Monday, February 24, 2014

You have to see this... NEW Video Surfaces of Fleetwood Mac Live in NJ 1975

This is UNREAL... 
We've seen older footage like this before but not without a time counter watermark.  I see these videos originated at the website.  In any case... Great stuff!


Fleetwood Mac Live Oct 17, 1975 Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ

Spare Me a Little
Get Like I Used To Be
Don't Let Me Down Again

More Video Below

Blue Letter
World Turning
Green Manalishi
Oh Well
I'm So Afraid


Anonymous said...

Isn't Stevie amazing?! And simply drop dead gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Truly Spot On!!

Anonymous said...

These tracks made up one of the earliest bootlegs from the first tour.
It was easy to find in records stores in NYC at the time.
So nice to have some video - thanks for posting!

David Z28 said...

This is so awesome,Thank you

Anonymous said...

Wow. I miss that Rhiannon ending. I know she can't pull it off anymore, but...Wow.

Anonymous said...

lovely Stevie!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is GREAT!!! Great band, gorgeous Stevie and stellar Lindsey!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Personally I'm mesmerized by SPARE ME A LITTLE - another one of those amazing Christine McVie gems that would have been a chart hit had it been recorded with Stevie and Lindsey.

I want to remind FM fans of something - although Stevie was never a playing member of FM, she had a much more important role in the band than some people realize, because she arranged a lot of the vocal harmonies. She is FM's singing harmony genius.

This video of SPARE ME shows you how Stevie beefed up this song with a punchy vocal harmony that stands out - and rouses Christine out of her torpor!!!

Anonymous said...

I never knew Stevie's top hat was around in 75, thought she started wearing it in 76. She said once that she was in a vintage store in Buffalo with Christine when she found the first one.

These clips are wonderful, the only 75 ones that have been around previously were from their Largo show, outside of Washington DC earlier on the 75 tour.

Anonymous said...

Christine is such a musician.....The British contingent stand out to me. Stevie and Lindsey were indeed fortunate to be in a band that good.....and as though it were meant to be, meld so well.

Anonymous said...

And check out the ending of "Spare Me A Little" you can see Stevie is wearing a skirt and the first version of her platform boots. I also never knew she did this until 76 in black. But she obviously was already working on her famous look even this first year on tour. By the next year she had switched to black clothes, lengthened the bat wing sleeves and made her skirt a handkerchief hemline.

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