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Friday, January 01, 2010

Sunday, October 18, 2009

REVIEW: FLEETWOOD MAC Live in Antwerpen "De zilveren lente van Fleetwood Mac"

October 14, 2009
De zilveren lente van Fleetwood Mac
REVIEWED BY: Shaketown

Het gezegende muzikale jaar 1977 wordt meestal herinnerd als het jaar van de doorbraak van The Sex Pistols, maar men mag niet vergeten dat het het album ‘Rumours’ van Fleetwood Mac was dat maandenlang (31 weken in Bilboard 200) de hitlijsten aanvoerde, zowel in The States als in Europa. Met 40 miljoen verkochte exemplaren behoort dit meesterwerk nog steeds tot de best verkopende platen allertijden. Na zo’n monstersucces kon het alleen maar bergaf gaan, wat ook min of meer gebeurde. Akkoord, de groep bracht gemiddeld nog om de vier jaar een nieuw album uit, waarvan er een paar de top van de charts haalden, maar de meeste andere platen flopten of werden op relatieve onverschilligheid onthaald. Live bleef de groep het echter uitstekend doen, getuige het succes van de ‘Say You Will’ wereldtour van 2003-2004, die de band wel naar Europa maar niet naar de Lage Landen bracht. Tweede vrouwenstem Christine McVie nam net als deze keer ook toen al niet meer deel aan de tournee, spijtig als men beseft dat zij toch tekende voor songs als ‘Songbird’, ‘Oh Daddy’ en ‘You Make Loving Fun’.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

REVIEW: FLEETWOOD MAC Live in Antwerpen October 14, 2009

(Translated Review)
No expiration date for Fleetwood Mac
Cutting Edge(click link for the original version)
by: Steven Raeman

The faithful concert-goer was a wrenching dilemma for Wednesday. While the legendary Pixies were in Vorst Nationaal, Fleetwood Mac came to the Sports Palace. For our younger readers: Fleetwood Mac is one of the most successful pop groups of all time. They have been more than forty years with varying occupation and that career is full of hits world, affairs, drugs, deep valleys and re-employed persons (sometimes with the help of U.S. presidents, is not it, Mr. Clinton?).

The Sports Palace was so - of course - completely sold out and occupied by an older crowd that looked expectantly to Mick Fleetwood, Jon McVie, Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks. In after Christine McVie, who has pulled out, the original lineup is responsible for one of the best albums of all time, "Rumors" in 1977. Many songs from this album took over the setlist Wednesday.

Unfortunately there was something wrong the first songs with the sound. The singing between Buckingham and Nicks Sat then frequently wrong. Fortunately this defect is repaired from "Second hand news". The pace here was irresistible and you heard back a worldwide group that hits at the time but had for the taking. The versions of "Rhiannon" and "Go Your Own Way" were swirling and were charged with extreme enthusiasm.

Stevie Nicks' voice is still as impressive raw but unfortunately you can in the dynamic on stage and not her appearance alongside the age look. Stevie is an old 'Gypsie' become female. The three men have stood the test of time are physically well. Buckingham was especially excited as a toddler to wallowing in our achievements with his guitar solos, which sometimes strange impression that the drummer and bassist Fleetwood Mac "McVie were just a begeleidinsband. If you are the surnames of these two together you know better, however. Fortunately that imbalance was restored during the encores.

The absolute highlight of the evening came when all of the stage and there was a series of calm songs played by the duo Buckingham / Nicks. In a completely reworked version of 'Big Love' from Lindsay Buckingham in 1987 led to his own goose bumps. The ingredients you will need? A nice explanatory introduction, an impressive guitar playing and charismatic appearance. The standing ovation was not extinct when a retained 'Landslide' followed. This number is also not retreaded by Smashing Pumpkins later, but here's Stevie Nicks gave passionate voice to many weak legs in public.

The undersigned has nevertheless also missed Christine McVie. Her voice is simply an essential ingredient in the Mac menu Fleedwood. A song like "Bird Song" was the icing on the cake was impossible but can be sung by someone else than by Mrs. McVie. The setlist is also what is respected. We had the best bass solo of all time, namely the mid Jon McVie 'The Chain', preferred not to hear the beginning of the concert, where a little lost in the noise problems. Also we were waiting in vain at our favorite Fleetwood Mac song 'Everywhere'.

But that is obviously critical personal edge. Fleetwood Mac and spoiled all the enthusiastic crowd with strikingly balding men in the front rows was moving to see. The group had also shown himself enjoyed the concert and made everyone clear that their musical testament has no expiration date.

Friday, October 16, 2009

REVIEW: Fleetwood Mac Energetic Adolescents Sell Out Sportpaleis

(Translated Review)

Fleetwood Mac sold out Sportpaleis: Energetic adolescents with 42 years experience 
Live in Antwerpen, Belgium October 14, 2009

Almost 30 years ago that it was Fleetwood Mac in Belgium once had stood on a podium. Or at least, the central creative figure version with Lindsey Buckingham. But Wednesday was the day, and was one of the most successful pop groups ever stop at a sold out Sportpaleis. It was worth the wait.

The life of Fleetwood Mac begs to be filmed. Quarrels, adultery, divorce, love triangles, drugs, splits, flops, successful comebacks, using egos clash, and reconciliations in between thirty hits world ... all form part of the DNA from which the group has raised. In 1992 there was a need for U.S. President-elect Bill Clinton as the ¿¿to the classic lineup of Fleetwood Mac to get back together.

Christine McVie did not much later retired for good, but the four others ¿bassist Jon McVie, drummer Mick Fleetwood star, singer Stevie Nicks and, yes, Lindsey Buckingham working together since then, and the group currently touring for the first time in Europe. A new CD is not ( "yet", stressed Buckingham), so the foursome strolled - complemented by three background singers and two musicians - freely by that unbreakable repertoire. Rumors, with 40 million copies still one of the best selling CDs ever, was the focus.

Indeed striking how those numbers succeed time and again to speak to new generations. The start was also the bad sound mix that the first hours or more lateral lying, a little difficult, but with "The Chain" and "Dreams" said the company immediately organized. Stevie Nicks - now 61 and even that is difficult to leg, but still head to toe Gold Dust Woman ¿sang with irresistible, torn from her voice to a lump in your throat is settled, but live you immediately understood why Fleetwood Mac the biggest successes in Buckingham at the helm.

That man ¿sixties, but with the energy of a teenager ¿has it all: excellent songwriter, producer, visionary, and charismatic frontman - yet most of all - an amazing guitarist. The latter was, although no news, yet the most striking of all in Antwerp, where his solos in "I" m So Afraid "and the acoustic" Big Love "of such nature that they were prompt with a standing ovation were invented.

The interaction between Nicks and Buckingham made the set despite supply ¿the group was a small three hours on stage was varied and interesting ¿. Highlights listing is hopeless, but alongside hits such as "Don" t Stop "and" Go Your Own Way "must do" Landslide "are given: acoustic and serene played by Lindsey Buckingham and Nicks in such heart-rending grace sung that way you got tears in his eyes.

Brilliant is a word often used lightly as it is about pop music, but this time was chosen with the greatest caution. Fleetwood Mac plays - 42 years after the group was founded ¿still in first division.

(Bart Steenhaut)
Foto Alex Vanhee

Thursday, October 15, 2009

REVIEW: Bluesy is Fleetwood Mac Live in Antwerpen, Belgium

(Translated Review)

Bluesy Fleetwood Mac was at its best

Nineteen years after their previous Belgian Fleetwood Mac concert is still alive enough, though we heard nothing new in the Sportpaleis and Stevie Nicks has lost some allure.

"The Unleashed tour has only one goal," said singer Lindsey Buckingham. "There is no new album promotional needs, so we brought our favorite songs"

No problem. The band kicked off with "Monday Morning", one of those songs that jittery Buckingham the band in 1975 gave a whole new impetus. Immediately "The Chain" was also well behind: a muscular, energetic version that reminded us of this band in 1977 made a great record on the thin line between love and hate ".

Fleetwood Mac in the year 2009 has four of the five members from the golden seventies. Christine McVie is no longer, because fear of flying. In its place we got three backing vocalists and a keyboardist. Sometime back someone was still playing guitar and Mick Fleetwood Sat back, almost invisible, someone along to drumming.

That was enough to forge a powerful sound, which in Stevie Nicks 'Dreams' just had to finish. Nicks, the most obvious victim of the drugs used by the band, still falls short of the high notes anymore. It was endearing to hear what she sang her songs in minor thereby said it reinforced the melancholy, but it sounded more tired than enthusiasm.

The star of the evening was Lindsey Buckingham, who at sixty patent looks great and the audience repeatedly brought into raptures with his guitar solos, his energetic vocals or just a oerschreeuw between. His solo spot in 'Big Love' Sat good, especially after he had verklapt us that "meditation on alienation" had grown to a song about "the importance of the power of change '. Voilà!

The group played at all in all a sober, but tastefully decorated stage, which mainly gave the message that this is unadulterated live music should go. The video screens showed details of the guitar and the concentrated faces of Mick Fleetwood, even 62, but also of Stevie Nicks, her facial expression did not really experience.

So the concert went up and down, with explosive pieces of Buckingham and Nicks sleepy passages. That her vocal chords finally got warmed up in "Gold Dust Woman" that raw guitar work aegis of one of the highlights unexpectedly grew. And there was still 'Oh well' back, the only song from the first Mac-incarnation of the band with Peter Green, and an effortless topper.

Conclusion: the FM-rock that Fleetwood Mac fame gedeit definitely on the radio and in the living room, but the group has live blues more energy. Buckingham's "Never Going Back Again" was a real heart cry because that song has brought so fragile and vulnerable, and the long guitar solo in "I'm afraid so" clearly touched a chord with the audience already quite quiet.

At the end everyone was still right for a disco-driven "Stand back", a solo album of Nick, a dutiful "Go your own way ', and - that was long ago - a real drum solo in" World Turning " . And "Do not stop, of course.

Nice concert, quite. As for dessert the notice of Buckingham that no new album. Fans can hope.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009



Fleetwood Mac niet vies van nostalgie
Het Belang van Limburg

ANTWERP - Long live the music crisis! You buy no more CDs, and artists must be the farmer to earn a penny. So finally reached last night Fleetwood Mac again our region for a concert in the Antwerp Sportpaleis. The strong holders of yesteryear - Mick Fleetwood, Lindsey Buckingham, John McVie and Stevie Nicks - are still part of the strong performance of "cash machine" that finally Europe calling again. Christine McVie is no longer, and thus pulls the cart Stevie only female voice alone. That probably explains the fact that the group already during the U.S. leg of the tour songs 'Everywhere', 'Little Lies' and 'Seven Wonders' deleted. The originals sparkled for a large part by the polyphonic singing woman.

Classics Hits "Go Your Own Way ',' Do not Stop ',' Dreams ',' Rhiannon ',' Tusk 'and' Sara of The Chain" are on the setlist. Fleetwood Mac has its own classics: over half of successful album Rumors passes in review, in versions that have no chance of complacency, though sometimes it wins power of elegance. This rock and roll hall of fame members are pretty much the royalty of pop music, which can be heard. These unusual voice of the possessed guitar Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham play of the main building blocks in this retro circle. Whether this means the end of Fleetwood Mac or calls for a new album? That should tell the future. But this nostalgic evening of traditional music fans can continue to cherish.

ANTWERPEN - Leve de muziekcrisis! U koopt geen cd’s meer, en dan moéten artiesten wel de boer op om een cent te verdienen. Zo bereikte gisteravond Fleetwood Mac eindelijk nog eens onze contreien voor een concert in het Antwerpse Sportpaleis. De sterkhouders van weleer – Mick Fleetwood, Lindsey Buckingham, John McVie en Stevie Nicks – maken nog altijd deel uit van de goed draaiende ‘cash machine’ die nu eindelijk nog eens Europa aandoet. Christine McVie is er niet meer bij, en dus trekt Stevie de kar als enige vrouwenstem alleen. Dat verklaart wellicht het feit dat de groep al tijdens de Amerikaanse poot van deze tournee songs ‘Everywhere’, ‘Little Lies’ en ‘Seven Wonders’ schrapte. De originelen sprankelden voor een groot stuk door de meerstemmige vrouwenzang.

Klassiekers Hits ‘Go Your Own Way’, ‘Don’t Stop’, ‘Dreams’, ‘Rhiannon’, ‘Tusk’ en ‘Sara of The Chain’ staan wel op de setlist. Fleetwood Mac kent zijn eigen klassiekers: ruim de helft van succesalbum Rumours passeert de revue, in versies die gezapigheid geen kans laten, al wint energie het soms wel van elegantie. Deze rock and roll hall of fame-leden zijn zo’n beetje de royalty van de popmuziek, en dat laat zich horen. Die ongewone stem van Nicks en het bezeten gitaarspel van Lindsey Buckingham zijn de belangrijkste bouwstenen in dit retrorondje. Of dit het einde betekent van FLeetwood Mac of de aanloop naar een nieuw album? Dat moet de toekomst uitwijzen. Maar dit nostalgische avondje ambachtelijke popmuziek kunnen de fans blijven koesteren.