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Friday, January 23, 2015

My condolences to Mick Fleetwood and family on the passing of Mick's Mother

Richard Dashut (Rumours Co-Producer/Engineer) posted to his Truth and Consequences Tumblr blog today his personal message of condolence following the confirmation that Mick's mother has passed away.

Mick with his Mother
Photo: Annabel Mehran
RIP Bridget Maureen Fleetwood (Biddy)

"I’m sorry to report that I have just received personal confirmation from Mick Fleetwood, that his Mother, Bridget Maureen Fleetwood, has passed away at the age of 98 1/2. If you want to know the origins to the character of Fleetwood Mac, you need look no further than Mick’s Mum for that answer. From all of the Punters on this blog and myself at the head of that list, we salute the life of one of the most extraordinary women to ever walk the face of this planet. This is not Biddy’s world anymore, but heaven has a new Mum and we still have Fleetwood Mac! Biddy, may you rest in the eternal peace of death, you have earned in life and I shall carry your memory in my back pocket, for the rest of my days."

So sorry Mick!

I don't know if this will affect the next few shows or not. I'll keep you posted if an official statement is made or if any shows are postponed.