Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fleetwood Mac Kick Off 2014 in Vegas - Right Where They Leave 2013 Behind

It was announced today that Fleetwood Mac would be the headliner at this years Monster Retail Awards presentation being held at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas on January 8th.

Three Las Vegas Shows
Fleetwood Mac currently have a date booked in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand on December 30th - tickets are available at Ticketmaster. The band is also reportedly set to play the MGM Grand again the following night on New Years Eve at the Annual New Years Eve Party thrown by the MGM Grand Hotel (invite only).  Now a third show... Hope John's up to it.

The Rumours Are True: Fleetwood Mac Set For Monster Concert at CES

Photo by: @mpetricone
The annual awards ceremony/concert put on by Monster at International CES in Las Vegas traditionally features a top musical act, and this year, Monster has booked one of the highest-selling acts in music history. Jeff O’Heir of our sister site Dealerscope reported Tuesday that Fleetwood Mac will headline this year’s Monster Retail Awards presentation and party.

The event is set for Wednesday, Jan. 8 at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, and will mark Monster’s 35th anniversary.

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Anonymous said...

what about the poor fans in oz and new zeland who missed out , smells of shit this to me

Anonymous said...

^^ yes, cancer does stink. Don't be a selfish dick.

alekx said...

They might do the show without John.


“With John McVie undergoing treatment for cancer, the lineup in Las Vegas will include Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks and Mick Fleetwood for certain; Monster hopes McVie can return in time for the show.“

Anonymous said...

excuse me ... frigging Aussie dates please and thank you. Fix the mess you left behind THEN worry about "new" dates.

James Scurry said...
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Anonymous said...

All my Aussie/Kiwi friends loosing their cool! ChilLAX guys. Rescheduled dates never magically appear before other shit!

James Scurry said...

Tour was CANCELLED..NO Rescheduled Dates..NO Postponements

Anonymous said...

i'm in australia n i'm disappointed too. but the poor guy has cancer.
the mac love aus/nz n have a huge fan base down under.
health n time permitting i'm sure they will reschedule.
meanwhile we all need to chill n wish john the speediest of recoveries :-)

Anonymous said...

How about refunding the Australian VIP tickets Mick Fleetwood ! Still waiting on refunds from your cancelled shows, and you advertise this! What a crock of shit!

James Scurry said...

Sounds as though he has beat cancer..How can you announce a Fleetwood Mac concert without him? Anything else is Buckingham/Nicks with special guest Mick Fleetwood.....I wish John good health of course but I think the band are money grabbing announcing concert not knowing if he will be there..

Anonymous said...

It's hard to believe that so many fans write such nasty things about Fleetwood Mac. This show was probably in the works when they announced the MGM Las Vegas dates, but the promoters didn't want it put out yet, or it wasn't finalized.

I would think the band is hoping that John McVie will be recovered from treatment in time for these shows, and if not it is only three anyway. I really don't think they would have canceled Australia and New Zealand unless John was advised to start treatment immediately. The tour was sold out and they wanted to finish their world tour.

I would also bet that if John does recover they will book another US tour next summer and book a new tour of Australia and New Zealand. They probably didn't just postpone this current one because they are not sure of John's future.

Instead of all this mean spirited bitterness, all the fans should be hoping John does beat his cancer and Fleetwood Mac will continue.

Anonymous said...

It's not Fleewood mac without John. I would never pay money to see nicks, Buckingham, Fleetwood and no Mcvie. With someone else on bass....my prayer that john goes into remission. They record one last album which includes Christine. If they are up to touring...then fine. But after all that is said and done...it's time to put the touring Mac to bed.
get well john.

Anonymous said...

How hideous some of the above remarks are regarding cancelled leg of the tour!!!!! I would STILL get tickets.........after all, noone had plans for John to have cancer - & treatments are nothing to play around with via scheduling. The band HAD to do as much as they possibly could. They don't deserve this. Grow up, and hope once John feels up to the extensive travel, that they can go on and do the AUS & NZ leg.

Brian said...

Ya chill out people cancer is not a good thing to have. I guess some of you people have never experienced it in your familys lifes. Its very scary and Im sure they are not lying about it. If he needs treatment now then he needs it. Lets not forget that they all live on the west coast so if John is up to doing a couple of shows in vegas then, the travel is not that bad for him. Screw them all John there not your fans anyway if they want to be like that!

Mike Dobson said...

haters will always be haters. whoever is posting the selfish, hateful stuff aren't really FM fans anyway. I bet they have a great home life too. I feel for those who have to be around them regularly. God Bless true FM and music fans, God Bless FM, and God grant John McVie the healing spirit, so he can bless our souls with his fantastic bass riffs for a while longer!

James Scurry said...

Its the band screwing John,Mike....NOBODY ELSE

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