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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

FLEETWOOD MAC Fans mobilize to get "THE CHAIN" to No. 1 in The UK

There's a massive push going on at the moment in the UK and on Facebook to get Fleetwood Mac to No.1 with the song "THE CHAIN". The song from 1977's Rumours album is the official theme song in the UK for Formula One Racing.

So the idea is to get as many people as possible IN THE UK to buy the track beginning February 28th, so that it impacts the charts and is hopefully No.1 for the 6th of March for the start of the race weekend.

To participate, first off, join the Facebook Page HERE.  
Then beginning February 28th start buying
from your favorite online retailer... 

All purchases before February 28th wont help towards the targeted final tally!
I must admit, it's a valiant effort and a monumental task...but it can happen.  They will need everyones participation that can help out (In The UK).  I think it's kind of cool and a great experiment in a way, to show that mobilization through social media can make things happen.  We've likely all heard about the recent events in Egypt where social media reportedly played a huge part in mobilizing people to protest, so we know if the passion is there the people can pull it off.

Just an example:  Ke$ha’s "We R Who We R" debuted recently atop the singles chart in the UK on sales of 90,139 copies. It's a lot, yes.  It'll take an army, a Fleetwood Mac army of fans to get sales to that level.

Friday, March 27, 2009

F1 BBC Sports Sneak Preview (includes "The Chain")

Sneak preview of the opening titles of BBC Sport' s Formula 1 TV coverage.

The title sequence uses the iconic track "The Chain", a song recorded in 1976 and released on Fleetwood Mac's best-selling album Rumours.

As fans will know, it was used as the theme song for BBC Sport's Grand Prix programme from 1978 until the end of 1996, when ITV Sport took over the rights. And now it's back. Here are the first few seconds of our new titles - see what you think...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


F1 Returns to BBC Television For The First Time in 12 Years
Fleetwood Mac's The Chain is Back as BBC F1 Theme Tune

Forget - with due deference to David Coulthard and Murray Walker - the presenters.

The bombshell news is that the return of Formula One coverage to the BBC will also bring the return of the best, the most evocative, the most spine-tingling piece of theme music in the sporting world.

Yes, Fleetwood Mac's The Chain is back, and while Coulthard, the venerable Walker and their colleagues will all be welcome on our screens, there cannot be a petrolhead in the land who is not already humming those opening notes in anticipation.

All together now: Dum, da da da, da da da da da dum....

Monday, February 16, 2009

Campaign To Bring Back "The Chain" to F1

Join Top Gear’s Fleetwood Mac/Formula 1 Campaign to bring "The Chain" back as the official opening Theme.

by: Jamie Hibbard

Dear The BBC,

We - the undersigned - are writing an open letter to you, urging you to once again use that part from Fleetwood Mac's The Chain as the title music to your Formula One coverage that begins this year on BBC One.

Admittedly, I was only 2 years old when you started using it in 1978, and many new viewers to F1 will have no emotional tie to it being the theme tune, but that doesn't make it any less relevant.

Using that as an excuse would be like saying that the impact of Led Zeppelin on rock 'n' roll can't be felt or appreciated by a younger audience. Heritage can be learned as well as lived through.

The Chain is inextricably linked in viewers minds as being an important part of how great it was when the BBC had F1 up until the end of 1996, and the thought of those opening bars kicking in on that first show will be like seeing a reformation gig played by a favourite band and realising that they've still got it (again, Led Zeppelin make for an easy and appropriate reference at this point, when they came back for their O2 Arena show in 2007).

The Fleetwood Mac album Rumours from which the track came was created by a band in utter turmoil at the time, but this would be nowhere close to the kind of bitterness we will feel if The Chain wasn't to become the opening title music of your new F1 show.

So please The BBC, we implore you, use The Chain. You know it makes sense.

All the best,

Jamie Hibbard
(And everyone else at Top Gear, and the undersigned.)

Go on, it's the comments below that count, so add your voice to the list and fight the good fight!

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