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20th Century Lindsey Buckingham Out Now!

The "20th Century Lindsey" Box Set by Lindsey Buckingham, comprises his first trio of solo albums in the 20th century along with eight exclusive bonus tracks is out now! 

Available June 14th as a deluxe 4-LP vinyl collection (and on digital formats). The vinyl is ONLY available from Rhino and is limited to 3,000.

The 4-CD edition is set to release on August 16, 2024. The boxed set includes:

1. "Law and Order" (1981)
2. "Go Insane" (1984)
3. "Out of the Cradle" (1992)
4. "20th Century Rarities" (Compilation of rare tracks)

All three studio albums have undergone remastering in 2017, ensuring optimal sound quality from the original master tapes. The "20th Century Rarities" LP comprises eight coveted bonus tracks.

"Law and Order" (1981): Buckingham's inaugural solo venture showcases his distinctive songwriting and production prowess, with him assuming nearly all instrumental duties. Notable tracks include the top 10 hit "Trouble," featuring Mick Fleetwood on drums, alongside gems like "Mary Lee Jones" and "It Was I."

"Go Insane" (1984): Embracing experimentation, this album features standout tracks such as the titular "Go Insane" and the poignant "Slow Dancing." The title track soared to No. 23 on the Billboard Hot 100, while "I Want You" captivates with its intricate harmonies and innovative production.

"Out of the Cradle" (1992): Regarded as one of Buckingham's finest works, his third solo effort dazzles with tracks like "Countdown," "Soul Drifter," and "Wrong." Praised for its intricate guitar compositions and groundbreaking production, the album garnered widespread critical acclaim.

"20th Century Rarities": This compilation of eight rare tracks is a treasure trove for enthusiasts, featuring elusive mixes and contributions to soundtracks such as:
  • “Holiday Road” (National Lampoon's Vacation 1983)
  • “Dancin’ Across The USA” (National Lampoon's Vacation 1983)
  • “Go Insane” – Extended Remix
  • “Slow Dancing” – Extended Version
  •  “Time Bomb Town”  (Back to the Future, 1985)
  • “Soul Drifter” – Radio Remix
  • “On The Wrong Side” (With Honors, 1994)
  • “Twisted” – Stevie Nicks & Lindsey Buckingham (Twister, 1996)
Notably, the extended version of "Slow Dancing" makes its digital debut nearly four decades after its initial release as a 12" single in Europe. Showcasing Buckingham's mastery of layered production and infectious melodies, it stands as a testament to his enduring creativity.

Explore the "20th Century Lindsey" Box Set to delve into Buckingham's distinct songwriting, intricate guitar craftsmanship, and trailblazing production across a plethora of tracks. This collection shines a well-deserved spotlight on his solo oeuvre, often overshadowed by his contributions to Fleetwood Mac, celebrating its fusion of daring experimentation, memorable hooks, and raw emotional depth.

20th Century Lindsey Bundle (4LP)
Visit the Lindsey Buckingham store at Rhino to order

Bundle includes:
• 20th Century Lindsey (4LP) + Litho 

The 20th Century Lindsey (4CD) boxed set does not include a litho bundle.

The 4CD version is showing up on Amazon in the UK, US and Germany along with HMV in the UK. 

We’re taking you inside the new Lindsey Buckingham collection of his solo music created between 1981 and 1992, including rarities and soundtrack songs! Featuring hits including TROUBLE, GO INSANE and of course, The National Lampoon’s VACATION classic, HOLIDAY ROAD, it’s all things Buckingham on the latest episode.


Law and Order
LP One
Side One
1. “Bwana”
2. “Trouble”
3. “Mary Lee Jones”
4. “I’ll Tell You Now”
5. “It Was I”
Side Two
1. “September Song”
2. “Shadow Of The West”
3. “That’s How We Do It In L.A.”
4. “Johnny Stew”
5. “Love From Here, Love From There”
6. “A Satisfied Mind”
Go Insane
LP One
Side One
1. “I Want You”
2. “Go Insane”
3. “Slow Dancing”
4. “I Must Go”
5. “Play In The Rain”
Side Two
1. “Play In The Rain (Continued)”
2. “Loving Cup”
3. “Bang The Drum”
4. “D.W. Suite”
Out of the Cradle
LP One
Side One
1. “Instrumental Introduction To
2. “Don’t Look Down”
3. “Wrong”
4. “Countdown”
5. “All My Sorrows”
6. “Soul Drifter”
7. Instrumental Introduction To
8. “This Is The Time”
9. “You Do Or You Don’t”
Side Two
1. “Street of Dreams”
2. Spoken Word Introduction To
3. “Surrender The Rain”
4. “Doing What I Can”
5. “Turn It On”
6. “This Nearly Was Mine”
7. “Say We’ll Meet Again”
20th Century Rarities

LP One
Side One
1. “Holiday Road”
2. “Dancin’ Across The USA”
3. “Go Insane” – Extended Remix
4. “Slow Dancing” – Extended Version
Side Two
1. “Time Bomb Town”
2. “Soul Drifter” – Radio Remix
3. “On The Wrong Side”
4. “Twisted” – Stevie Nicks & Lindsey Buckingham 

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