Thursday, June 30, 2016


Not sure why the date change... but it appears the reissue of Mirage has been pushed back to September.

Artist Name: Fleetwood Mac
Release Date: Fri, 09/23/2016 - US |  Thur, 09/29/16 - UK


3CD/5.1 Surround Mix/LP Set Features Newly Remastered
Sound, Rare And Unreleased Recordings, And More

2-CD Expanded Edition Also Available

Both Versions Set For Release On September 23 From Warner Bros. Records

LOS ANGELES – Fleetwood Mac’s streak of five consecutive multi-platinum albums began in the Seventies and continued in 1982 with Mirage, the follow-up to the band’s 1979 double-album, Tusk. During the summer of 1982, Mirage topped the album chart and added to the band’s already impressive canon of hits with “Hold Me,” “Love In Store” and “Gypsy.”

Following last year’s deluxe edition of Tusk, Fleetwood Mac continues chronologically with the deluxe edition of MIRAGE. Available on July 29, this new edition expands on the original album with newly remastered sound, a selection of rare and unreleased recordings, as well as the stories and pictures behind the album. Three formats available:

- Deluxe: Three CDs, DVD and LP. Original album remastered, plus b-sides and rarities; the original album on LP; live performances; and a 5.1 mix on DVD. $99.98.
- Expanded: Two CDs. Original album remastered, plus a disc of b-sides and rarities. $19.98.
- Remastered: Original album remastered. $11.98.
Digital version will also be available.

In 1982 Fleetwood Mac topped the U.S. Album Chart for five weeks with MIRAGE. Along with instantly recognizable smash hits like “Hold Me” and “Gypsy,” MIRAGE also features great album tracks like “Oh Diane,” a Top Ten hit in the UK, and “Straight Back,” a Top 40 hit on the Billboard Rock Chart.

The new deluxe and expanded editions of MIRAGE both include a second disc that has 19 tracks dedicated entirely to outtakes and rarities. Among the unreleased gems are early versions of several album tracks – “Empire State” and “Book Of Love” – along with outtakes for songs that didn’t make it to the album: “If You Were My Love” and “Smile At You.” There is also an unreleased cover of the Fats Domino classic “Blue Monday,” as well as the rare, extended mix for “Gypsy” that was used in the music video.

Exclusive to the deluxe edition of MIRAGE is a third disc that has more than a dozen live performances recorded in Los Angeles during Fleetwood Mac’s 1982 U.S. tour. Along with early hits – “You Make Loving Fun” and “The Chain” – the collection includes performances of MIRAGE standouts like “Love In Store,” “Eyes Of The World” and “Gypsy.”

The DVD-Audio disc contains both the 5.1 Surround and 24/96 Stereo Audio mixes of the original album. The set also includes a vinyl copy of MIRAGE.


Track list below

Disc One: Original Album - 2016 Remaster

1. “Love In Store”
2. “Can’t Go Back”
3. “That’s Alright”
4. “Book Of Love”
5. “Gypsy”
6. “Only Over You”
7. “Empire State”
8. “Straight Back”
9. “Hold Me”
10. “Oh Diane”
11. “Eyes Of The World”
12. “Wish You Were Here”

Disc Two: B-Sides, Outtakes, Sessions

1. “Love In Store” (Early Version)*
2. “Suma’s Walk” AKA “Can’t Go Back” (Outtake)*
3. “That’s Alright” (Alternate Take)*
4. “Book Of Love” (Early Version)*
5. “Gypsy” (Early Version)*
6. “Only Over You” (Alternate Version)*
7. “Empire State” (Early Version)*
8. “If You Were My Love” (Outtake)*
9. “Hold Me” (Early Version)*
10. “Oh Diane” (Early Version)*
11. “Smile At You” (Outtake)*
12. “Goodbye Angel” (Original Outtake)*
13. “Eyes Of The World” (Alternate Early Version)*
14. "Straight Back" (Original Vinyl Version)
15. “Wish You Were Here” (Alternate Version)*
16. “Cool Water”
17. “Gypsy” (Video Version)
18. “Put A Candle In The Window” (Run-Through)*
19. “Teen Beat” (Outtake)*
20. “Blue Monday” (Jam)*

*Previously Unissued

Disc Three: Mirage Live 1982

1. “The Chain”
2. “Gypsy”
3. “Love In Store”
4. “Not That Funny”
5. “You Make Loving Fun”
6. “I’m So Afraid”
7. “Blue Letter”
8. “Rhiannon”
9. “Tusk”
10. “Eyes Of The World”
11. “Go Your Own Way”
12. “Sisters Of The Moon”
13. “Songbird”

Disc Four: 5.1 Surround Mix & 24/96 Stereo Audio of Original Album (DVD)

Mirage (Vinyl)

Side One
1. “Love In Store”
2. “Can’t Go Back”
3. “That’s Alright”
4. “Book Of Love”
5. “Gypsy”
6. “Only Over You”

Side Two
1. “Empire State”
2. “Straight Back”
3. “Hold Me”
4. “Oh Diane”
5. “Eyes Of The World”
6. “Wish You Were Here”

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WIZARD of ROZ said...

Hoping they'll add the proper video DVD of the concert & not just the audio!

Anonymous said...

I hope they add the missing live songs like sara and hold me , would have been great if they ever released the us festival on live audio or video also.

Unknown said...

maybe they pushed it back because they realized what a big mistake it was to not include the music videos for "hold me" and "gypsy" on the dvd and they're taking time to make that right!


Anonymous said...

Maybe some other super fans will agree - I think they should let some FM fans into the vault to make these song selections. As much as I enjoy Tusk, I thought it completely unnecessary to have 6 different demo versions of I Know I'm Not Wrong. Where was the Smile At You demo from Tusk? Where were some of the stellar live performances? (the ones included on the CD are tepid at best, I've heard way better from other shows of the Tusk Tour).

I fear this Mirage release is going to follow the same path: too expensive for the casual fan to want to buy and too redundant for the super fan that has already heard these tracks (Blue Monday, Goodbye Angel, Teen Beat [these tracks were previously released on the 1992 box set The Chain - also, IMO, not that good either).

It's just disappointing to say the least. I can only imagine what they're going to scrape up for Tango. 8 different versions of Big Love probably :/ If they're going to release sets for the hardcore fan (which appears to be the attempt) then they should really take their time with track selection and recognize that re-re-releases are only legitimate when they have a lot to offer over previous releases.

Dale said...

Omitting the single version of Gypsy makes this set undesirable to me.

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