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For Mick Fleetwood and Stevie Nicks it was especially busy.... But Lindsey and John didn't completely disappear from the radar - even former band member Christine McVie popped up a couple of times.  Here are some hi-lights I've put together of 2010...  I think I've got everything... Here's hoping for an even MORE exciting year ahead... Happy New Year Everyone!
Happy New Year Fleetwood Mac!


Jan 11th: Press Release announcing the release of "Blue Again" the companion DVD to the Grammy Nominated "Blue Again" Live CD.

It was announced the Mick Fleetwood would be presenting during the pre-Grammy Award telecast along with Colbie Caillat. Mick who was nominated in the Blues Category would go on to lose in his category.

Jan 11th: Pollstar publish year end tour results and Fleetwood Mac placed #13 on the Top 50 Worldwide Concert Tours for 2009 grossing $84.9 million.

Jan 13th: It was confirmed by Timothy B. Schmidt that after months of much speculation and Rumours... FLEETWOOD MAC and THE EAGLES are not touring together in the summer of 2010. The Eagles subsequently ended up doing some stadium shows with The Dixie Chicks and Keith Urban.

Jan 27th: A not so surprising confirmation by US Magazine confirmed that Stevie Nicks would be performing at the 2010 Grammy's. Just days later it was revealed it would be a duet with Taylor Swift on Rhiannon.
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Jan 29th: The Mick Fleetwood Blues Band plays a benefit at The House of Blues in Hollywood Jan 28th.


The tour would run through Feb and Mar - some dates alone, others backing up Michael McDonald and Boss Skaggs.

Feb 11th: It was announced on Twitter by Michelle Branch that Stevie was producing the singer singing "Say You Love Me for a Fleetwood Mac tribute album that we've heard very little about since.

Feb 28th: Dave Stewart of Eurythmics announced to the world that he wrote a great song with Stevie Nicks and when asked about a new album, he said that's a possibility. The rest is as they say is history as the album has been recorded and produced and is currently making the rounds to industry insiders for first listens... 

MARCH, 2010

Mar 5th: It was announced by Dave Stewart that he would be posting a snippet of a duet between himself and Stevie on Friday March 5th. Subsequently Dave came through with a clip of "Everybody Loves You".

Mar 7th: Saturday Night Live kept up their skit "What Up With That" through out the 09-10 season that features Bill Hader playing Lindsey Buckingham.

Mar 22nd: Rarely photographed candidly, Stevie Nicks tries to avoid the prying eyes of the camera.
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Mar 28th: AN IDYLLIC village is being shaken by a row between a retired rock star and one of Big Brother’s most notorious contestants. It was reported in the UK Express that Christine McVie joined a Consortium to buy fields next to a river that runs through her village to prevent development.

Mar 29th: Late March saw the release of current photos of Christine McVie who virtually hasn't been seen by the public since roughly 2004.

Mar 31st: Candid photo of Stevie Nicks surfaces.

APRIL, 2010

Apr 2nd: Dates started popping up on various ticketing sites showing that Mick Fleetwood's Blues Band would be opening for ZZ Top in the fall of 2010. They subsequently ended up not touring together as ZZ Top ended up agreeing to a chunK of opening spots on Tom Petty's summer/fall tour.

Apr 16th: The first dates of Stevie's short August, 2010 tour start showing up on ticket sites. Tickets for the 4 shows (Lake Tahoe,NV Santa Barbara, CA Verona,NY Atlantic City, NJ) she would perform in August (5 including one corporate Las Vegas show) would eventually go on sale in May.

April 17th: It's revealed that Jana Anderson won't be singing backup for Stevie on any up-coming shows... She's included for future Mac shows,but not part of Stevie's line-up.

Apr 23rd: Mick reveals in an interview that Stevie is working with Don Was on a contry version of the Rumours album producing country artists.

Apr 24th: The Fray guitarist Dave Welsh mentions a Buddy Holly Tribute Album that includes Stevie Nicks. It would be months later that we find she did in fact record with Peter Asher a Buddy Holly song "Not Fade Away". The album is yet to be released.

Apr 24th: Mick Fleetwood makes a cameo appearance in the Maui shot film "Get A Job".

Apr 29th: Stevie contributes to Time Magazines "The 2010 Time 100" with an article about Taylor Swift and her song writing.

MAY, 2010

May 7th: After practically all of 2009 on the road with Fleetwood Mac, you can't really hold it against Lindsey for taking some time out of the spot light... But it didn't last long. He and his wife hosted a charity luncheon at their home in in LA to benefit the PS Arts "The Seventh Annual Bag Lunch".

May 26th: It was reported that Mick would be performing on May 30th with Henry Kapono at the Na Hoku Hanohano Awards show in Hawaii.  More on this: Link

JUNE, 2010

June 30: It was reported that Dave Stewart was not only working on Stevie's new album with Mike Campbell, but Mick Fleetwood is also contributing.

JULY, 2010

July 1st: Dave Reports that 7 songs are done for Stevie's new album.

July 3rd: It's revealed by Jessie Malakouti on Twitter that one of the songs on Stevie's new album is called "Italian Summer".

July 5th: David Wild reports that he's going into the Studio today to see Stevie Nicks. David's visit would show up in 1113 in September, 2010 September Rollingstone issue... He loved what he heard!

Also on this day, the first photos of Stevie in the studio working on her new album surface via Dave Stewart.

July 7th: Dave Stewart publishes the 2nd Photo of Stevie in the Studio working on new album.

Mid July: A whole mess on Twitter regarding @RealStevieNicks interupts life as we know it... July 19th Dave Stewart confirms that the twitter account created for Stevie Nicks by Clayton Morris, who interviewed her in Early '09 for her Live in Chicago DVD, is not being used by Stevie Nicks, her assistant or anyone associated with Stevie Nicks... All the posts to the account are by an imposter. (what a mess this turned out to be!)... But... Stevie saved the day.

July 19th: Stevie posts a letter to all fans on her official website regarding Twitter... SHE DOES NOT TWEET!

July 29th: First big interview of the year with Stevie Nicks.

AUGUST, 2010

August 1st: It's revealed that Percussionist Taku Hirano will be back in the band with Stevie on her mini August tour.

August 5th: Two big surprises were revealed after the first Stevie show in August. She performed Tom Petty's "You Wreck Me" and the last song of the night is "Love Is" - both of which she's never perfomed before.

August 18th: Fleetwood Mac are awarded double platinum certifications from the IFPI for notchin up 2 Million units sold in Europe of "The Very Best Of".

August 22nd: Stevie reveals in an interview with the Syracuse Post Standard that she's shooting for a March release of her new album.


September 1st: MICK FLEETWOOD SPOTTED at the Hawaii Prince Golf Course for the "Back in the Day Camp Golf Classic With Legends.

Sept 5th: Lindsey and Kristen are spotted at the US open.

Sept 10th: It was revealed by David Wild, that he was interviewed for an updated version of  Vh1's Fleetwood Mac "Behind The Music". The documentary would eventually be broadcast first on December 4th and include some new interview footage, but ultimately this would be a disappointment as the new interview footage added was mainly stock we've seen before... But it did update the doc. taking it from 1997 through 2003.

Sept 28th: It was revealed that Lindsey Buckingham would be performing on Oct 29th in LA at the "I Found This Funny" book launch to benefit the 826 National organization.


Dave Stewart reveals tracklist...sets up website to listen to samples. Album will include one duet with Stevie Nicks, plus on song inspired by Stevie, sung by Dave.

Oct 15th: Christine Mcvie is recognized by BMI for a new milestone with Fleetwood Mac track "Don't Stop"

Oct 14th: Mick Fleetwood was interviewed and will appear on Golf Now Kaanapali a Golf channel show. The show would eventually air the week of November 29, 2010. This interview is also the first time it's revealed that Mick will be opening "Fleetwood's" on Front Street, in Lahaina, Maui, a restaurant and night club.  More on this: Link

Oct 17th: Fleetwood Mac have reunited in LA to rehearse for a show that's been widely talked about in the fan community all summer - a show that was basically confirmed by Jana Anderson, one of the backup singers via her Facebook page... Initially this show was thought to be taking place in August, turns out they were hired by the TPG Corporation to play at their conference in Scottsdale, AZ October 19th.
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Oct 22nd: In his first interview of 2010 - Lindsey and Judd Apatow dropped in to Mark and Brian at KLOS to talk about the 826LA benefit Oct 29th.

Oct 25th: Rack Attack Rentals in LA rented Lindsey some recording equipment and confirms he's working on new album.

Nov 3rd: Lindsey's official website confirms new album.

Oct 29th: It was revealed on this day that Lindsey Buckingham will be awarded the Les Paul TEC Award to be presented January 14, 2011 in Anaheim.


Nov 1st: It was announced on this day that Dave Stewart was meeting with Chris Lord-Agle for the first day of Mixing on Stevie's new album.

Nov 5th: From the last day in the studio Stevie embrasses technology and along with Dave Stewart sends out her first audio shout out giving fans and update.

Nov 9th: Mick and Rick Vito book The Maui Celebrity Concert Series for December 30th in Lahaina, Maui.

Nov 19th: John McVie makes his first public appearance of 2010 taking a spot on stage with John Mayall at the Pipeline Cafe in Honolulu.

Nov 20th: Dave Stewart sends out a Tweet that he's heading back to LA from the UK to get back to work with Stevie and Lindsay... Confusion and speculation ensue... It would later be confirmed that Lindsey was contributing to Stevie's new album.

Nov 21st: Mick Fleetwood joins John Mayall on stage at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center on Maui

Nov 21st: Crystal Visions by Stevie Nicks is certified Gold in Australia.

Nov 22nd: Dave Stewart spends evening in the studio with Stevie and Lindsey.


Dec 11th: Mick Fleetwood drops in to The Roxy in LA and plays drums with Camp Freddy with Steven Tyler on vocals... They played "Rattlesnake Shake". More on this: Link

Dec 11th: Dave Stewart reports that Stevie's album is now finished recording and has been brilliantly mixed by Chris Lord-Alge

Dec 13th: It's revealed by Eric Gilliom on his facebook page that he'll be appearing with Mick Fleetwood in Maui at Mala's in Wailea on New Years eve... Carlos Santana was reported to also be appearing but Mick subsequently confirmed that he will not be there.

Dec 16th: Stevie's new album starts making the rounds for first listens by WB Execs and to Live Nation. Jeremy Welt, SVP of New Media at Warner Bros. has an opportunity to hear a playback of Stevie's new album.

Dec 18th: Lindsey's website is overhauled... So far it's only the front page... More to come I'm sure.

Dec 22nd: Mick makes a 3rd appearance and his final for the year at The Celebrites Gallery at the Shops at Wailea on Maui. Micks a photographer and his artwork is on display and for purchase.

Dec 23rd: Mick reveals in an interview that there will be no Fleetwood Mac tour in 2011 & talks about his participation on Stevie's new album.

Dec 27th: Dave Stewart reveals that there will be a video for the album track duet between himself and Stevie "Cheaper Than Free".

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