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More Stevie Nicks at the ET Emmy After Party

Bravo's Andy Cohen was spotted sings along to Stevie Nicks' performance of Landslide a few feet from the stage at the Entertainment Tonight party presented by Visit California. Inside the Vibiana Cathedral, "Welcome to church," she said.

Stevie performed Rhiannon, Landslide, a cover of Led Zeppelin's Rock N' Roll, before closing with Edge of Seventeen.

We hit the Governor's Ball and then hightailed it to see Stevie Nicks at the ET party. Stevie gave it hard and bangly and witchy with a set that opened with "Rhiannon" and brought down the place with "Edge of Seventeen." Go see Stevie if you get the chance. 

From ET's Monday evening broadcast summing up the Emmy's and the after party... Stevie was seen on the show singing some of the following:
  • Stand Back
  • Dreams
  • Rhiannon
  • Landslide
  • Gold Dust Woman
  • Rock N Roll
  • Edge of Seventeen 
Monday Sept 19th ET Emmy Wrap-up Show

Stevie Nicks - clip of Edge of Seventeen
Video by: Pauley Perrette

Photo by Justin Root 
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Review: Lindsey Buckingham Live in Milwaukee 9/17/11

That recognizable curly mop of hair above the high forehead is fully gray now, and the man himself is just shy of his 62nd birthday, but Lindsey Buckingham moved about like a frenzied teenager while playing like the experienced master guitarist he is at the Pabst Theater Saturday night.

Best known for revitalizing the blues-rock sound of Fleetwood Mac starting in the '70s, along with then-partner Stevie Nicks, Buckingham has just released his sixth studio album, Seeds We Sow. The lively crowd was there to hear "the hits," and Buckingham delighted with innovative arrangements of the classics as well as stirring live versions of the new works, backed by his solid trio of band mates—Neale Heywood on guitars, Walfredo Reyes Jr. on drums and percussion and Brett Tuggle on bass, keyboards and guitar. This small lineup created a sound that easily rivaled bands with far more personnel (and far less personality).

Buckingham clearly differentiated between his big commercial successes with Fleetwood Mac, referring to that period of his career as "The Big Machine," and his solo work, which he equated to "The Small Machine." Rather than just recreate slick studio sounds, Buckingham stripped out the high production values and simply faced the audience, solo, guitar in hand, for gorgeous, passionate renderings of Mac hits like "Never Going Back Again" and "Big Love." All the more impressive were solo hits like "Go Insane" and the top-10 hit "Trouble," with Buckingham bringing out a completely different side of the songs with his ghostly, faint tenor and deft guitar work.

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Review by Harry Cherkinian
Photo by Sierra Riesberg

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Video: Stevie Nicks at ET Emmy After Party with Clips of Red Carpet Arrival

How does one follow up a kick-butt night of entertainment on the biggest night in television? The ET Emmy party of course!

Music legend Stevie Nicks headlined our 15th Annual party at the fabulous Vibiana in downtown Los Angeles, and it was an event to be reckoned with.

Pauley Perrette, Jane Krakowski, Kathy Griffin Christine Baranski were only a few of the big names in attendance.

During the intimate concert, guests snacked on Bell Street Farm fixings, indulging their sweet tooth with Sprinkles cupcakes for dessert.

Didn't get an invite to this year's party? No problem! Watch the video and catch up on all the excitement.

Entertainment Tonight

Linda Bell Blue, Entertainment Tonight Executive Producer, television reporter Nancy O’Dell and recording artist Stevie Nicks

2 Reviews: Lindsey Buckingham Live in Chicago 9/18/11

Lindsey Buckingham goes his own way, with intensity

Fleetwood Mac's 1979 masterpiece "Tusk" features a famously unusual credit: "Special thanks from the band to Lindsey Buckingham." Buckingham, of course, had by then already been a member of the band for some time. Yet that credit emphasized that Buckingham brought something more than the mere practical merits of his singing, songwriting, production and guitar playing to the group. That ineffable something was in full effect Sunday night, when Buckingham played a modestly attended but very enthusiastic Vic in support of his album "Seeds We Sow," the latest salvo in a particularly fruitful period of his sporadic solo career.

If Buckingham's various talents mesh perfectly in the context of Fleetwood Mac, watching him on his own provided an illuminating vantage into his particular genius. For close to two hours, Buckingham -- first solo then later with a small band -- seamlessly integrated his graceful folk and manic Baroque sides, with the fusion of those two approaches resulting in songs such as "Turn It On" and "That's the Way Love Goes," rousing pop tunes delivered with an idiosyncratic sensibility. 

By Joshua Klein, Special to the Chicago Tribune
See The Full Review Here

Lindsey Buckingham live!
By Andy Argyrakis

Lindsey Buckingham’s a great, albeit underrated, guitarist and he knows it. Perhaps that’s why he opened the Chicago stop of his Seeds We Sow tour with a one-man acoustic set that amply showcased his nimble (though occasionally self-indulgent) frethand and well-persevered vocal pitch. Whether it was solo staples like “Go Insane” and “Trouble” or Fleetwood Mac’s “Never Going Back Again,” the 61-year-old was in superb form, ushering in a welcome sense of intimacy often lost on his full-time band’s arena tours.

In solo contexts, Fleetwood’s “Big Love” was rearranged as a fiery finger-picker undercut by impassioned wails, which have since replaced the hokey ’80s production and synthesizer overdose. The newer “Under The Skin” was a little less magnetic given its meandering, middling approach, though Buckingham’s vocals demonstrated additional warmth and closeness.

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Review: Lindsey Buckingham at Pantages, 9/16/11 Minneapolis

A man as obviously aware of his significance in musical history as he is of his relative obscurity as a solo artist - in comparison to his former band, and his former bandmate/partner Stevie Nicks - Lindsey Buckingham's approach to the stage just after 8 p.m. at the Pantages Friday night was an appropriate one, his lithe body popping into sight with no-nonsense aplomb before the house lights had even completely dimmed, giving a quick "Namaste" bow to the intimate audience gathered to take in the beginning of his tour in support of a new album, Seeds We Sow.

I imagine he's just as aware of his indisputable talent not only as a songwriter and producer, but also of his still-strong skills as a vocalist and guitarist, starting out his set with fiercely finger-picked guitar work matched equally by fiercely emotional vocals on "Shut Us Down," the eighth track off his 2006 album Under the Skin. His solo start to the performance was as intense as if he'd had a full band backing him.

Guitar nerds and rock fans theater-wide absolutely lost it right off the bat, and with perfectly good reason.  From the first song 'til the last, Buckingham's performance was all dynamics and emoting. Man, this man can emote, through the power with which he plucks those strings, his personal and emotional lyrics and their passion in delivery. Add these qualities to his widely-renowned abilities as one of the most gifted songwriters of our time, and his performance was just moving. And this audience moved right along with him, from start to finish.

Even on tunes popularized in their full band arrangements (think Fleetwood Mac songs like "Big Love"), Buckingham was able to carry the songs with just his acoustic, and his voice. Heavy. It takes a lot of verve to carry that sort of power onstage alone, unsupported and unbacked-up by a band as he was Friday until a third of the way through his set when a band (and a set of glitzier lights) joined him. It was impressive.

Photos: Stevie Nicks ET Emmy After Party Red Carpet Arrival and Performance

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Photos... ET Emmy After Party Arrivals Stevie Nicks Performs Tonight

Thank you to dzzz for the info that ET will be broadcasting from the ET Emmy After Party LIVE via Ustream... With the awards show over, people are beginning to stream into the after party.  Stevie is expected to take the stage at 10pm PST... Hopefully we'll get a glimpse of her performing.

Link to Ustream ET Emmy After Party beginning at 8pm pst.

Stevie on the red carpet entering the event.... 

Photo by: Allison McNamara
Below Photos by: Brett Malec

Chart Updates: Fleetwood Mac, Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks Around The World

Album Charts and Sales (if available) From Around The World

Lindsey's new album Seeds We Sow debuted in two more countries this past week.  In Canada Seeds debuted at # 92 on the Top 100 Albums Chart and in Norway the album debuted at # 28 on the Top 40 Albums Chart.

In Ireland Lindsey's Seeds We Sow drops off the Top 100 albums chart after one week debuting last week at # 95.  The album remains on the Top 20 Independent Albums Chart for a second week at # 19 after debuting last week at # 9.

In Australia Fleetwood Mac remain on the Top 50 Catalogue Chart placing 3 titles in the Top 30 plus 1997's The Dance DVD moves up on the Top 40 DVD Chart.  Stevie Nicks' Best Of album Crystal Visions hangs on for another week on the catalogue chart moving up slightly over last week.

In The Netherlands Fleetwood Mac's Rumours remains inside the top 15 on the Top 50 Catalogue Chart at # 12.

In the US this past week, Lindsey's Seeds We Sow debued at # 45 on Billboards Top 200 Album Chart with sales of 8,857.  Stevie's In Your Dreams album re-entered the Top 200 at # 198 with sales of 2,597, down slightly from last weeks 2,708 with an accumulated total for the album so far of 152,276.

In the UK, Lindsey's Seeds We Sow debuted last week at # 82 and drops out of the Top 100 this week. On the Top 40 Independent Albums Chart the album drops to # 38 this week after debuting at # 12 last week.  The Top 40 Catalogue Chart shows Fleetwood Mac's Rumours moved down this week to # 19 from # 16 last week.  Full rundown below.  Previous week in parenthesis.

UK - September 24th

Top 40 Independent Albums Chart

# 38 (12) Lindsey Buckingham - Seeds We Sow

Top 40 Catalogue Chart
# 19 (16) Fleetwood Mac - Rumours

IRELAND - September 15th

Top 20 Independent Albums Chart
# 19 (09) Lindsey Buckingham - Seeds We Sow

AUSTRALIA - September 19th

Top 100 Albums Chart
# 82 (78) Fleetwood Mac - Rumours

Top 50 Catalogue Chart
# 12 (11) Fleetwood Mac - The very Best Of
# 14 (14) Fleetwood Mac - Greatest Hits
# 27 (25) Fleetwood Mac - Rumours
# 33 (35) Stevie Nicks - Crystal Visions... The Very Best Of

Top 40 DVD Chart
# 24 (32) Fleetwood Mac - The Dance

CANADA - September 15th

Top 100 Albums Chart
# 92 (-) Lindsey Buckingham - Seeds We Sow (Debut)

NORWAY - September 12th

Top 40 Albums Chart
# 28 (-) Lindsey Buckingham - Seeds We Sow (Debut)

THE NETHERLANDS - September 17th

Top 50 Back Catalogue Chart
# 12 (15) Fleetwood Mac - Rumours

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Photos... Lindsey Buckingham Live in Milwaukee September 17, 2011