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Sunday, March 08, 2015

Houston Review: "Fleetwood Mac have crafted enough quality music to last them a lifetime."

Fleetwood Mac Gives Houston an Extended Encore
By Corey Deiterman
Houston Press

Honda Center - March 3, 2015

Tuesday night marked, according to Stevie Nicks, the sixtieth show on this string of dates for Fleetwood Mac. It's a hell of a run. It's even the second time they've hit Houston's Toyota Center. How do they maintain the fire? Even 60 shows in, they are just as energetic, just as vital and just as masterful as ever.

Nicks's comment was actually in reference to the fact that she had been welcoming back keyboardist and singer Christine McVie after a 16-year hiatus from the band for 60 shows, and that it was a bit redundant at this point. Put simply, she's back. The same could be said for the entire band.

It's not just that this is their second appearance in Houston in a matter of months. This, as the band stated repeatedly throughout the show, is a new chapter for them. It's the return of the band to their place as a relevant, vital entity in the world of pop music.

After so many years of being largely dormant, there are finally plans in the works for a new album, and with their renewed influence in the world of pop and indie-rock, it is a new lease on life for their career.

That being said, you would never know it from the brilliant set list, a career-spanning overview of their most famous work from 1975's Fleetwood Mac to 1987's Tango In the Night. Just don't go in hoping for a taste of new material. Fleetwood Mac knows where their bread is buttered, and they leave any murmurings of even their 2013 EP off the table.

This shouldn't be a problem for most. The fact is that Fleetwood Mac has more fans in their twenties now, myself included, than they've probably netted since their late-'70s heyday. Most of us haven't had a chance to see them before, so it's well worth our time and money to see them play a greatest-hits set like this, especially when a band is this passionate about its hits.