Thursday, December 18, 2008

Stevie Nicks Blu Ray

Another twist in the saga of Stevie's "Live" Soundstage DVD

It hasn't technically been released commercially except through PBS - but Sears is now apparently selling Blu-Ray editions of the discs for $24.99. The discs began showing up on eBay over the week much to the surprise of everyone and many at first doubted it's authenticity, but it's been confirmed that yes, it's now available in the Blu-Ray format, but only at Sears (of all places). The cover and track listing are the exact same as what PBS was initially selling after the airing of the show in July, 2008 and there's no booklet inside.... It's been confirmed through various purchases that it is in fact - a Blu-Ray edition - so if you can't wait for the commercial release in March (I'm assuming it will now also be released in the Blu-Ray format in March along with the standard DVD format) then head on over to your local sears, or order it on-line.


THE ONE 3:55
SARA 7:15

Also... Sears has a "Best Of Soundstage" Blu-Ray disc that features one track from Stevie's show - "Gold Dust Woman" and also Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain". Incidentally, I don't recall Fleetwood Mac's Soundstage DVD being released in the Blu-Ray format... so this one track is a first - $24.99.

A compilation of outstanding live performances by todays premiere artists presented in pristine high definition.



Wednesday, December 17, 2008

January sees new CD from Stevie Nicks

Bloomberg Arts and Cultural Reviewer Mark Beech has a stack of Advance Releases to go through over the holidays... One of them is a cd by Stevie Nicks. Could this be the Live Chicago Soundstage cd that's been bounced around as far as release dates goes and is expected in March, 2009? Or is this now back on the January release schedule? Or am I miss-reading this?

signed confused.....

RAL250 (see comments) contacted Mark Beech who double checked with Stevie's Record Company (Warner Bros.) and the record company confimed with him that the release date is in fact March, 2009.

Thanks RAL250!


I’ll spend Christmas listening to Santogold’s “Santogold” (Downtown) -- a strange brew of synths and soul -- and “Welcome to Mali” (Because Music) by Amadou & Mariam, a world-music gem. There’s also a stack of advance releases. January sees new CDs from Stevie Nicks, Antony & the Johnsons, Kylie Minogue, Franz Ferdinand and Bruce Springsteen. Next year may be even better.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Stevie Nicks Talks Fleetwood Mac + Sheryl Crow Drama!!!!!!

Stevie Nicks Talks Fleetwood Mac + Sheryl Crow Drama!!!!!!

Rollingstone Magazine Smoking Section
December 12, 2008
Last night we had the extreme pleasure of chatting with Stevie Nicks, who in January will release a DVD titled Live In Chicago, featuring takes of many of her greatest hits with Fleetwood Mac and her stellar solo career. It's truly awesome.

In conjunction, Nicks is releasing a companion CD titled The Soundstage Sessions, offering live renditions of her lesser-performed cuts like "Beauty and the Beast," "Fall from Grace," and her covers of Dave Matthews Band's "Crash" and Bonnie Raitt's "Circle Dance."

As one of our greatest singers ever -- and a rock star of the highest order -- Stevie couldn't have been sweeter, funnier or more down to earth.

We talked about her recent 60th birthday (she took her mom and her friends to see a production of the play Wicked, of course), the upcoming Fleetwood Mac tour (she can't wait), as well as the drama surrounding Sheryl Crow's involvement in the Mac.

As you may remember, last March Crow announced that she would be joining Mac, saying, "We definitely have plans for collaborating in the future, and we'll see what happens. I think that's going to be next year."

Although it appears to fly in the face of what Lindsey Buckingham told us, Stevie told us that Crow was, in fact, invited to go on the Mac's first trek in nearly five years. (Look for the rest of the interview in the next issue of Rolling Stone.)

Heres what Stevie had to say:

"What happened is that it was absolutely discussed and [Sheryl] absolutely was invited to join the band. The reason was I wanted another woman in the band, because I missed Christine so bad that it was just really hard for me to be in the boys club. What happened was, really... everybody thinks it was just because Sheryl got really excited and told the world about it a little bit too early. That wasn't what it was. I started explaining to Sheryl what it was going to be like to be in this band. It's all-encompassing, and for somebody with a new baby...for a woman in her forties with a new baby, and as loving and as nurturing as Sheryl Crow is... if you know her, you know that she just is a caretaker. We had a conversation at the beginning of this year. I said, 'I rented a studio,' and it was around Mother's Day. 'You need to come in and we need to play music for two days, because we should. It's not an audition for us, it's not an audition for you, it's just us to play music. We'll set it all up and we'll be on a stage and have great monitors, and all your pianos and everything will be set up. We're just going to rock for two days, go out to dinner and hang out. We need to do that.'

She had all these really important plans, because it was her first Mother’s Day, and she was also on the road, so she had to escape out of that for three days. I said, 'You have to do it, you have to come.' That was on a Thursday. She said to me, 'Are you trying to talk me out of this by telling me how difficult this is going to be for me?' I said, 'I'm not. I'm just being truthful with you. Imagine this, when we went on the Say You Will tour, we thought it was forty shows. It was 135 shows. Nobody knew that, but that’s what it was. And that was for an unhappy tour.'

'So it is kind of like joining the army. Personally, it's going to be very hard for you. I'm not trying to talk you out of it, I'm just trying to let you know what it is.' So she said, 'Okay, I'm going to think about it,' and she called us back two days later. We were in the car, on speaker, and she said, 'I think I'm going to have to pass.'

I said, 'Honey, as Stevie, your friend,' who spent three solid years with her working on Trouble in Shangri-La in ’98, ’99, and 2000, I said, 'I think you're making the right decision. As Stevie Nicks, I'm disappointed. But as your friend, I think this is the right decision.'

Sheryl Crow passed on Fleetwood Mac, and I want that out there, because people seem to be getting different stories about this. That’s what happened."

There you have it!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

30 Songs To Whittle Down

Additional interview footage of Lindsey and Stevie appeared on Entertainment Tonight, tonight. It was brief... Stevie mentioned that they had 30 songs they were looking at as possible set-list contenders...

Access Hollywood will have bits of the same interview on tonight... Apparently this part of the interview focuses on the Buckingham Nicks Album Cover... Stevie proclaims "I'm not a stripper!"

Fleetwood Mac - 45 Shows So Far....

Fleetwood Mac Stars Reveal Reunion Details

Entertainment Tonight
(click link for video or to the right in the Video Wall)

ET riffs with Fleetwood Mac stars Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, who give us the 411 on the Mac's highly anticipated "Unleashed" reunion tour.

One unique aspect about the tour is that the group is not releasing a new album but instead performing songs that they enjoy singing.

"We are not supporting a new album," Lindsey says. "We thought it would be very appropriate to go in and really just look at the body of work that we have and put together something that we would enjoy playing. And not put ourselves in the pressure of trying to redefine ourselves with new material."

It's been five years since the legendary supergroup last rocked out on the road, and their 2009 "Unleashed" tour coincides with the reissue of their signature 1977 album, Rumours -- one of the best-selling albums of all time, featuring hits such as "Don't Stop," "Go Your Own Way" and "You Make Loving Fun."

Stevie tells ET that the theme of the tour is to bring back the songs Fleetwood Mac fans know and love.

"This is our life," she says. "These are our beautiful songs that we worked so hard on, that you love. And for this one time, we're going to play all this for you."

Sunday, December 07, 2008

The First April Date Of The Tour

According to Ticketmaster - A second New York City date has been added to Fleetwood Mac's "Unleashed" Tour Itinerary... and it's the first April date to show up!

April 1st - Madison Square Garden:

Onsale to General PublicStart: Mon, 12/15/08 10:00 AM EST
American Express
Start: Mon, 12/08/08 10:00 AM ESTEnd: Sun, 12/14/08 10:00 PM EST
Nokia Ticket RushStart: Fri, 12/12/08 10:00 AM ESTEnd: Sun, 12/14/08 10:00 PM EST

Thursday, December 04, 2008

The 51st Grammy Awards - Lindsey Buckingham

The 51st Grammy Awards Nominations Live - Lindsey Buckingham

Red Carpet Arrivals December 3rd - Interview with Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham.

** Lindsey Buckingham on the upcoming Fleetwood Mac tour, which kicks off Mar. 1 in Pittsburgh: "If I knew what to expect, I would tell you. It's been a little convoluted emotionally. We have some work to do." Only 16 dates have been announced so far, but Buckingham said there would be about 40 in the U.S. As to who might put out a Fleetwood Mac album after the tour, Buckingham said nothing was set in stone, but that "we have a strong relationship with Warner Bros."

Photo by Steve Granitz

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Perez is on top of things [thumbs up]

The legendary Stevie Nicks is going out on tour with Fleetwood Mac early next year!
The initial 16 dates have just been announced. CLICK HERE to find out when and where the Gypsy woman is headed! Us Californians will have to wait longer - no Cali dates have been announced yet! Boo!!!

Headlines: Fleetwood Mac is Back!

Fleetwood Mac Is Back!.Returning to the road for the first time in five long years, Fleetwood Mac has just announced preliminary dates for a US tour, kicking off in March of '09! Not too long ago we chatted with Mac magician Lindsey Buckingham, and he told us ...

PERFORMANCE/TOUR: Fleetwood Mac Returning to the Road In '09
As expected, Fleetwood Mac will embark on its first tour in five years next spring, beginning March 1 in Pittsburgh. Tickets for the Live Nation-produced Unleashed tour begin going on sale Dec. 15. So far, 16 dates are on tap through ...

Fleetwood Mac Returning To The Road In '09
By debaser
And while details are scant at deadline, Reprise is planning a CD/DVD reissue of Fleetwood Mac's iconic "Rumours" album featuring as-yet-unspecified previously unreleased tracks and unreleased footage from the era. ...

Fleetwood Mac Releases Tour Dates for 2009 North American Tour
By admin
One of Rock and Rolls classics, Fleetwood Mac, has announced dates for their first tour in five years. The 2009 shows will cover North America. The shows get started on March 1 in Pittsburgh, PA and will run through March 26 in Toronto, ...

Fleetwood Mac Reactivate
Undercover Music News - Australia
by Paul Cashmere - December 4 2008
Stevie Nicks, Lindsay Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood and John McVie will start their ‘Unleashed’ tour in Pittsburgh on March ...

Fleetwood Mac greatest hits tour announced - UK
Fleetwood Mac are set to embark on their first concert tour in five years, and this time it’sa greatest hits outing. The band will kick off the ‘Unleashed’ ...

Fleetwood Mac Return to the Road - Santa Monica,CA,USA
Fleetwood Mac has solidified the dates for a spring trek that runs throughout March of next year. Things get started on March 1 in Pittsburgh and run ...

St. Paul's Xcel Center The Second Stop on 2009 Tour.

The '70s vets, sans Christine McVie, have picked St. Paul's Xcel Center as the second stop on their 2009 tour.


The rumors are true: Fleetwood Mac is hitting the road yet again next year, and the second stop on its tour will be March 3 at St. Paul's Xcel Energy Center. Tickets go on sale Dec. 15 at prices yet to be announced.

Performing without singer/keyboardist Christine McVie since her departure in 1997, the group will be out promoting yet another greatest-hits collection, "Unleashed," plus a newly expanded CD/DVD version of its landmark 1977 album "Rumors." This is the band's first tour since 2005, when it played two nights at the X.

One rumor that has been discounted by the band: Stevie Nicks' pal Sheryl Crow will not be filling in for McVie on tour, as Crow herself suggested in interviews.

Fleetwood Mac takes to the road for the first time in five years

By Rob Evans / LiveDaily Editor

Fleetwood Mac will take to the road for the first time in five years this spring during an outing that will spotlight the legendary band's greatest hits.

Dubbed the Unleashed Tour, the trek gets underway March 1 at Pittsburgh's Mellon Arena. Fifteen shows are currently confirmed for March, and additional spring and summer dates will be announced, according to promoter Live Nation.

"We love our band and think the title of the tour "Unleashed" perfectly describes how we all feel when we get on stage together--especially in 2009," the band said in a joint statement. "We're so happy to get back out on the road, perform everyone's favorite songs and see our fans."

Tickets for the tour are scheduled to roll out on Dec. 15. American Express Cardmembers will have early access to tickets for most shows beginning Dec 8, according to a press release.

Current members of the band include Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks, Mick Fleetwood and John McVie. Longtime member Christine McVie last performed live with the group at its 1998 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

In conjunction with the tour, Fleetwood Mac's classic 1977 album, "Rumors," is set to be re-issued as part of a special CD/DVD boxed set on Reprise Record. Additions to the set will include previously unreleased tracks recorded during the making of "Rumors," as well as a DVD component with never-before-seen footage of the band.

Fleetwood Mac last toured in 2003 and 2004 to support their 2003 album, "Say You Will."

Billboard: Fleetwood Mac Back in 2009

Fleetwood Mac Returning To The Road In '09

December 03, 2008 02:53 PM ET
Jonathan Cohen, N.Y.
Billboard Magazine

As expected, Fleetwood Mac will embark on its first tour in five years next spring, beginning March 1 in Pittsburgh. Tickets for the Live Nation-produced "Unleashed" tour begin going on sale Dec. 15.

So far, 16 dates are on tap through March 26 in Toronto, but the trek is expected to run through the summer. Core members Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks, John McVie and Mick Fleetwood are all on board.

And while details are scant at deadline, Reprise is planning a CD/DVD reissue of Fleetwood Mac's iconic "Rumours" album featuring as-yet-unspecified previously unreleased tracks and unreleased footage from the era.

Buckingham told Billboard in July he expects Fleetwood Mac will return to the studio, perhaps after the tour, to record the follow-up to 2003's "Say You Will."

"There was no sense we had to jump right in the studio," he said. "I think maybe there was even a sense that we would make a better album if we went out and hung out together first on the road ... maybe even sowing some seeds musically that would get us more prepared to go in the studio rather than just going in cold."

Mac Attack!

The Chicagoist
December 3, 2008

Screw you if you don't agree with us when we say Fleetwood Mac's Rumours is one of the greatest hang-over cures of all time. Its timeless melodies, its after-the-coke-party glaze, the interpersonal tensions (you can just smell the musk of the band's members intermingling) ... it's just one of THE classic rock and/or roll albums. So forgive us if we're a little stoked they're re-releasing Rumours as a CD/DVD package with bonus tracks.

O.K., we admit that this particular album sounds best when played on a record player with a slightly dusty stylus, but we are obsessive completists so we're curious to take in the bonus material this particular reissue is offering. We don't even really care that it's an obvious grab at the average Boomer's steadily shrinking wallet.

In even better news, they've gotten the band back together and are going on a greatest hits tour! Fleetwood Mac "Unleashed" attacks Allstate Arena on March 5, but tickets go on sale December 15 through TicketBastard.

Fleetwood Mac 'UNLEASHED' The Mac's Greatest Hits Tour Dates Announced

Fleetwood Mac 'UNLEASHED' The Mac's Greatest Hits Tour Dates Announced
NEW CD/DVD PACKAGE OF 'RUMOURS' TO BE RELEASED SIMULTANEOUSLY including Never Before Seen Footage and Previously Unreleased Tracks

LOS ANGELES, Dec 03, 2008 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX/ -- Legendary supergroup Fleetwood Mac will be embarking on their first concert tour in five years on March 1st at Pittsburgh's Mellon Arena and will include all the Mac's many greatest hits from over the course of one of rock's most enduring and influential bands of our time.

"We love our band and think the title of the tour "UNLEASHED" perfectly describes how we all feel when we get on stage together -- especially in 2009. We're so happy to get back out on the road, perform everyone's favorite songs and see our fans," said the band in a joint statement. Tickets for the Live Nation produced tour go on sale to the public on December 15th at and American Express Cardmembers will have early access to tickets beginning December 8th at 10am local time through December 14th at 10pm local time at, excluding Uncasville, Ottawa and Montreal. American Express presale tickets for the Albany, NY show are available at

The first 16 dates of the historic "UNLEASHED" tour will include stops in New York, Boston, Washington and Montreal, it was confirmed today by Live Nation, the tour's national promoter (tour dates listed below). Fleetwood Mac, the multi-Grammy (R) award winning Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees will continue the "UNLEASHED" tour throughout the Spring and Summer. Additional dates to be announced shortly.

In other great Fleetwood Mac news, the iconographic 'RUMOURS' CD (certified Diamond (R) signifying sales of over 10 million units by the RIAA) is scheduled to be re-released as part of a special CD/DVD boxed set on Reprise Records in conjunction with the tour dates. The boxed set will include previously unreleased tracks recorded during the making of 'RUMOURS' as well as a DVD component with never before seen footage of the band.

I Love All Access to provide a variety of VIP packages for the tour including premium seats.


Date City Venue
Sunday, March 1st Pittsburgh, PA Mellon Arena
Tuesday, March 3rd St. Paul, MN Xcel Energy Center
Thursday, March 5th Chicago, IL Allstate Arena
Sunday, March 8th Detroit, MI Palace of Auburn Hills
Tuesday, March 10th Washington, DC Verizon Center
Wednesday, March 11th Boston, MA TD Banknorth Arena
Friday, March 13th Uniondale, NY Nassau Coliseum
Saturday, March 14th Uncasville, CT Mohegan Sun Arena
Monday, March 16th Rochester, NY Blue Cross Arena
Tuesday, March 17th Albany, NY Times Union Center
Thursday, March 19th New York, NY Madison Square Garden
Saturday, March 21st East Rutherford, NJ Izod Center
Monday, March 23rd Ottawa, ON Scotiabank Place
Wednesday, March 25th Montreal, QC Bell Centre
Thursday, March 26th Toronto, ON Air Canada Centre

SOURCE Warner Bros./Reprise Records

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Nicks / McVie in Austin, TX

Still amazing to see pics of the band that I've never seen before. These are apparently from the mid seventies - likely 1977 - in Austin, TX. and the photographer was Steve Lawson. (click to enlarge)

Monday, December 01, 2008

Private Sessions - Behind The Scenes (Video)

Lindsey Buckingham
Private Sessions - Behind The Scenes

Video Type: AVI
Video Size: 15mb


Stevie NEEDS your vote!

Who's rock's best female vocalist?

Stevie NEEDS your vote! She's in a dead heat with Anne Wilson of Heart.

Currently standings:

Anne Wilson - 48% (4512 votes)
Stevie Nicks - 46% (4332 votes)

Vote Now... Vote often! It's simple! Parade Magazine

Full list of contenders:

  • Pat Benatar
  • Sheryl Crow
  • Debbie Harry
  • Chrissie Hynde
  • Janice Joplin
  • Annie Lenox
  • Stevie Nicks
  • Grace Slick
  • Tina Turner
  • Ann Wilson

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Go (Kart) Stevie

One of those WTF moments. LOL

Thanks to Sanne for the find on these... Stevie having a little fun at the Irving Azoff party from a couple of years ago...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Birthday John McVie

Bassist John McVie of Fleetwood Mac turns 63 today November 26th.... Happy Birthday John!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Could it be???

According to in the "More Upcoming Releases" section of their site - Christine McVie is on tap to release an album in the Spring of 2009. Title and Label are TBA.

Interesting to say the least!!

Thanks to dcl1964 on The Ledge for finding this morsel of information on the supposedly retired Christine McVie.

Christine's last release was an album in 2004 titled "In The Meantime".

Friday, November 14, 2008

Fleetwood Mac at the beginning of their last tour in 2004

Flashback to May 5, 2004 when Fleetwood Mac played a private corporate gig for the MTV Network Upfront Presentation at Madison Square Gardens in New York City.