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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Photos Galleries: Fleetwood Mac Live in Austin, TX and Nashville, TN

Fleetwood Mac Live in Austin, TX - March 1, 2015
Photos by Nathan Malone
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Photos by Roger Ho
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Fleetwood Mac Live in Nashville, TN - March 18, 2015
Photos by GingerGE
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Monday, March 02, 2015

Review: Fleetwood Mac Austin, TX - March 1, 2015

Fleetwood Mac brings it all back at the Erwin Center
by Peter Blackstock

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Photo by Arnold Wells

“You tend not to honor or respect or trust nostalgia,” Fleetwood Mac’s fellow 1970s Southern California traveler Jackson Browne said last week on the radio program “World Cafe.” “To indulge yourself in just enjoying the music you really loved 30 or 40 years ago only, to limit yourself to that, is to sort of suffer a kind of death. But this guy I met in Italy said, ‘You’ve got this wrong: The most beneficial thing you can do is to go listen to the music that you were listening to when you were first deciding what kind of life you would have, when you were first passing barriers. It’s like a bond, to be connected to that part of your life in which all things were possible and you were really moving out into your life.’”

A sold-out crowd on Sunday night at the Erwin Center clearly shared that sentiment. Though the audience members ranged from teens to retirees, the majority were fans who first bonded with Fleetwood Mac’s music through “Rumours,” the 1977 classic that eventually sold 40 million copies and remains the band’s touchstone. Indeed, 10 of the 24 songs in Sunday’s set came from the “Rumours” album.