Saturday, August 03, 2013

On Sale Now! Fleetwood Mac Live in Las Vegas December 30th. Tickets at Ticketmaster

Tickets to Fleetwood Mac's last tour date this year in Las Vegas on December 30th are on sale now at Ticketmaster.

Ticket Prices:
US $99.50 Ticket + US $11.15 Fees = US $110.65
US $224.50 Ticket + US $16.70 Fees = US $241.20

Ticket Master

No sign of a Mick Fleetwood Meet and Greet offer yet... Keep checking


Anonymous said...

Anyone know if they let folks sitting in the closest section stand up in front of the stage? Or do you have to be within like the first 5 rows?

Nickslive said...

They usually let a good chunk of the front sections come up to the stage... It's a fairly loose atmosphere so long as you are courteous of others that have seats closer than you. But you should be able to wiggle your way up.

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