Monday, June 02, 2014

Elton John Band Musical Director Davey Johnstone adds overdubs to new Stevie Nicks album

Davey Johnstone, who is Elton's Musical Director in the studio and in his touring band, The Elton John Band, did some overdubbing work for Stevie at her house for the new album.  Davey previously worked with Stevie back in 1981 on Bella Donna adding acoustic guitar to many of the tracks on the album.


Brian said...

Stevie is getting closer to chasing one of her personal dreams in maybe collaborating with Elton John good for you Stevie. With me living within a couple hrs. to Boston I also would to see collaborate with James Taylor. Like what she had said what she wanted to do also . Chase thoughs dreams Stevie!

MplsMike said...

With each new detail I am growing more and more excited about 'Trunk Songs' or 'Songs From the Vault' or whatever the project will ultimately be named.

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