Monday, July 05, 2010


Well this is kinda interesting! A little earlier today David Wild posted on Twitter that he was going into the studio today to see Stevie Nicks and that he'd ask her the best question sent in to him... There were a few responses... But the interesting part is...what's he up too? Is David just paying Stevie a friendly visit, or is he putting together a piece on Stevie to appear either on the Huffington Post?... Or in the pages of Rollingstone?

We'll have to wait and see.

After David returned from his visit, he sent out a tweet: "Just back from a wild night in the studio with the great Stevie Nicks & @DaveStewart. First reaction to this work in progress: WOW.

"I will elaborate and share details soon. But for tonight, I'll stand by that WOW. And a good wow too."

David is a Contributing Editor for Rolling Stone, writes for the Huffington Post and also is Producer of The Chris Isaak Hour on the Bio Channel that Stevie appeared on early in 2009. One of David's connections to Fleetwood Mac is he wrote the foreword in the liner notes of 2002 Very Best Of CD.

Photo by: Dave Stewart (July 5th)

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