and heartfelt tribute to Fleetwood Mac who are just beginning their 40th Anniversary celebration. BLUE AGAIN will be released by the Savoy Label Group unit 429 Records, in time for the kickoff of a triumphant world wide tour on March 3rd via an exclusive package on iTunes and on CD March 17. A companion high definition DVD is scheduled for release in the summer.

Produced by Mick Fleetwood and former Fleetwood Mac member Rick Vito, BLUE AGAIN was recorded live at the Sheldon Concert Hall in St. Louis, Missouri in February of 2008 and sees him teaming up on this recording with guitarist and lead vocalist Rick Vito, bassist Lenny Castellanos and keyboardist Mark Johnstone. The immaculate recording gives the songs a vibrant, modern immediacy which transcends easy nostalgia. Says Mick: "Over my career I've been called a pop star and a rock star, yet in my inner heart, I will always be part bluesman. On my journey from blues to a life of rock 'n' roll, I've always remembered where I started." BLUE AGAIN is both an original musical tour de force and a respectful tribute to Fleetwood Mac initiated by the sole member of the band to be in every incarnation from the beginning.

Track listing for BLUE AGAIN is as follows: 1. Red Hot Gal 2. Looking For Somebody 3. Fleetwood Boogie 4. Stop Messin' Around 5. Rattlesnake Shake 6. When We Do The Lucky Devil 7. Love That Burns 8. Bayou Queen 9. Black Magic Woman 10. I Got A Hole In My Shoe 11. Shake Your Moneymaker 12. Albatross.

429 Records is a unit of the Savoy Label Group (SLG). SLG is the North American unit of CME (Columbia Music Entertainment), the oldest music company in Japan. The Savoy Label Group has evolved into a leading independent company consistently outperforming competitors in key music categories as monitored by Billboard Magazine. SLG is led by Steve Vining and CME is headed by Chairman Strauss Zelnick, founder of Zelnick Media which owns interests in and manages an array of media companies.

The Mick Fleetwood Blues Band is co-managed by Jonathan Todd, President of Sabre Entertainment and Carl Stubner, President of Sanctuary Management Group.

Monday, January 05, 2009

(Part 2) Island Rumours Band Show

Mick Fleetwood - The Show

by: Deborah Chesher
Everybody I Shot is Dead

Following the interview, we (me and the assembled 4 person crew) headed over to the Spotlight 29 casino for the big show. It was mid-afternoon so I figured we'd have plenty of time to suss out the venue and lighting, meet with the sound guy and still have time for a nice sit-down meal before Tyler arrived with one more camera and an operator.


As it turned out, there wasn't a second to spare between hitting the venue and the doors opening. Fortunately, the band was having one last sound check before the show so we could get the logistics down of where to put each camera/operator and what coverage they were responsible for. It was also an opportunity for the sound guy to set up and figure out his levels.

(Part 1) The Interview

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Mick & Rick Interviewed and Filmed in Palm Springs for DVD

Mick Fleetwood - The Interview
by: Deborah Chesher

Deborah was a rock'n'roll photographer back when the music business was about the music. She has just released her new book "Everybody I Shot Is Dead", a collection of her photographs of the musicians who have passed, along with her personal stories.

"Are you able to film an interview with Mick Fleetwood and his band on Saturday afternoon in Palm Springs?"

It was originally a question for me to pass on to Tyler, since he's the one that just got out of NYU film school and has the mad shooting and editing skills. But he had a production meeting on Saturday afternoon for some reality pitch he was editing so I stepped in and organized the shoot. I found a guy with a camera and lighting package that could do it within the budget and, just like that, it was a go.

The purpose of the interview was to create a special features segment for a DVD of a concert they shot in London of Mick and his Blues Band. But then everything changed. The fates stepped in on Thursday and I was asked about the possibility of setting up a five camera shoot for the concert Mick was doing on Saturday night...