Saturday, December 04, 2010


Don't miss tonights edition of VH1 Behind The Music Remastered featuring Fleetwood Mac.  New interviews are included by most of the members of Fleetwood Mac, presumably everyone but Christine McVie... Also David Wild, Rollingstone Contributing Editor was interviewed earlier this year for the remastered version...Check it out at 9pm on VH1 Classic - check local listings.

If you are in the US you can likely watch the episode on line at the VH1 Classic website either after the first episode airs or after it's initial run which is over the course of the next 7 days.

Sadly VH1 hasn't figured out that there are tons of fans of Fleetwood Mac beyond the US border and restrict viewing on their site to only the US - so if you are outside the US, you won't be able to watch online.  But I suspect it will end up on youtube shortly after it airs.

This version of BTM will be an update to the 1997 version - which you can watch below:

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Anonymous said...

Just finished watching it. Pretty good, at least more updated, though I thought it would be even more current. It was a little disappointing that there were not any new 2010 interviews...
At least they brought it up to 2004 and Say You Will...which basically leaves 2005 through 2010 virtually untouched????

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