Wednesday, August 13, 2014

"Directing Stevie Nicks - things like that just don't happen in real life" - Alfonso Gomez-Rejon American Horror Story

7 Questions with ‘American Horror Story’ Director Alfonso

The Wrap had 7 questions for Director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon about American Horror Story - Coven and here are the two regarding Stevie.

What was the toughest thing you had to do this season?
Alfonso Gomez-Rejon: Finishing the last episode of the “Coven” season, “The Seven Wonders,” was definitely the toughest thing. It was an impossible — undoable — schedule, resolving every storyline, with heavy VFX, stunts, etc. But we had a hard out at 4 a.m.  Hours later, actors would be on planes and sets would be taken down. I had two full crews going in adjoining soundstages. I'd run back and forth between them, setting up a shot here, shooting there, changing the cast on set and rushing them back to the other stage, and so on. We finally wrapped a few minutes shy of 4 thanks to the heroic work of every department, particularly my VFX supervisor, who was directing the 2nd unit. Our last shot was Frances Conroy as Myrtle throwing glitter in the air (for the Stevie Nicks “video” opening of the episode). A surreal but poignant ending to the show followed by a lot of champagne.

What was the most fun thing you had to do this season?
Directing Stevie Nicks — things like that just don't happen in real life. I stopped by her trailer in the morning to introduce myself and within minutes she was singing “Rhiannon” a cappella to me. She was fun, generous, humble and a great raconteur. I'm especially proud of her final scene as she plays “Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You” to Jessica Lange‘s Fiona Goode. It's so touching that you forget that she just drowned someone in a bathtub.

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The American Horror Story: Coven season will be released on DVD October 7th.  Two episodes include Stevie Nicks and a great majority of the season contains either Fleetwood Mac or Stevie Nicks music.  Pre-Order at Amazon.

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When press first started about AHS Coven, it was mentioned that Stevie and Lindsey were working on a redo of a song about a witch. I don't think it was ever included in the show so I am hoping its being held over for the FM album and that the song is Melacine (The Witch). It's one of the vault songs that did not make it to her album.

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