Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Is Now The Time To Buy??

If you've been on the fence and unsure if you wanted to shell out a ton of cash for seats to see Fleetwood Mac on their Unleashed Tour because the only seats available were seats at the back or in the rafters - well now's the time to consider buying or at least be on the look out for prime seating. Ticketmaster has released PRIME seats (Floor Seats) for a number of the first shows on Fleetwood Mac's upcoming tour.

Just to name a few:
Pittsburgh (3/1/09)
Minneapolis (3/3/09)
Detroit 3/8/09)
Uniondale, NY (3/13/09)
Toronto (3/17/09)

Each of these shows at the moment are showing floor seats in the first 10 rows available at the regular pricing - which will run you about $150.00 plus fees.

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