Friday, June 17, 2016

Fleetwood Mac to perform a benefit concert July 28th at Dodger Stadium

Fleetwood Mac have been booked to play a special benefit concert at Dodger Stadium on July 28th at the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation Blue Diamond Gala.

Blue Diamond Gala Presented by
The Los Angeles Dodgers Ownership Group
July 28, 2016

Special Guests:
2016 Los Angeles Dodgers Players and Coaches

Special Recognition
Legendary Broadcaster
Vin Scully

Benefit Concert
Fleetwood Mac
Only Performance of 2016
Grandslam night of Greatest Hits
on the field at Dodger Stadium

More information: Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation Gala


Dr Leery said...

Are tickets available to the public ?

Nickslive said...

Looks like $1,500 per individual sponsor ticket gets you in the door for the concert.

Baruch said...

What is this a benefit for?

Kay said...

It would be great if the televised this on CBS or ABC since many of us fans can't, for whatever reason, make it. Nothing bets seeing them live but I do appreciate a good tease.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope they go from there to the Village Recorder to finish the new album....

Anonymous said...

Not only would it cost me $1,500 per individual sponsor ticket...I'm a New Yorker and I would have to tack on airfare. Sorry guys, as much as I love you all I'd rather go to Italy. See you next tour. Like the idea of televising the whole thing maybe a cable event? Before anyone ever heard of Fleetwood Mac I was a "Brooklyn Dodger" fan. Oh well!

Anonymous said...

As much as I miss FM, want you all to have plenty of security around you. As Mick says, "take care of one another, we live in a crazy world". That's putting it mildly Mick. It's up to the boys in the band to take care, as they always have, of the ladies of Fleetwood Mac. Love you for that Mick.Bless you all and have fun at Dodger Stadium.

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