Saturday, November 23, 2013

Stevie Nicks will do two episodes of American Horror Story: Coven

Producer Ryan Murphy tweeted that Stevie will now appear in two episodes of American Horror Story: Coven... The first episode she was reported to appear in was episode 10 which would air on January 8th. With Stevie now in a further episode, I'm not sure if her first appearance will come before or after this date... We'll have to wait and see closer to the dates.  

American Horror Story: Coven airs Wednesday's at 10pm|ET on the FX Channel.

Air Dates:
Episode 8:  December 4th
Episode 9:  December 11th
Winter Break
Episode 10: January 8th
Episode 11: January 15th
Episode 12: January 22nd
Episode 13: January 29th

Photos below by Lily Rabe

Episode 8 Preview - Airing December 4th

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Anonymous said...

I am confused too cuz i have been watching this everyweek.( Its acually pretty interesting show.) But its just completed episode 7 and 3 weeks from now will be dec 11th on a wednesday nite that will be episode 10 unless they are taking a break from it cuz of the holidays. But if they do that they could lose its viewers interest. So You have me cunfused now.

Nickslive said...

Updated the post with the next air dates and a preview of the next episode.

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