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The Breakdown: This month alone, we've seen recording artist Jessie Malakouti posting on Twitter about Stevie recording in the Studio next door to her at Village Recorder in LA... Next thing we know, she's tweeting about sitting next to Stevie listening to a new track titled "Italian Summer".

Next up, Dave Stewart sends out a message that Waddy Wachtel, Mike Rowe, Mike Bradford and Steve Ferrone are all the studio for the last day of recording.

Next, Dave Stewart, once again feeding the frenzy, sends out photos of Stevie during the recording sessions for her new CD holding or playing a tambourine...

We then see David Wild, writer for Rolling Stone Magazine, sending out a message via Twitter that he's going to visit Stevie in the studio on this last night of recording. He later tweets about half a dozen times with his first reaction to what he's seen and heard using words and phrases like "WOW" and "Ghosts, Vampires on upcoming album, but mostly stunning songs." and "powerful","deeply personal" with "There's blood on these tracks." and saying that "between Dave Stewart and Waddy Wachtel on guitars, the new material rocks on a number of levels."

Next up Dave Stewart again sends out another photo of Stevie sitting there "listening intently to the rough mixes to take home" the finished music they've recorded.

Dave later states he's directing a movie of his whole experience collaborating with Stevie and wants to give real insight into how and why she is a true legend, a unique talent. It's not revealed if this is just an idea, or if it's actually happening right now.. or who is filming?

It's later revealed by Dave that Glen Ballard (Dave's producing partner) is in fact producing the new CD along with Dave. Dave saying he co-wrote 6 songs (but indicated on July 1st that 7 songs were complete and sounding EPIC!). The extra complete song could be one he didn't take part in writing. Now, with 6 or 7 songs complete musically, Dave said lead vocals and harmonies are the next step. So with these 6 or 7 songs finished, which has been the number that's been bounced around for the last month or two, it seems that there must be more tracks to be recorded by Dave and Glen. That part I'm not clear on. But in any case, other then the vocals being added... If 6-7 songs deep into the album is as far as they've gotten,that's about half way as far as I'm concerned and a pretty good pace!

Prior to all this, or during... Mick Fleetwood on June 30th is reported by as a player during the recording sessions... Also, one other player surfaces that's been connected to Stevie over the last few years. Ricky Peterson, who has toured with Stevie on her last couple of solo tours playing keyboards was in LA in late June recording with Stevie and Dave laying down some keyboard tracks. Ricky stated on his facebook page that "the new CD will be killin." and that "it sounds really good!" Ricky also confirmed that he'll be on tour with Stevie for her run of August shows saying it's a short tour. You can visit his facebook page for a couple of photos he's posted on his wall of him and Dave Stewart recording in the studio.

So from all this, here is what we know:

  • Dave Stewart and Glenn Ballard producing
  • 6 (or 7) songs are complete without lead and harmony vocals
  • Dave Stewart, Mike Cambell and Waddy Wachtel - guitar parts
  • Mick Fleetwood and Steve Ferrone - Drum parts
  • Ricky Peterson and Mike Rowe - keyboard parts
  • Mike Bradford - Bass parts
  • Ann Marie Calhoun contributed Violin

To surely be continued...

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