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REVIEW: For 2 1/2 hours, the Buckingham/Nicks era of Fleetwood Mac was on full display in Phoenix

Photo by Becky Hansen
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Concert review: 
Big love from Phoenix audience for Fleetwood Mac
By Ted Hansen
Rating: ★★★★☆

For a group whose celebrated past, both in song and in real life, dealt with the pain caused when relationships cease, there sure was a lot of love in the air from Fleetwood Mac during their performance at the U.S. Airways Center in Phoenix on Thursday night, May 30, 2013. There was a love of the audience professed on separate occasions by singer Stevie Nicks, guitarist Lindsey Buckingham and drummer Mick Fleetwood. There was the special love for Phoenix mentioned by both hometown girl Nicks and Buckingham.

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REVIEW | PHOTOS | VIDEO: Fleetwood Mac Live in Phoenix at US Airways Center

MAY 30, 2013
By Ed Masley
The Republic |
Photo by Rob Schumacher
It’s been 35 years since Fleetwood Mac released the soft-rock masterpiece that even now remains their calling card, the 11-times-platinum “Rumours.” And with four-fifths of the classic “Rumours” lineup — Lindsey Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood, Stevie Nicks and John McVie – back together again, they weren’t shy about blowing the dust off a good portion of that album Thursday night at US Airways Center, setting the tone with a spirited “Second Hand News” and then following through with “The Chain” and the chart-topping “Dreams.”

If Buckingham’s electrifying presence on guitar and vocals made it hard to believe you were watching a man who’d aged 35 years since releasing those songs, Nicks’ vocal on “Dreams” made it clear that the passage of time had not affected everyone in Fleetwood Mac the same. And it’s not that her vocal was off. It’s just that she’d rewritten the entire melody to suit the lower range her voice has settled into in her 60s, which detracted from a number of essential hooks ingrained in every Fleetwood Mac fan’s head. “Rhiannon” also found her backing down from the challenging notes, although delivered with real urgency. But Nicks, who told the crowd “It means a lot to be here; I was born here,” had redeemed herself and then some by the time the night was through, with her charisma and her vocals, really shining on an understated “Landslide,” which may have taken on an even more reflective tone with age.

Video and Fan Photos Below....

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Evening with Fleetwood Mac was all about looking back… and sometimes forward ★★★☆☆

Concert Review: Fleetwood Mac
MGM Grand Garden Arena, May 26
By Cindi Reed
Photo by Tom Donoghue

When it comes to shawls, the line between gypsy and grandma is a thin one. Performing on her 65th birthday, former ’70s-era ethereal goddess Stevie Nicks straddled that line with heavy feet. Suffering from a knee ailment, Nicks kept her famous twirling to a minimum and moved on and off stage with a slight limp. When the audience spontaneously sang “Happy Birthday” after “Landslide,” Nicks shooed them silent, saying that you could only wish her a happy un-birthday because she wasn’t celebrating her birthday.

Despite Nicks’ desire to ignore the passage of time, the evening was all about looking back … and sometimes forward. Sure, there were the classic hits, including “Second Hand News,” “Dreams,” “Rhiannon,” “Go Your Own Way” and “Don’t Stop.” But old issues were also brought up anew: Guitarist Lindsey Buckingham defended the artistic merits of 1979’s commercial flop Tusk as if he were justifying it to a studio executive; Nicks thanked drummer Mick Fleetwood for letting her join the band as if she were a new arrival; and Nicks and Buckingham harkened back to their long-dead romance by dancing together. The future came in the form of two songs (“Sad Angel” and “Without You”) from Extended Play, their new EP.

Unfortunately, Nicks’ voice hasn’t weathered the years unscathed. Her distinctive sound has become yet even more distinctive by way of an increased muted nasal quality. At some points she seemed to miss notes. The songs no longer perfectly matched those old albums, but that’s OK, because it was real.

Buckingham, on the other hand, still soared on vocals and astounded on guitar, often allowing his voice to overpower Nicks’ on harmonies. Fleetwood charmed as an impish renaissance Santa Claus with a mighty drum solo on “World Turning.”

After two encores and a two-and-a-half-hour show, these musicians already couldn’t let go of the (very near) past. When the music had stopped and while the audience was fleeing, Nicks gave a New Age-y speech about how the fans were her “dream catchers.” When she was done, Fleetwood replaced her with a speech of his own, entreating all to remember that the “Mac is back.” As if we could ever forget.

Fleetwood Mac Reunites at Hollywood Bowl
Rejuvenated and finally unencumbered by their past, Fleetwood Mac played a formidable show
Los Angeles Magazine
by Sonya Singh
Photo by Sonya Singh

Nothing ever turns out as expected for Fleetwood Mac. Whether their collapsing relationships were translating into their best albums or their tour announcements were coming on the heels of an interview saying they’d never tour again, the British-American quartet found themselves hugging it out on stage following an explosive hometown show at the Hollywood Bowl on Saturday night. 

They’ve overcome plenty to look so at peace with one another, but that’s where the tranquility ended. The band came out swinging with “Secondhand News,” summoning so much gusto that it’s a wonder they didn’t run ahead of the song’s tempo. “L.A., let’s get ready to party!” cried Stevie Nicks to a blast of cheers before launching into her breakup hit “Dreams.” The fretwork of Lindsey Buckingham, particularly on “I’m So Afraid,” proved that he is still one of the most underrated guitarists in rock. A wide-eyed Mick Fleetwood breathed new life into straightforward drum parts while slick bassist John McVie calmly maintained his place as the band’s rock. It’s no great revelation, though, that Nicks — “Our lady, our poet,” as Fleetwood introduced her — stole the scene, twirling around the stage and ad libbing new lines into “Gold Dust Woman,” likely inspired by the night’s full moon.

Fleetwood Mac has always been the sum of its unique parts, and for all the band’s hits, the absence of any member is keenly felt. Keyboardist Christine McVie, whose compositions arguably rank among Fleetwood Mac’s finest, retired from touring in the ’90s. While skillful, their longtime backup singers tucked at stage left failed to compensate for her warm vocal harmonies. The reports that she may take the stage with her former bandmates when they play in London has set L.A. fans abuzz. If she’ll play one of the band’s two hometowns, why not the other? 

Even without hits like “Everywhere,” “You Make Lovin’ Fun” and former show-closer “Songbird,” the two-and-a-half-hour set did not disappoint. Greatest hits were celebrated alongside new releases like “Sad Angel” and “Without You,” a holdover from 1970s Buckingham/Nicks songwriting. They also played “Landslide,” “Go Your Own Way,” and “The Chain,” as well as a Stevie Nicks solo track and a few deeper cuts including “Not That Funny” and “Sisters of the Moon," the latter of which they haven’t played since 1982’s Mirage Tour. Both songs come from Tusk, the unusual Rumours followup album.

No one would have blamed Fleetwood Mac if their show felt like a forced TV reunion with plastered smiles and rose-tinted nostalgia. It was far more genuine. “It smells like you’re having a good time out there,” joked Buckingham, but so was the band. They told stories of their early years in L.A. — the only way Buckingham would agree to Fleetwood’s request join the band, as we also learned in Dave Grohl’s Sound City documentary, was if he could bring Nicks. Now the most famous member of the bunch, she thanked Fleetwood and John McVie “for telling Lindsey he could bring the girl along.” The warmth between Nicks and Buckingham never ebbed even as he growled “Damn your love/Damn your lies” during “The Chain.” Their closing duet of “Say Goodbye” left a few people dabbing their eyes with the corners of their sleeves. Rejuvenated and finally unencumbered by their past, Fleetwood Mac proved themselves as formidable and as together as ever.

Fleetwood Mac’s Live 2013 tour will circled back around to the Staples Center on July 3. Tickets are still available. 

Stevie Nicks hits the road with Fleetwood Mac... Again - Grazia Magazine

May 29th issue 

VIDEOS: Fleetwood Mac - Anaheim

The story of "Without You"... Anaheim, CA 5/28/13 - Probably the longest intro thus far... Funny!
GOLD DUST WOMAN - Love how she changes up the song from show to show near the end... 
GO YOUR OWN WAY - This close! The energy! Exciting!

Fleetwood Mac are LIVE tonight in Phoenix... If this is your show... have a blast!

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Fleetwood Mac Pack Anaheim's Honda Center For A Night of Nostalgia

MAY 28, 2013

Hearing The Same Songs For The First Time – An Evening With Fleetwood Mac
by Marc's Muse

Last night at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA may have been my first Fleetwood Mac concert.  I am pretty certain it was, but I stopped keeping track a while ago… big mistake… and now my memory is a bit… fuzzy.

I promise to write them all down from now on… but I am almost certain it was my first show.

I saw Lindsey Buckingham last year on his solo tour… amazing… and once before that… but never the band… and while Christine McVie is definitely missed, the show was a stunner.

Check out the full review at Marc's Muse


 Above photos by Paul Hebert

More Videos and Photos at the below link

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Stevie Nicks Celebrates 65th Birthday Las Vegas Style by Rocking MGM Grand with Fleetwood Mac

Stevie's 65th Birthday was spent in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Sunday night... With shout-outs from the audience to Stevie wishing her a Happy Birthday (and even one wishing Lindsey a Happy Birthday) it was a pretty special night. The audience at one point started singing Happy Birthday while Stevie was off doing a wardrobe change... She came back, thanked the audience, telling them to wish her a Happy Un-Birthday... Here's the video.  
I hope she had some fun after the show to mark the occasion!

Photo by ndrewstuart
A classic evening: Fleetwood Mac sticks to the hits
Las Vegas Weekly
Josh Bell

Photo by Mike Beder
With only a handful of exceptions, Fleetwood Mac’s show at the MGM Grand Garden Arena this past Sunday was all about the classics. Over the course of two and a half hours, the band drew almost exclusively from the five albums made by its classic lineup (Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, John McVie and Mick Fleetwood, plus the absent Christine McVie), to the obvious delight of the packed crowd. That meant plenty of hits, of course, from “The Chain” and “Dreams” early in the set, through “Landslide” and “Go Your Own Way,” culminating in “Don’t Stop,” the only Christine McVie-penned song the band played.

McVie’s absence (she retired from the band in 1998) was felt not only in the set list’s lack of her songs, but also in the band’s vocal harmonies, which were augmented by two back-up singers. While Buckingham sounded a little rough at first, he quickly warmed up, but Nicks’ voice sounded strained and uneven the entire night. It was especially evident as she tried to belt out sustained notes on songs like “Sisters of the Moon,” and when she filled in for McVie’s parts on “Don’t Stop.”

Musically, the band was in top form, and Buckingham’s intricate guitar-playing was a particular highlight. The set list made room for a few deep cuts alongside the expected popular songs, and even the new “Sad Angel” (from the band’s recent EP) fit well with the classics. The show ended with both Nicks and Fleetwood giving what sounded like awards-show acceptance speeches, and as self-indulgent as that was, they had earned it.

View the Photo Gallery at Las Vegas Sun

Photo by junistalia
Above photos by briannelei | danijarrett
Above photos by devymoreno | jesvicious77
Above photos by katherinezgage| keve85
Above photos by kissiesfromkay | leroy2112
Above photos by ninaangelia | spotsgal
Above photos by tjhelbling | worryvolunteer
Above photos by tjhelbling | leroy2112 

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Fleetwood Mac will kick-off their Australian tour in Sydney on November 10 - Who's Planning on going?

Fleetwood Mac to tour Australia 
Fleetwood Mac will kick-off their Australian tour in Sydney on November 10 and will play in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.

Mac's OZ Tour is no rumour
The Gold Coast Bulletin

AMERICAN band Fleetwood Mac will tour Australia for the first time since 2009, playing the Brisbane Entertainment Centre on December 2.

Founding member Mick Fleetwood will be joined by Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham and John McVie for the tour.
News of a Fleetwood Mac world tour sent the band’s fans into an online frenzy late last year – their planned American and European runs have already doubled in size.

The tour was delayed while Nicks toured the world in support of her successful solo album, In Your Dreams.

Fleetwood Mac recently released a 35th anniversary edition of their classic 1977 album Rumours and an EP of new music called Extended Play.

MICK Fleetwood, whose supergroup, Fleetwood Mac, is touring Australia in November, has revealed he almost moved Down Under.
Herald Sun

Fleetwood (right) told Confidential: ‘‘I love Australia so much I tried to emigrate there.  "I fell in love with your country on one of the tours, found a place to live."

Fleetwood bought a stately home, Wensley Dale, in Mittagong, in the NSW Southern Highlands.

"I gave up my green card and fully intended to do this whole thing," he said.  "In truth it was too much too soon. It fell apart over a five or six-year period. It just didn’t work out." Fleetwood added: ‘‘I would do it again, for sure, if I was 25 years younger.  "I think Australia is a great country for young people to go there and make a go of it."

Fleetwood Mac perform at Rod Laver Arena on November 26, and Hill Winery in Geelong for A Day on the Green, on November 30.

Confidential saw the show in Canada last week.

The band is still as strong as ever and the set list is back-to-back platinum hits.  Tickets will go on sale on June 30.

Mac-nificent news for Geelong
Geelong Advertiser - May 27th

No, It's not just rumours. Music giants Fleetwood Mac will perform a classic-laden concert in Geelong later this year.

LEGENDARY rock band Fleetwood Mac will perform a classic- laden concert in Geelong in November as part of its national tour.

Fronted by Stevie Nicks, the band that delivered the smash album Rumours has been booked to play at The Hill Winery in Waurn Ponds on November 30.

The concert will form part of the venue’s A Day on the Green series, which last summer hosted a headline performance by Neil Young and Crazy Horse.

Scotchmans Hill general manager Matthew Browne said yesterday securing Fleetwood Mac was an exciting coup for Geelong.

Mr Browne said the longterm agreement with the A Day on the Green promoters meant the city could expect further announcements on high-class acts visiting next summer.

"We have got a lot of exciting artists to unveil over the course of the next six months, he said. "There are only a handful of places which can host an event like this. Geelong is so lucky to have this on their doorstep."

Fleetwood Mac is touring its two-hour plus show in a 40-date sold-out tour of the US, where it has been receiving rave reviews.

"We are thrilled to return to Australia where we’ve always loved performing. Our fans there are phenomenal," the band said.

The present line-up includes guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, drummer Mick Fleetwood and bassist John McVie.
Nicks, who celebrated her 65th birthday yesterday, said: "I’m very excited for the Australian tour and can’t wait to get there."

Tickets for the A Day on the Green go on sale at Ticketmaster from June 13.

Other acts to perform are yet to be announced.

Fleetwood Mac Announce Australian Tour Dates
The legendary group will play a mix of arena and open-air winery shows in the winter. The tour kicks off at Sydney Entertainment Centre on November 10, before embarking on a further 6 dates, coming to an end at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre on December 2.

Videos: Interesting | Intense | Up Close - Fleetwood Mac Las Vegas, Hollywood Bowl, San Jose, Tacoma, Vancouver

Some interesting videos from the last few shows... Vancouver, Tacoma, San Jose, Hollywood and Las Vegas.

HAPPY UN-BIRTHDAY - LAS VEGAS, NV 5/26/13 (Stevie says she's not celebrating her 65th birthday, so your only allowed to wish her a very Happy Un-Birthday)
GYPSY - Las Vegas, NV 5/26/13 (Back to the full twirl at the end of the song... She was avoiding this during this song and Stand Back for awhile during the period her knee was healing).
RHIANNON (CLIP) - LAS VEGAS, NV 5/26/13 (Black shawl is back after being absent for awhile... except it's not the same one she started out the tour with)

"It smells like you're having a good time out there!" - Lindsey Buckingham Hollywood Bowl

Photo By thebirdie
Fleetwood Mac
Hollywood Bowl
By Daniel Kohn - LA Weekly

Fleetwood Mac does their best work in dramatic circumstances. They put out their finest album in the midst of personal turmoil and needed Bill Clinton to broker a reunion in 1993. As recently as last year, Mick Fleetwood proclaimed that the band wouldn't tour again because of Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks' commitments to their solo careers. Yet after nearly four years of inactivity, Fleetwood Mac was back playing in the city where its formative lineup came together.

"It smells like you're having a good time out there!" Buckingham joked midway through the band's marathon 23-song, two-and-a-half hour set. And it appeared that he and his bandmates were as well. There were smiles, hugs and handholding, something that seemed hard to imagine back in the day.

In February, Buckingham hinted that the band had completed their first batch of new material since 2003's Say You Will. Late last month, Fleetwood Mac quietly released a four-song EP called Extended Play, and last night performed "Sad Angel" and "Without You." While the songs had their trademark intimate soft rock sound (with a bit of bite), it's hard to call them classics.

They played with intensity; Buckingham's solos were fiery and mystical, reaffirming his status as one of the more overlooked guitar players in rock history. Mick Fleetwood's drum solos were gutbusting, while bassist John McVie's steady proved why he remains their steady foundation.

But in the end, the band's biggest attraction is still the spellbinding Nicks, still a siren at 64. Her wardrobe these days is, of course, boho chic, although it's unlikely that a younger Nicks would have thrown on a warm coat mid-set and complained to the crowd about the chilly weather. Still, despite years of cocaine abuse and going under the knife to remove nodules on her vocal chords, her raspy, vulnerable voice sounded like it did when the band was in peak form. She twisted and twirled around the stage

Photo By sheilahansen44
The group shared personal stories about Los Angeles. Prior to a tender "Landslide," Nicks confessed that she never expected the song to be so beloved when she first penned it in 1973. Buckingham repeated his anecdote from Dave Grohl's Sound City documentary: He'd told Fleetwood if he were to join the band, his then-girlfriend to the mix as well.

Nicks and Buckingham may have initially written the songs of Rumours out of spite and anger, but last night they glanced and shot smiles at one another while trading verses. Having beaten the long odds to survive, it would be understandable if Fleetwood Mac treated these shows as a nostalgia tour. Instead, they're reinvigorated and ready to release more material.

The Crowd: There were some fans under 55. But not many.
Overheard in the Crowd: "Rush sucks," said someone. He was talking about the talk show host, not the band.

Random Notebook Dump: If a band is going to use projected images as a backdrop, they should look better than Windows 95 screensavers.

More Reviews and photos from The Hollywood Bowl HERE

Set list:

Fleetwood Mac had the wild energy of musical attack paired with the warm glow of together-again


Stevie Nicks is spinning.

Stevie Nicks is twirling stage left, spinning and grinning, the billowy sleeves of her black velvet and chiffon dress flapping wildly (this dress is a dream come true, by the way. This dress is time travel and perfection and making me want to set my wardrobe on fire). Lindsey Buckingham is lean and frenetic, all black leather and shredding solos, and Mick Fleetwood’s got a Muppet grin and he’s banging on a gong, and if Stevie Nicks sings “Landslide”—at this point I’m practically shaking my friend Andrea—if Stevie Nicks sings “Landslide,” I am going to split in two.

A long sheath descends from the ceiling, Buckingham gives a primal rock god performance of “Big Love” (“Watch this,” the guy next to me says, pointing insistently at the screen showcasing an HD Buckingham. “Watch this, you’ll never forget it.”) And when it ends I think my surprised heart might leap out of my chest, but it freezes in mid air because the room gets quiet and Stevie Nicks sings that she’s been afraid of changing cause she built her life around the guy to her right, grinning and strumming.

Great recap of the San Jose show... Check out the rest at

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Review | Video | Photos: Fleetwood Mac Live at the Hollywood Bowl 5/25


Videos, reviews and photos from the show below.. Some really cool shots of the stage - they really transformed the arc projecting the background visuals right onto the bowl...Looks beautiful!

Review: Fleetwood Mac lights a fire at Hollywood Bowl
By Mikael Wood
Lawrence K. Ho
Only a band as famously twisted as Fleetwood Mac would follow an exhortation to “get this party started”
LA Times May 27, 2013
with a song as bleakly imagined as “Dreams.” That’s the indelible 1977 smash in which Stevie Nicks warns a capricious lover about hearing “the sound of your loneliness like a heartbeat,” and Saturday night at the Hollywood Bowl, Fleetwood Mac performed it near the beginning of a sold-out concert that Nicks said represented the group’s happy homecoming after several weeks spent on the road.

The long-running pop-rock outfit, which formed as a London blues band in 1967 but didn’t attain superstardom until it later relocated to L.A. and hired Nicks and singer-guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, is halfway through a three-month North American tour; it’s to play Anaheim’s Honda Center on Tuesday, then circle back to Staples Center on July 3.

Yet if Saturday’s show was intended to start a party, as Nicks declared, Fleetwood Mac hardly had good times on its mind. Rounded out by drummer Mick Fleetwood and bassist John McVie (along with five auxiliary musicians), the group sounded sharper and more aggressive -- simply louder too -- than it had in years as it tore through old songs such as “Gold Dust Woman” and “The Chain,” in which Buckingham growled, “Damn your love / Damn your lies,” over grinding electric guitar.

As with “Dreams,” both tunes came from the band’s blockbuster album “Rumours,” which famously caught the romantic turmoil then raging among various members of the group (including McVie’s ex-wife Christine, who quit in 1998). At the Bowl, though, Fleetwood Mac stripped the songs of the soft-rock sheen that helped drive “Rumours” to sales of nearly 20 million copies; it was exposing the desperation that simmers beneath the catchy choruses.

Happy Birthday Stevie

It's official... Stevie Nicks Turns 65 Years Young Today... 
Wishing you nothing but the best Stevie!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fleetwood Mac Album Chart Update: U.S.A. and Canada + Boxscore Totals

U.S.A. BILLBOARD Charts / Soundscan Sales
Sales week ending May 19th - Chart Date June 1, 2013
(Previous week in parenthesis)

No albums in the U.S. are on the main Top 200 Albums Chart, but there are still a few places you can find Fleetwood Mac making an impact sales wise in the U.S.

Top 200 Physical Album Sales:
Coming in at #170 The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac sold 1,673 units in the U.S. for the week ending May 19th down 21% over the previous week where it sold 2,113 units and was at #158.  Total U.S. sales since it's release in November, 2002 = 1,564,356.

# 170 (158) Fleetwood Mac - The Very Best Of

Top 200 Indie Albums:
At #143 (down from #63) The new EP "Extended Play" extended it's stay on the top 200 indie chart selling a further 672 units for the sales week down 53% vs the previous week where it sold 1,435 units.  Total U.S. sales since it's release April 30th is an abysmal 10,709.

# 143 (63) Fleetwood Mac - Extended Play

Top 200 Catalogue Albums:
4 albums make the list.  First up is "Rumours" at #51 with 2,066 units sold for the week ending May 19th, down 14% from the previous week where it sold 2,404 units - but it hangs on to it's #51 spot.  Total U.S. sales since November, 1991 = 3,186,976.

"The Very Best of" Fleetwood Mac lands at #73 with 1,841 total units sold (digital and physical) for the week down 21% vs the previous week where it sold 2,333 units. Total overall units sold in the U.S. since November, 2002 = 1,570,324.

"Fleetwood Mac" this week is at #107 down from #88 the previous week.  Total sales for the week were 1,622 vs 1,966 the previous week. Total U.S. sales since November, 1991 = 924,297.

"Greatest Hits" is sitting at #150 with 1,360 units sold vs 1,695 the previous week, a drop of 20%.  Total U.S. sales since November, 1991 = 4,659,588.

#   51 (51)   Fleetwood Mac - Rumours
#   73 (54)   Fleetwood Mac - The Very Best Of
# 107 (88)   Fleetwood Mac - Fleetwood Mac
# 150 (131) Fleetwood Mac - Greatest Hits

Experts say Fleetwood Mac has eclipsed the Rolling Stones 50th anniversary shows.

AMERICAN supergroup Fleetwood Mac will tour Australia in November.
Herald Sun

Their summer run Down Under follows their 40-date sell-out US tour which industry experts say has eclipsed the Rolling Stones 50th anniversary shows.

Fleetwood Mac will perform in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks told The Sunday Times: "I'm very excited for the Australian tour and can't wait to get there."

The band has strong ties to Australia.

Nicks and drummer Mick Fleetwood almost moved here.

Nicks thought the Outback might help beat her cocaine habit.

"It was either check into the Betty Ford clinic, or go to Australia and hang out in the desert with my close friend and martial expert Bob Jones and sweat it out," she said. "I rang Bob one night and he said, 'No worries, come over'.

But I ended up getting a spot at Betty Ford."

Fleetwood bought a mansion in Mittagong, NSW.

"I fell in love with Australia on one of the tours, found a place to live, and those days were incredibly crazy," he said.

"It fell apart over a five or six years period, so I didn't end up truly living there. I gave up my green card and fully intended to do this whole thing. In truth, it was too much too soon."

Fleetwood said the home, called Wensleydale, was "an old stately home, a beautiful place".

In a wide-ranging interview with The Sunday Times (HERE), Fleetwood revealed his bizarre list of tour superstitions and drug myths surrounding the band.

But he dismissed US industry reports Fleetwood Mac is thumping the Stones in ticket sales and positive reviews.

"I've heard those reports, too. But I know the lads have decided to go with very expensive seats," he said. "All I know is Fleetwood Mac has been incredibly blessed with a hugely successful tour. We always do good business, but this tour is pretty much sold out before we even got out on the road.

"That is very gratifying. But we should be so lucky to even open for the Rolling Stones."

Tickets go on sale to the general public June 13th, but American Express Cardmembers have the opportunity to purchase tickets first during an exclusive pre-sale beginning 12noon Tuesday June 4.

My Live Nation members can be among the first to access tickets during the exclusive presale beginning at 9.00am Friday June 7. Sign up at

Fleetwood reveals the rituals and superstitions he follows when the band tours

Band Apart
The Sunday Mail - Brisbane (U on Sunday)
by Nu Te Koha

Even the members of Fleetwood mac are in awe of the fact they made it this far despite the break-ups and the drug benders, writes Nu Te Koha

Fleetwood Mac epitomizes the survival spirit.  "We know how lucky we are," drummer Mick Fleetwood says. "But we're very serious about what we do.  That's why we're still here."

Of course, the back-stories of break-ups, make-ups, and their insatiable drink and drug habits are as famous as the band itself. Even Fleetwood admits it's a blessing they're singing and touring, stronger then ever.

But as Fleetwood reveals the rituals and superstitions he follows when the band tours, it's a miracle anybody made it to the stage.

Rock Legends Fleetwood Mac Return to Adelaide - 1st Time in 10 Years.

Sunday Magazine (Australia)
by: Nui Te Koha

Seventies super group Fleetwood Mac are headed our way, but don’t expect any rumours from these stars

ROCK legends Fleetwood Mac are returning to Adelaide for the first time in almost 10 years. Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, John McVie and Mick Fleetwood, pictured, will perform at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre on November 19.

The group – which has sold more than 100 million albums worldwide – last were here in 2004 for a monster show at Adelaide Oval.

"We know how lucky we are," drummer Mick Fleetwood said.
"But we’re very serious about what we do. That’s why we’re still here."

The two-hour-plus concert will feature all of the band’s most loved songs from legendary discs including Rumours, as well as new material from Extended Play, their first new studio material in a decade, released last month.

Of course, the backstory of break-ups, makeups and insatiable drink and drug habits are as famous as the band itself. Mick admits it’s a blessing they’re still singing and touring, stronger than ever, even with a long list of rituals and superstitions he follows when the band tours.

"We are all creatures of habit," he said. "I still do this thing where, if I’m in the toilet, I’ll open the door a certain way, and flush it three times, and, if I haven’t done it, I’ll go back and do it."

Fleetwood says the rituals also included drug use backstage – sometimes while they performed.

"We all know what we did – it’s all public knowledge. A lot of cocaine and booze," said Mick.
"But you have to put it in perspective. War stories become very romantic and they are fun to tell, but I certainly try to preface it by saying it’s not recommended."

Fleetwood Mac will be on tour in Australia November and December, 2013.

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Fleetwood Mac talk survival, superstitions and sell-out shows ahead of Aussie tour

Fleetwood Mac talk survival, superstitions and sell-out shows
ahead of Aussie tour
Sunday Herald Sun

FLEETWOOD Mac epitomises the survival spirit. "We know how lucky we are," drummer Mick Fleetwood says. "But we're very serious about what we do. That's why were still here.

Of course, the back story, of break ups, make ups, and their insatiable drink and drug habits are as famous as the band itself.

Even Fleetwood admits it's a blessing they're still writing, recording, performing and touring stronger than ever.

But as Fleetwood reveals a list of rituals and superstitions he follows when the band tours, it's a miracle anybody made it to the stage.  "We are all creatures of habit," Fleetwood says. "I still do this thing where, if I'm in the toilet, I'll open the door a certain way, and flush it three times, and, if I haven't done it, I'll go back and do it.  "It used to be really bad, though," he says, laughing. "I would have, on my way to the stage, little things I'd left there.  "There was a penny which I'd pick up in the spot where I'd left it, and put in my pocket as I walked to the stage.  "But if any of that was upset or the coin disappeared, I would think: 'I'm cursed!' We were very superstitious."

Fleetwood says the drill also included drug use backstage - sometimes while they performed.

"In the old days, there was a definite routine of how we juggled our substances. We didn't like to walk on stage completely ... you know," he says, sheepishly.  "Did we? Yes. But not often. During the show, and after the show, is when the trouble started."  

But Fleetwood's most powerful superstition while on the road is deeply personal.

"I won't get on a plane unless I have this," he says reaching into a supple leather bag, "my father's flying scarf."  His father was a Royal Air Force fighter pilot. Fleetwood keeps the scarf wrapped in a pouch.  "This puppy has been all over the world," Fleetwood says, handling the cargo delicately.  "I never get on a flight without it. The band wouldn't like to get on the plane if I didn't have dad's flying scarf. It keeps us safe."

An hour later, as superstars Fleetwood Mac perform to another full house on a 40-date sell-out US tour, it's clear they have another good luck charm: each other.

Fleetwood Mac is still at the height of its powers.

Stevie Nicks' voice is in career-best shape on hits including Dreams and Landslide, while Lindsey Buckingham, a freakish guitarist, sings raw and intense on the standout, Big Love.

The engine room of Fleetwood and bassist John McVie keeps the Mac hits steady, powering up on Tusk and The Chain.

The latter song vows: "Chain keep us together."

Backstage, before the show, Buckingham says those links are sometimes tenuous because of the strong personalities in the band.  "I'm not saying we don't belong in a band together," he says.  "I am saying we are an unlikely group of people to have come together. You see it on paper and ask: `Well, how's this gonna work?'  "Our tastes are quite disparate and yet it is that cast of characters, that very push-pull dynamic that creates parts larger than the sum of it."

Last month, Buckingham told Rolling Stone Magazine he wishes Fleetwood Mac would follow The Eagles model of doing business.  Asked to explain his comments, Buckingham told "(The Eagles) reputation is such that they don't get along.  "But somehow they're able to cut through that, do the business they're able to do, get done what they need to as a group, and see their way clear to the common objective. "That seems difficult for Fleetwood Mac.  "This band is something you might liken to a political minefield," he says quietly. "It needs to be navigated."

For now, the Mac are steering their way through good times. Buckingham wrote songs on their new EP, Extended Play, and they aim to make an album.

There are also plans to release a 40th anniversary version of Buckingham Nicks, the 1973 album Stevie and Lindsey made before joining Fleetwood Mac.

Indeed, the ghosts of their past love affair play out warmly in the new show, during a soft embrace in Sara, and touching fingertips in Landslide.

The audience is still enchanted by Stevie and Lindsey's long faded romance.  "By the time we got to Rumours," Buckingham says, "Stevie had both feet out the door. She left me.  "It was difficult to be the guy who had to go back to the studio, produce her songs, and make the choice to do the right thing for her professionally, even though it was painful to be around her personally.  "But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.  "It's sweet that Stevie and I are somehow acknowledging that from a distance. I think people are quite intrigued by that, as we are too."

Today, Buckingham is happily married with three children. Nicks is still single.

"The thing about my dynamic with Stevie become more the professional side of it," Buckingham says.  "Not to say we don't feel a great deal for each other, because it does play out in a very authentic way. But we are playing roles."

Today, 20-or-so years since they kicked their bad habits, those character parts don't include rock star cliches.  "We all know what we did - it's all public knowledge. A lot of cocaine and booze," Fleetwood says.  "But you have to put it in perspective. War stories become very romantic and they are fun to tell, but I certainly try to preface it by saying it's not recommended.  "You also don't want to aggrandise it too much and, yet, in truth, you have to tell the truth.  "We had a lot of great times, no doubt," he says.  "It certainly didn't seem to stunt the creative process. But it ended up becoming a drain on all of us. Then it became counter-productive.

"We are, quite frankly, fortunate to have prevailed," Fleetwood says. "We're lucky, we're grateful and we're here."


Sydney Entertainment Centre, Nov 10th

Hope Estate Winery, Hunter Valley, Nov 16th

Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Nov 19th

Perth Arena, Nov 22nd

Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, Nov 26nd

Hill Winery, Geelong, Nov 30th

Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Dec 2nd

Vector Arena, Auckland, Dec 6th

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