Thursday, November 21, 2013

Stevie Nicks sings and acts in American Horror Story AND she may return for second episode!

Ryan Murphy interview with Entertainment Weekly about last nights American Horror Story: Coven (Nov 20th - Ep7)

You tweeted a photo of Stevie Nicks on set filming her upcoming guest-spot. How did it go?

You know Stevie is just fantastic. I don’t think Lily Rabe has recovered. She was great. She gets to sing. She does a little acting, which she was great in. The great thing is Stevie has some wonderful ideas based on some of her songs so we were like, “Oh we’re going to use that.” So we’re actually going to try and have Stevie come back and do another episode because she’s so good.

Full article at Entertainment Weekly


Caroline said...

Wow Stevie looks great! I don't watch AHS, but I will def watch the episode with Stevie, just cause it's Stevie.

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