Tuesday, January 19, 2010


It's pretty cool when the origins of a photo you've seen numerous times over the years are finally revealed...

Awesome shot!!

Photographer: Bill Hansen (link to much larger version)
Location: Sept 1977 at the Seattle Center Coliseum
In the late 70's I worked at Tower Records Tacoma & Seattle. Used to take concert photos from the main floor. In those days, it was rare to have seats on the main floor, only festival seating. And you could take in cameras. I had a Minolta SRT 102 with a telephoto lens. This photo of Stevie is one of my favorites because in the early days when she sang "Rhiannon", she had so much passion and fire in her eyes. Today, it's a much tamer song. But to see her in the photo with all that emotion, it's what made her a star! I absolutely love Stevie Nicks!

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Anonymous said...

take me like the wind child, take me to the sky...she was a force of nature, totally awe inspiring, absolutely amazing!!! loved her then, love her now.

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