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Friday, January 01, 2010


FLEETWOOD MAC are #2 this week on Billboard Magazine's Top Boxscore Chart with a reported gross of $3,082,830 for their two dates in Brisbane, Australia December 15th and 16th.

Fleetwood Mac, The Verses Brisbane Entertainment Centre
City: Brisbane, Australia
Dates: Dec. 15-16, 2009
Gross: $3,082,830
Attendance/Capacity: 20,535 / 22,300
# of Shows / Sellouts: 2 / 0
Ticket Prices: $177.72, $113.92
Promoter: Andrew McManus Presents

THE NUMBERS SO FAR - Compiled From Reported Numbers To Billboard Magazine:
Total Unleashed Shows Performed: 80
Total Unleashed Shows Reported: 63
Total Gross Ticket Sales Reported: $69,984,219
Total Attendance: 684,457
Total Capactiy: 805,927
Total Reported Sellouts: 10

THE BREAKDOWN - Based On Above Numbers:
Average Per Show Gross: $1,110,861
Average Per Show Attendance: 10,864
Average Per Show Capacity: 12,792
Average Per Show Ticket Price: $102.25
Average Per Show Attendance Percentage: 85%

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

REVIEW: Fleetwood Mac Live in Brisbane "Fleetwood’s wearing well"

Brisbane Entertainment Centre Review:
By: Noel Mengel
The Courier Mail

FLEETWOOD Mac have survived bustups, missing band members, messy affairs and complete musical makeovers in their 40-year career.

They aren’t letting a little thing like a year spent on the road slow them down either.

The band played the first of two Brisbane Entertainment Centre shows last night, playing for 2½ hours and packing the set with songs from their Fleetwood Mac, Rumours and Tusk albums.

It’s an odd mix but the contrasts are what made them strong: the two veterans of the British blues boom, with Stevie Nicks’s ethereal spirit contrasting with Lindsey Buckingham’s intensity.

Sadly keyboard player Christine McVie has retired and her songs are missed, while Mick Fleetwood is returning in February with his blues band to play tunes from the band’s pre-1975 history, mostly absent here.

The format isn’t much altered from their set at the same venue five years ago, with room for solo excursions, plus loads of Buckingham’s guitar solos.

Somethings you expect: Stevie in black, Lindsey lean in leather jacket, John McVie in his cap.

Some things are a surprise: the aggression that Buckingham brings to songs like The Chain, Nick’s exquisite delivery of Landslide. Plus, they can always kick the show into high gear anytime they want to drop the big bombs, songs like, Rhiannon, Sara, and Go Your Own Way.

As Buckingham explained, there were a lot of emotional opposites in songs like Second Hand News.

The old hurts that produced songs like that might be way in the past, but the songs themselves have weathered well.

Fleetwood Mac play the Brisbane Entertainment Centre again tonight.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

REVIEW: Fleetwood Mac "THE MAC'S BACK" Brisbane, AU - NIGHT #1

The Mac's back
Photo Gallery

The BBC comedy The Mighty Boosh has a running joke about Fleetwood Mac's 1979 album Tusk.

And while the capacity Brisbane Entertainment Centre crowd last night was not treated to the full length of the album "in its entirety, with the pauses, as Lindsey Buckingham intended it to be heard", they did go wild for the album's title track.

The song's strange syncopations and tribal drum rhythms produced an impassioned and enthusiastic response among the crowd that was characteristic of last night's performance.

This reviewer has never seen a more rapturous Brisbane crowd.

Each song was followed by an almost overwhelming roar of applause, shouting, and cheering, and by the end of the night standing ovations had become commonplace.

Fleetwood Mac's Unleashed tour promised a two hour celebration of all the band's greatest hits.

It was exactly what fans were hoping for, and it was exactly what they got.

The band performed some of their lesser-known tracks, but classics like The Chain, Dreams, Rhiannon, Sara, Landslide, Go Your Own Way, Don't Stop and Everywhere dominated the set list.

Mick Fleetwood's recognition of Lindsey Buckingham as the band's "maestro" was apt - the lead guitarist's solo performance of Big Love roused the entire arena, impressive considering he performed it on a classical six-string guitar.

As is to be expected from a seasoned performer, Buckingham has consummate control of his craft, easily modulating between tender, mournful picking, and unimpeded, raw aggression.

But, the true star of the night was always going to be Stevie Nicks.

The band's frontwoman, dressed in her trademark shawls and gypsy dresses, enraptured fans with her performance.

Shouts of adoration and support for Nicks could be heard throughout the show.

At times Nicks slightly adapted the melodies of some tracks, but her iconic voice, with it's dark, melancholic timbre, was as powerful and compelling as ever.

Often revival tours have a certain haggard, worn atmosphere, but there was nothing of the sort at last nights performance.

And calling the tour a "revival" isn't really accurate anyway - Fleetwood Mac have never been in the need of rejuvenation.

They are, simply put, one of the greatest rock groups performing today.