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Denver Review Stevie Nicks Keeps Her Legacy Alive at Ball Arena

Stevie Nicks Keeps Her Legacy Alive at Ball Arena

The Colorado sunshine set the perfect scene for Stevie Nicks’ stop at Ball Arena on June 1st. Throughout her storied career, Nicks has developed a unique ability to connect with each rising generation, creating a legacy in music that fiercely endures the passing of time. Her fanbase spans generations and this was evident in the atmosphere — the music, the life, the person, all iconic.

The atmosphere in the arena was inviting, with strangers becoming fast friends as they bonded over their shared love for Nicks’s music. She took the audience on a mesmerizing journey through her life’s music and stories, inviting them to see the world through her eyes for an unforgettable night.

Part of the charm of Nicks’s shows is you get a true feel of her personality. Now 76 years old, if you closed your eyes, you might think you’d been transported back in time. Her voice still carries the same tones and powerful qualities from her youth.

After finishing songs, she would share quirky life stories, from lunches with famous friends to her love for a discontinued pink lightbulb. She could easily do a show just telling stories. She interacted with family members in the crowd, shared jokes, and seemed genuinely enthralled with life, showing off her extravagant shawls with multiple outfit changes and casually named-dropping other legends.

“Dreams,” a timeless classic, made an early appearance in the setlist. Despite being released over four decades ago, in 2020, the song went viral on TikTok, introducing it to a new generation and re-entering the Billboard Top 10. This resurgence proved that Nicks’s music, which speaks to the human condition, will always find a place in people’s hearts.

Nicks shared her long-time love for the song “For What It’s Worth,” explaining how it resonated with her and how she finally got to release a cover two years ago. The song is timeless, and Stevie is a reminder of the rich history behind the song. Making multiple outfit changes throughout the night, she showcased her signature whimsical style. With each extravagant shawl and sparkling accessory, Nicks exuded a magical aura. After the song finished, she shared with the audience that her ring fell off and that it was the only thing she could think about while singing.

Music has opened many doors for Nicks, allowing her to connect with people in extraordinary ways. She recounted stories of her trips overseas to give American soldiers iPods, which had a profound impact on her. This was followed by an impassioned speech supporting Ukraine and a heartfelt performance of “Soldier’s Angel.”

Her longtime vocal coach, Steve Real, joined her for “Leather and Lace,” and the pair shined together. His voice had the classic 80s pop tone, harmonizing beautifully with hers. Still, Stevie’s voice cuts through and soars above all other noise, demanding attention.

Nicks’ longtime friend and guitarist, Waddy Wachtel, delivered the iconic droning guitar riff of “Edge of Seventeen,” adding small flourishes to build the tension. He stood center stage while Stevie stayed out of sight, swiftly re-emerging in a new shawl. As she sang, “Just like the white winged dove/ Sings a song sounds like she’s singing,” the audience echoed back the oohs, creating a push and pull with the guitars and drums. Stevie’s hypnotizing melody over top put the audience into a trance.

The concert concluded with “Landslide,” a performance that made it impossible not to be overcome with emotions. It is one of the greatest songs of all time, and Stevie still performs it just like the day she recorded it. Pictures of Christine McVie and Nicks flashed on the screen, resembling photos any person might have with their best friend — a humanizing reminder that beneath her legacy, she’s just a person. The audience hugged and cheered as the ballad rang out, creating a truly pure and good finale. 

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