Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Fleetwood Mac are still riven by backstage tensions

Going their own way
by Dan Cairns
The Sunday Times

Reunited for a mammoth tour, Fleetwood Mac are now planning an album. But for all their attempts to put on a show, they are still riven by backstage tensions

Forty years after the line-up that conquered the world with Rumours first came together, Fleetwood Mac are still having problems agreeing on anything much. The return to the fold 16 months ago of Christine McVie, after an absence of 16 years, is one development they all speak positively about, with none of the usual caveats and festering agendas.

“There’s Stevie on one side of the spectrum,” says Lindsey Buckingham, the band’s coiled, restless, 65-year-old musical director and, what seems like a lifetime ago, Stevie Nicks’s boyfriend, “and me kind of on the other, in terms of sensibilities. Christine sort of bridges that gap.”

Where Buckingham talks in the clinical manner of a scientist, Nicks dives right in. “Christine’s coming back was like the return of my best friend after years away. It’s much more fun now. We were always a force to be reckoned with, and that’s happened again.”

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Anonymous said...

Great, open and honest interview!

Robert said...

This is infuriating to read. Who IS this Stevie and what crawled up her ass in the past year to make her so miserable?? And has she been famous so long that she can look at something like FM and act like she calls all the shots? She's a songwriter first, she's always said that. You'd think she would jump at the chance to actually be involved in a FM album and not just sign on for tour after tour.

She's right that the second American leg lasted too long, though.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Stevie is my girl, but why is she pulling this now?

She's like a kid who can't get what they want, then gets what they want, and now wants something else for no reason other than they like whining want to annoy you.

MplsMike said...

She is exhausted. The second leg of the North American tour should never have happened. They could have done the first forty shows, moved on to Europe and then Australia/New Zealand. Then nobody in the band would have to worry about carrying on the rest of the year when they're already tired. She would also likely be far more amenable to think about a new Fleetwood Mac album if she wasn't burned out.

She said herself in the interview she doesn't know how she feels. Once the tour is over and she has a few months to relax and regroup I'm sure she'll be in a different state of mind.

Anonymous said...

If Stevie was amenable to recording there wouldn't have been any extra legs of American tour. SHE was the one who chose tour over recording.

Brian said...

3 years is her limit with the mac she has another band that she is committed too. So I would say give it a break for a year,or so. Shes right making a new album then touring again is like 5yrs. without her solo band.i think she wants a little break then do something with her band. Just because chris is back does not mean she is just committed too the mac. People give her a break. She goes non stop from one band to the other just too make her fans happy. Cut her a little slack geeeesssss!!!

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