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Renowned for caustic divorces and boozy intra-band affairs


Renowned for caustic divorces and boozy intra-band affairs, Fleetwood Mac never seemed likely to celebrate a 42nd anniversary. Throughout the years, the only constant has been drummer Mick Fleetwood, who stuck it out behind the skins no matter how crazy things got. Now the band - including Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks and John McVie - is back on tour for the first time in six years, playing the group's biggest hits and a new version of "Rumours." The group hits Nassau Coliseum on Friday, Madison Square Garden on March 19 and the Izod Center on March 21. We asked Fleetwood about the reunion.

So, who caved in and got the reunion going?
There really wasn't any single person doing the coercing. We've been talking about it for two years, but needed to wait for the right time. Lindsey was working on solo records, I was touring with my blues band and both Stevie and Christine [McVie, a former member] were working on projects.

Is the group still tight?
Yes. John lives in Oahu and I live in Hawaii, so we see each other a lot. And Stevie has always been like family. We've all gone through such an emotional roller coaster together - everyone falling in and out of love with each other. Our story is pretty damn unique. A lot of the troubles Stevie and I went through are so well-documented, they've almost become boring.

Most of the band's insane alcohol- and drug-fueled stories are commonly known.

Any chance of creating new ones?
[Laughs] The days of putting up silver paper over the windows to keep the sunlight out are well and truly over. There's not much "partying" anymore. We still have fun . . . sitting around sharing old war stories, but nothing crazy. Most of us are in our 60s, with kids.

Which outlandish tale(s) stand out?
The thing that truly amazes me was the time we spent in the studio recording "Rumours." We made that album under impossible circumstances - everyone's life was falling apart. I was divorcing my wife, John and his wife Christine were separating, and Stevie and Lindsey were breaking up. It was a hell of a mess. But even though it was a horror show, we created something special that has withstood the test of time.

Any chance you'll be back into the studio?
I have three hairs left. If they all don't fall out following the tour, we've talked about recording again. I don't think we want to just sit around for another five years. We're all healthy, we still have loads of energy. [Laughs] Plus, some of us still have mortgages to pay.

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