Saturday, November 19, 2016

Out with the old. In with the new(er). Setlist change at Stevie Nicks Bethlehem show.

In a shocking move, Stevie dropped "Dreams/Outside The Rain" from the set and added in "Gypsy". Interesting that it took almost half the tour to change things up a little - although she did warn that this may happen in pre-tour press. Also interesting that it was "Dreams"!  Usually its the lessor known songs that get the boot first before a staple. But it's cool... shakes things up a bit, keeps it interesting for everyone.

REVIEW: Stevie Nicks at Sands Bethlehem Event Center is older, but still bewitching
by John J. Moser

PHOTO: Chris Shipley / The Morning Call

Stevie Nicks has always seemed to know more than the rest of us — more about affairs of the heart, more about the meaning of life, more about the future.

You could tell it in the way she told us in the 1982 Fleetwood Mac song “Gypsy” that “Lightning strikes/maybe once/maybe twice,” or in 1975’s “Landslide” that “time makes you bolder/Even children get older/And I'm getting older, too.”

Now Nicks really is getting older — she turned 68 this year — and all those things she sang about 40 years ago (!) seem to have been realized, both by her and her audience.

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Coolrobert said...

Wow. Dropping Dreams is a pretty bold move. The addition of Gypsy is fun. She really is living up to her promise of making this an exciting tour.

Zach said...

I have to take a moment to rant about the set list, guys. Let me preface this with saying that I am a younger fan (28) and I am sometimes critical of Stevie's set lists because I have missed out on so many live performances of beautiful songs that a lot of you older fans have had the privilege to enjoy. That said, I was so disappointed that this tour has a lot of the exact same boring songs she has been doing for the past 20 years. Stevie specifically stated in radio interviews that she wanted this set list to not have the same constraints as the past... and that we could potentially hear some title tracks or older hits that haven't been done live before, like "Rooms of Fire" for example. She emphasized a different kind of show again and again, in interviews. Yet what have we had on this tour so far? Those same old boring songs that have been overplayed. Outside The Rain and Dreams? Glad to see them go, but to replace them with Gypsy? Really? Of all the solo hits she has garnered, she picks a Fleetwood Mac hit? What happened to this talk of hearing Trouble in Shangri La? Wild Heart and Bella Donna were nice, for sure... but they were so brief. How about switching out If Anyone Falls (which I have never heard a fan talk highly of) with something like Whole Lotta Trouble (which was nominated for a Grammy in 1991?). Leather and Lace and Stop Dragg'n My Heart Around? Overplayed and washed up. Bring back Blue Denim. Bring back Planets of the Universe. Bring back Rooms on Fire. These are songs that are well within her vocal range at her age and the fans will love them. Replace Outside The Rain with All The Beautiful Worlds (a good song to do live, in her own words). Replace Enchanted with The Dealer! This is the 24 Karat Gold Tour afterall right?? I am so TIRED of the same old stuff Stevie... !

Unknown said...

So is the set list getting shorter? First Annabel Lee and now OSTR & Dreams for the way overdone Gypsy. What a disappointment. She could have added something else seldom played. Or never plaid. Gypsy is as worn out as Edge

Unknown said...

ZACH!!! Right on! You said what I was thinking before my first rant. At this point her whole show will be just like the past 8. All worn out standards. She was racking up major kudos by playing rare seldom played songs or never played live songs and packing some venues close to 20,000 people with the help of the Pretenders. Can someone explain why she would discard Annabell Lee, Outside the Rain and Dreams (Dreams needs a break) for Gypsy. I mean Gypsy is a great song - no disrespect - but please enough! She has so many gems and apparently the moxie to play them well. I don't want to hear Rhiannon and Edge or that awful Gold & Braid. 24K Gold itself has some awesome songs. Open that up STEVE. Gypsy is hardly daring. Your basically walking it all back to the usual ho hum. I'm glad I saw the Denver & Dallas shows. Not sure I would go now. Ok. I'm done. Your still the queen!

Anonymous said...

I think it's time to make the FM album or finish it.

John Seger said...

Zach seriously? This tour has been filled with unplayed songs and she is not doing the same old songs. I love this tour.

Anonymous said...

Saw Stevie in DC and then in Philly. When she went to introduce Gypsy I knew she was not doing Dreams, as she said this is Lindsey's favorite song of mine. Amazingly she sang most of the song in the original octave that is was written in, hitting the high notes that she didn't even try for on the last Fleetwood Mac tout. It made me wonder if that's why she put it back in the set. It really sounded so good to hear her sing it that well. Kind of didn't love that at both shows she edited out most of Edge Of Seventeen, only singing the first and last two verses, then doing the added ending part walking the stage without her usual taking flowers. But overall she seems so happy on this tour, and hearing her talk about almost every song is simply wonderful.

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