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GLEAN FROM THIS WHAT YOU WILL... @DaveStewart @RealStevieNicks

A rundown or timeline of twitter Q & A's and postings starting February, 2010 between Dave Stewart and various Stevie Nicks fans with other notable mentions thrown in of their working together.  All of this regarding a project that for all intents and purposes appears to be a Stevie Nicks solo album.

Without official word from either a record company, anyone from the Nicks camp or from Nicks herself this is all we have to go on up to this point.  It looks promising that new music from Nicks is definitely on the way!  Maybe in August she'll throw something out there at one of her shows to either confirm this or totally confuse the situation even further.

This has actually been kind of fun, being led along like this, it's like following bread crumbs!  Gotta hand it to Dave, these past 5 months have definitely been interesting - waiting on the edge for the next minimum 140 character posting on twitter!

I think I've managed to collect all the postings regarding them working together.  Feel free to correct or add to this in the comments section and I'll add it to the timeline.

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"wrote a great song with Stevie Nicks on Monday called "Everybody Loves You"
when asked if this means Stevie's making a new album?.... He responded with:
"she's on top form and I see that possibility"

MARCH 3, 2010
"back to Stevie Nick's house more songs on the go :)"

MARCH 4, 2010
With references to Fleetwood Mac meets the Beatles meets Tom Petty meets the Eurythmics...
"Now driving over to Stevie Nick's place to make more majik"

"working on 4 songs with Stevie now very fast capturing the essence of the music and poetry keeping it spontaneous ,sounds amazing"

"yep it is awesome stuff , Stevie's Voice is soaring !!!"

MARCH 5, 2010
March 5th - 11am Dave Stewart provides a 38 second snippet of a duet he and Stevie were working on called "Everybody Loves You" DOWNLAD

Q "Demo is amazing! Is this for a new Stevie Solo project? We miss her!"
A "yeah we are making "album" in a very new way"

Q "hi Dave, any news on what Stevie's doing? When will your album be out? Did she record the New Orleans song yet?"
"album could be out this year for sure"

MARCH 11, 2010
Dave Stewart in Canada appeared on "The Hour" and spoke briefly about writing with Stevie Nicks.

MARCH 16, 2010
"recorded all day yesterday with Stevie Nicks and never once took off my favorite Alexander McQueen Hat! "

MARCH 31, 2010
"Just finished playing guitar with Mike Campbell (tom Petty) in studio and Stevie Nicks singing".

APRIL 17, 2010
Q "Is it true that Stevie's gonna be coming out w/ a CD in June?!"
"not June but maybe this year"

APRIL 25, 2010
Q "How are things going with Stevie Nicks?
A "starting again on Tuesday"

MAY 4, 2010
Q "Hey Dave! Doing any more work with Stevie Nicks?"
A "yes whole album with Stevie Nicks"

MAY 4, 2010
Dave Stewart in the UK was interviewed on BBC Radio 2 - Dave says he's working with Stevie Nicks, will become an album recording it in June this Summer.

MAY 6, 2010
PerezHilton broadcasts on his blog that "New Stevie Nicks Album In The Works!"

JUNE 1, 2010
Q "is there any news about Stevie's new album?"
A "still working on it"

Q "its about that time to tell us about stevie nicks' new album? :P"
A "it's amazing"

JUNE 4, 2010
Q "Have you and Stevie hit the studio yet this month?"
A "yep Stevie and I are about to lay down the album in two weeks time (special people playing on it too)"

JUNE 6, 2010
Response from Dave Stewart on the above....
@Nickslive good work spot on , you won't be disappointed :)

Dave Stewart Stands Up To Cancer, Talks New Solo Album
June 4, 2010 - Billboard Biz Article:
Aside from his charitable work, Stewart says he's been writing songs with Stevie Nicks for her forthcoming solo album. "We're going to start recording the album ... in three weeks time," he says. And in mid-July, he'll travel to Blackbird Studio in Nashville to record a new album of his own.


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will the Memorial note on the Nicksfix be on the album??The one posted on May 31, 2010... :)

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Thanks so much for doing this timeline - when you look at all the tweets together, it really looks like they're serious. At last!

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