Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Stevie Nicks really wants to write music for 'Game of Thrones

Stevie Nicks really wants to write music for 'Game of Thrones' 
Last September, 2013 in an interview with the UK publication the Telegraph, Stevie Nicks threw out into the universe how much she adores the HBO series Game of Thrones and that she had written some poetry based on the show and its characters... saying:

“I lived in the Twilight world for, gosh, four or five years. But Game Of Thrones is just… heavier,” she says, eyes a-flutter. “And season three – the brutality is over the top!” she hoots, delighted. “The dragons are growing, and the characters are all brilliant. I mean,” she whispers, 
“I think of them like they’re real people.”

Nicks has duly done what she’s always done and put pen to paper. 

“I’ve written a bunch of poetry for each of the characters in Game Of Thrones. I’m always looking for that kind of inspiration.”

In a more detailed interview published in The Herald in Scotland in October, 2013, she elaborated a little more during an interview saying that after her mother passed away in December, 2011 she watched the entire first season of Game of Thrones and it really took her mind off of everything.

When Stevie was asked if she was a fan of the show?

"Yes! The author [George RR Martin] is my age and it blows my mind that he's able to create this vast, interlinked world. As a songwriter I write little movies. But I can't imagine sitting down and writing even one small book. But then probably somebody like him couldn't imagine writing Edge Of Seventeen or Rhiannon - couldn't write a whole little life in two verses and a chorus. And of course I would love to write some music for Game Of Thrones. I've written a bunch of poetry about it - one for each of the characters. On Jon Snow… On Arya… On Cersei and Jaime."

At the time, her interest in the show made quite a splash across the internet... She talked quite extensively in various interviews last year about her love for the series.

This past Sunday Sunday (February 16th), UK publication Radio Times magazine, published portions of Stevie's interviews in what seems to be publicity to build up the season four premiere of Game of Thrones on Sky Atlantic April 7th in the UK and also on HBO in North America.

As a result, The Hollywood ReporterCBS News, Rollingstone Magazine, the LA Times and Billboard just to name a but a few, picked up again on the article.  As a result, Stevie is/was trending on Yahoo today and Twitter somewhat exploded.

Great publicity for both Stevie and Game of Thrones.  I hope she does write some songs inspired by the show... It's a great show and it's right up her alley! Can't wait for season four!


Anonymous said...

Hope some of that gets posted on youtube .. Game Of Thrones is like a sick trip through high school .. but whatever new Stevie music is the bomb .. as for trending on twitter, personally I think her twitter account was hacked, she trends on talent like American Horror Story, Game Of Thrones, not for a bunch of retweets. ..

MplsMike said...

Going into Fleetwood Mac's recording sessions, whatever stimulates Stevie's creative juices is a great thing!!!

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