Wednesday, May 23, 2012

BBC Radio 4 Thursday 11:30am FLEETWOOD MAC Follow-up Albums "TUSK" with Pete Paphides

Re-play this great piece on Fleetwood Mac at the link below
It will be available for 7 days only
Part 2 of a 3 part documentary on Follow-up albums.  
Music Critic Pete Paphides presents the second in this 3 part documentary series on Follow-up albums.  Part 2 features Fleetwood Mac's "Tusk" album and includes a fresh NEW interview with Lindsey Buckingham


Anonymous said...

Everyone seems to love "Tusk" but me. I still wish that Lindsey's songs had been recorded by Fleetwood Mac instead of by himself solo. Can you imagine what "I Know I'm Not Wrong" would have sounded like with Mick, John and Christine playing and Stevie and Christine singing on it?

Anonymous said...

Lindsey didn't record it solo. Each member played their parts.

Anonymous said...

That's not true. Lindsey played Kleenex boxes on some songs as the drum parts and did a lot of experimenting with other odd things. And there is almost none of Christine's keyboards on any of his songs. And very little singing from Chris or Stevie.

Anonymous said...

This is a very good radio piece and if you listen to the end there's good reason to believe that, despite Mick's melodramatic proclamations, FLEETWOOD MAC may well record and tour again. At least Lindsey says he would "love" to record with Stevie again and to "put in a good word" for him with her. I'm speculating that while Stevie always has and always will love Lindsey and appreciate his genius, that he's very, very difficult to work with and she wonders whether it's worth going through again - especially since the music industry has collapsed and nobody can sell units anymore. I want more FLEETWOOD MAC music!!!!!

Anonymous said...

^ Units are still sold, plentifully, but by a far smaller margin of artists. Yes, I'm thinking of young acts like Adele and Bieber. But....with some of the worst movie reviews of the year, or of the decade, the soundtrack to 'Burlesque' kept on selling and is approaching 600,000 units sold. Cher had 2 songs only on the cd, but still has selling power, compared to 175,000 'IYD' sales for SN- Aguilera had a flop cd- Bionic- just prior to the movie, but rebounded nicely with the soundtrack sales and 'Moves Like Jagger' cameo- a smash.

LB and SN still haven't figured out how to sell their current products, mainly because SN is so anti-internet and Lindsey was a never big solo seller, really.

'Say You Will' did fine w some 800,000 units sold almost 10 years ago, but there were singles the public was asking for that the band ignored, namely 'Thrown Down' and 'Everybody Finds Out'. The music industry has NOT collapsed entirely, Cher and Nicks are basically the same age, so it's not all ageism, either. Stevie and management didn't properly promote IYD- Lindsey's cd is doing as well as was expected.

Fleetwood Mac CAN sell cds again, but they need to record fast and not have a lame-duck song like 'Peacekeeper' was go to radio first. They even now could try a mash-up remix of 'EFO' and 'Big Love' to gain attention- one old hit, and one that should have been.
''Fleetwood Mac can't agree on anything'' was in Ken's book- hell, they didn't even want to sit together for a new photo shoot for an Unleashed tour book. If they hurry, and have strong Buckingham Nicks vocals on the right song, they could sell albums. The now gold certified 'Burlesque' had not one single in stores or on the radio, and the cd has sold more than 3 times as IYD. SN and FM can still do it- Stevie's summer tour will be a hint- if she still has 'Love Is' as her closer instead of 'Italian', and doesn't sing IYD early in the set, just before 'Dreams', she doesn't have a clue how to help her own cd. Best of luck to her, though. I think she CAN do it. But, is she willing? She likes her set lists.
If Secret Love and For What It's Worth aren't replaced by other IYD songs, audiences won't know the treasures unheard on the cd.
And FM- crank out a cd from autumn into new year sessions and have it out first week of May, pay attention to the songs people like, and they can sell again. If they WANT success, they can have it. Maybe they don't want it like they used to. 'SYW' could've been so helped by remixes of EFO, and performances of Miranda and Thrown Down- and the band wouldn't budge. Audiences didn't like 'Say Goodbye' and 'Goodbye Baby' and the band knew, but wouldn't change it. They ''did'' know. Were told, and didn't care.
And why is the band not on shirts in Target, Macy's and other outlets that sell classic rock band images? They can't agree. A mismanaged franchise was Mick's recent comment, and Ken's, and it is very true. Being in their mid 60's is tough for airplay, but other 'elder' musicians sell cds- Neil Young, Neil Diamond, U2, Cher, even Manilow! ''Agree'' to succeed but that means getting in a studio and realizing they aren't 30 or 54 anymore!

Anonymous said...

Ken really is crazy - he thinks TUSK should be remixed to be more "perky." Doesn't this say everything as to why Lindsey didn't want to work with him anymore?

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