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Friday, January 17, 2014

"The best of the bunch was this haunting number done with Stevie Nicks"

Nice mention for Stevie's contribution to the Sound City soundtrack "Real to Reel" with "You Can't Fix This"

Lana Del Rey, The xx and Stevie Nicks miss out on Oscar nominations for Best Original Song – what else did the Academy overlook?

“You Can't Fix This” from Sound City (performed by Dave Grohl and Stevie Nicks)

Considering songs from Sound City for consideration sort of feels like cheating, since the film, produced and directed by Dave Grohl, was about the historic Los Angeles recording studio where he and Nirvana recorded Nevermind in 1991 (and where we met him and Rick Rubin last year). For the film Grohl collected a group of all-star musicians to record a song with him on the equipment he salvaged. Among them were Paul McCartney, with whom he and the rest of Nirvana recorded the somewhat unfortunate “Cut Me Some Slack”, which, like the album itself, was nominated for a Grammy. The best of the bunch was this haunting number done with Stevie Nicks, who can't not be haunting come to think of it.

Continue to Dazed and Confused for the full list of oscar snubs

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Stevie Nicks | Dave Grohl track "You Can't Fix This" from Sound City in Oscar contention

Oscars: Academy Releases List of 75 Original Songs in Contention
Hollywood Reporter

Seventy-five songs from eligible feature-length motion pictures released in 2013 are in contention for nominations in the original song category for the 86th Oscars, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences said Monday.

The original songs, along with the motion picture in which each song is featured, are listed on the Hollywood Reporter website.  Two of the contenders include two songs from the Sound City Real to Reel documentary "You Can't Fix This" and "Cut Me Some Slack" produced and directed by Dave Grohl.  How awesome is that!!  Of course it's a long shot, but to even be considered is pretty awesome!
"You Can't Fix This" from Sound City
Sound City Players
Stevie Nicks
Dave Grohl
Taylor Hawkins
Rami Jaffee

"Cut Me Some Slack" from Sound City
Sound City Players
Paul McCartney
Dave Grohl
Krist Novoselic
Pat Smear

To be eligible, a song must consist of words and music, both of which are original and written specifically for the film. A clearly audible, intelligible, substantive rendition of both lyric and melody must be used in the body of the film or as the first music cue in the end credits.

Oscar nominations will be announced live Jan. 16 at 5:30 a.m. PT

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Song Reviews: Stevie Nicks 'You Can't Fix This' Sound City Real To Reel

"You Can't Fix This" Reviews: 
Sound City ‘Real to Reel’ Soundtrack

Crave Online
by Erik Norris

"Stevie Nicks’ “You Can’t Fix This” is a groovy, voodoo-trance dance that you can’t help swaying back and forth to. Her lyrics might be a bit oddball at times, with lines like “We never allowed the Devil to come to the party,” but it doesn’t really distract from the fantastic accompanying music from Foo Fighters alums Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins and Rami Jaffee."

by Fernando Scoczynski Filho

"The mid-section of the album finds collaborations that don’t fare quite as well, and wind up costing the overall flow. The way that Stevie Nicks pushes her voice a bit too far on You Can’t Fix This is acceptable, but there’s no justification for stretching what could be a decent four minutes affair to an unreasonably long six minutes."


"When Stevie Nicks steps up to screech and whisper about how you should "never dance with the devil", Grohl and Taylor Hawkins faithfully recreate 1987 Fleetwood Mac with a little added Foos crunch"

Best Tracks: 'You Can't Fix This', 'Cut Me Some Slack', 'Your Wife is Calling'

by Mischa Pearlman
Key Track:
"You Can't Fix This"
Rolling Stone
FooArchives News
"Stevie Nicks’ vocals on the tremulous You Can’t Fix This are ominous and foreboding"

by Brian Miller

"Key tracks – all of ‘em, but irresistibly and surprisingly, Stevie Nicks delivers a knockout performance of “You Can’t Fix This”.

Contact Music
by Hayley Avron

"One can only assume, for instance, that Lindsey Buckingham and the rest of Fleetwood Mac will be kicking themselves upon hearing 'You Can't Fix This,' because this is simply the greatest Fleetwood Mac song that never was. The Sound City Players have managed to recreate that perfect 'Rumours' era sound. With hints of 'Gold Dust Woman,' Nicks opens the track with the lines "they don't talk much about it / it goes back so many years / all the times we almost didn't make it / we stand clear / dancing with the devil / call it respect, call it fear / but we never allowed the devil to come to the party."

Given the demons that we all know Nicks and co. have faced in their time (very public relationship breakdowns, rumours of drug abuse and inter-band bitterness), it's a bold move for sure and one that pays off."

Something Else Reviews
by Nick DeRiso

"Stevie Nicks, for instance, is coaxed into one of her toughest recent vocals on “You Can’t Fix This,” leaving aside the witchy woman flourishes that have for too long defined/caricatured her. You get the sense, sadly rare, that you are seeing behind the veil — or, in Nicks’ case, the many veils — that she’s used as a defense against letting listeners in. It’s a remarkable performance, and (if this gutty attitude carries over) bodes well for a planned reunion with Lindsey Buckingham and Fleetwood Mac."

by Corey Tonkin

"Stevie Nicks adds the sole, yet sublime female vocals on ‘You Can’t Fix’ and the song stands out because of its Fleetwood Mac qualities."

Sound City: Real to Reel CD and DVD/Blu-ray available now in various countries... Out March 12th in North America.

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