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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

25 Great Albums from the new Millennium: Stevie Nicks "In Your Dreams" ranks right there near the top

Stevie Nicks – In Your Dreams (2011)
Rock icon Stevie Nicks has put out some great solo records, but In Your Dreams ranks right there near the top. She collaborates with Dave Stewart of Eurythmics, which proves to be a shrewd choice. Stewart is a master in the studio as well as an ace guitarist and songwriter, and one of the best producers in the business. Like Nicks, Stewart works best with a strong collaborator, as he did for so many years with Annie Lennox. In Your Dreams has some truly breathtaking moments, like the wistful ballad “For What It’s Worth.” One can’t help but imagine what some of these songs would sound like with Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie harmonizing along, but that’s just a testament to the strength of the material. The title song is another winner, and first single “Secret Love” is a strong opener. Dave Stewart’s blazing guitar takes center-stage on the excellent “Wide Sargasso Sea.” It’s a shame that In Your Dreams didn’t do better commercially. It did reach #6 in the U.S. upon its release (although with first-week sales of barely over 50k), but quickly tumbled down the charts. There seems to be a tendency by fans of older artists to ignore the newer stuff, and that’s a shame. This is still the same Stevie Nicks who wrote and sang classics like “Dreams,” “Landslide,” “Sara,” “Gypsy,” “Stand Back,” “Nightbird” and so many others.

by Chris Gerard 
MetroWeekly (Full list of 25)
February 26, 2014

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The moment Stevie Nicks met Leon Russell [Video]

During the filming of Cameron Crowe's The Union - on the collaboration between Elton John and Leon Russell, Stevie Nicks dropped in to the Village studio where they were recording to meet Leon and to thank him... 

I believe this was filmed during the time Stevie was in the studio laying down tracks for "In Your Dreams" in 2010.  This film "The Union" made it's premiere in late 2011 and was televised on HBO in January, 2012.

Stevie tells Leon that after she and Lindsey Buckingham opened for him as part of the band Fritz in the early ’70s,

“That’s when the two of us thought, 
‘That’s it. We’re gonna go to LA. We’re gonna do it.”

Friday, May 03, 2013

A Lot of Rock in Little Rock TONIGHT with Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac are in Little Rock, AR tonight at Verizon Center.

Stevie Nicks latest album "In Your Dreams" turns two today - released May 3, 2011.

The film that chronicles the making of the album screens in Winnipeg, Canada tonight at Cinematheque.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham "Soldiers Angel" Remembrance Day / Veterans Day In honor of those who fought for freedom

Remembrance Day and Veterans Day
In honor of those who fought and continue to fight for freedom across the globe.

Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham "Soldiers Angel"

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Stevie Nicks To Attend Breaking Dawn Part 2 Premiere - Monday in L.A.

Stevie Nicks to attend the LA premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 2

Buy on itunes
According to the MaximoTV's guest list, Stevie will be at the LA Premiere of Breaking Dawn part 2 that will be held at the Nokia Theatre at LA Live on Monday Nov. 12, 2012.  Red Carpet takes place: 4:30pm - 7pm 

Stevie's song "Moonlight (A Vampire's Dream)" was inspired by "The Twighlight Saga New Moon" after she saw the movie in Australia in December, 2009 and the song was the catalyst for Stevie deciding to then record a new album "In Your Dreams."

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Stevie Nicks & Lindsey Buckingham The Next 2 Weeks Ahead...

The next two weeks are jammed packed with tour dates for both Lindsey and Stevie covering a large swath of US states from the mid-west, to the deep south with 5 of the dates below overlapping one another. A fans dream or nightmare... Tickets are still available for most of these dates.

July 24th - Stevie Nicks (Nashville, TN)
July 26th - Lindsey Buckingham (Birmingham, AL)
July 27th - Stevie Nicks (Washington, DC)
July 27th - Lindsey Buckingham (Franklin, TN) Sold Out
July 28th - Stevie Nicks (Pittsburgh, PA)
July 28th - Lindsey Buckingham (Atlanta, GA)
July 29th - Lindsey Buckingham (Spartanburgh, SC)
July 30th - Stevie Nicks (Milwaukee, WI)
July 31st - Lindsey Buckingham (Charlotte, NC)
Aug 1st - Stevie Nicks (Greensboro, NC)
Aug 1st - Lindsey Buckingham (Willmington, NC)
Aug 2nd - Lindsey Buckingham (Carrboro, NC)
Aug 3rd - Stevie Nicks (Orlando, FL)
Aug 3rd - Lindsey Buckingham (Kernersville, NC)
Aug 4th - Stevie Nicks (Sunrise, FL)
Aug 4th - Lindsey Buckingham (North Charleston, SC)

Link To Buy Tickets

Lindsey Buckingham Live in Orange, TX August 19th 
Tickets go on-sale Thursday, July 26th 

Monday, July 09, 2012

STEVIE NICKS IN CONCERT THIS WEEK: Boston Tues, Mohegan Sun Thurs. Virginia Beach Sat. Atlantic City Sun.


Four (4) Solo shows left on the east coast before Stevie hooks up with Rod Stewart in Cleveland - July 20th.  Tickets still available for these shows:

July 10th Boston, MA - Bank of America Pavilion TICKETS
July 12th Uncasville, CT - Mohegan Sun Arena TICKETS
July 14th Virginia Beach, VA - Farm Bureau Live at Virginia Beach TICKETS
July 15th Atlantic City, NJ - The Borgata Events Center TICKETS

Monday, June 18, 2012

Audio: Stevie Nicks Confirms.. This year is all about In Your Dreams - 2013 all about Fleetwood Mac

Stevie Nicks says Fleetwood Mac will tour in 2013. When asked about the tour while on the red carpet for the Songwriters Hall of Fame ceremony, Nicks said “It absolutely is, yes. I am taking the rest of this year for my In Your Dreams record that I love so much. And then 2013 is the Fleetwood Mac tour.” She said rehearsals will begin in January. When asked about a new Fleetwood Mac album, though, she didn’t respond, leading fans to speculate that the tour will focus on the band’s four decades of classic material.

Friday, June 01, 2012

Bob Lefsetz gets it! >> Stevie Nicks "Secret Love"

Loved what he had to say about Stevie's "Secret Love" and the album "In Your Dreams" as a whole... 

Bob Lefsetz: Welcome To My World - "Forgotten"
June 1, 2012

"Secret Love"
Stevie Nicks

I smile every time this comes on my iPod.

Once upon a time, radio was the filter, before it became completely corporatized, littered with twenty two minutes of commercials per hour and we all stopped listening.

I know, I know, that's not completely true, the little girls listen to Top Forty and the oldsters revere the obscurities on the NonComm stations, but what about someone positively mainstream, a rocker who once was...where is she supposed to be played?


So, Stevie Nicks's best album in decades, maybe her best ever...went unheard.

Used to be artists spent months and hundreds of thousands of dollars perfecting a sound, knowing listeners were waiting with eager anticipation. one cares.

And that positively sucks.

Which is why he (or she!) who invents the filter will own the future, will make all the money.

It can't be done with algorithms, otherwise Pandora wouldn't suck. It depends completely on humans, picking certified winners for the time-challenged.

If you ever liked Stevie Nicks, you can't hate this. You can't shake your head and say it's dreck. You may not love it, but you can't dismiss it. And what more can you ask for?

Ignore the naysayers, who hate Fleetwood Mac because they were too successful. The hipsters who can't like what everyone else does. That's the fringe. The middle, and I don't mean that disparagingly, the middle contains most people, would absolutely LOVE "Secret Love". But it came out and made barely a ripple and was forgotten.

It needs to be brought back.

First and foremost, there's the sound. Like a dark night in the middle of the summer, and suddenly a door opens and you go inside.

And what's up with that buzz saw guitar that keeps coming back, adding edge...I LOVE IT!

And the changes.

And the background vocals.

"I am not asking forever from you
I'm just asking to be held for a while
In a timeless search for love that might work"

You get older and you forsake your dreams. You're not looking for perfection, you're just looking for something, in a mental wilderness where there are people all around you, but very little connection.

This music is not made for the immature, it's made for you. With the rough edges, with the love handles, with the wisdom of years.

Madonna misfired with "MDNA", she wanted to be forever young.

Stevie Nicks aged. Not gracefully, none of us ever do. And she delivered something positively adult, and for that she's penalized?

The media only focuses on that with smooth skin, that which is brand new. But "Secret Love" is so in the pocket, so right, that it could become a cultural staple.

If people only heard it.

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Who is Bob Lefsetz:

"Bob Lefsetz is the author of "The Lefsetz Letter." Famous for being beholden to no one and speaking the truth, Lefsetz addresses the issues that are at the core of the music business: downloading, copy protection, pricing and the music itself.

His intense brilliance captivates readers from Steven Tyler to Rick Nielsen to Bryan Adams to Quincy Jones to EVERYBODY who’s in the music business.

Never boring, always entertaining, Bob’s insights are fueled by his stint as an entertainment business attorney, majordomo of Sanctuary Music’s American division and consultancies to major labels."
Reprinted by permission

Friday, May 04, 2012

Video: Max Music TV - Take 5 with Stevie Nicks

Max Music TV - Take 5 with Stevie Nicks.
New video on the scene!
Stevie Nicks in Australia speaking about "In Your Dreams"

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Happy One Year Anniversary Stevie Nicks "In Your Dreams"

On this day one year ago, May 3rd, Stevie Nicks released her critically acclaimed 7th solo album "In Your Dreams" her first album of new material in 10 years!.  A monumental occasion!  

A huge thank you to Stevie for a truly awesome album...and also a huge thanks to Dave Stewart for helping Stevie write and record in a new way... The results couldn't be better! It was well worth the 10 year wait!  One year out and I still think it's probably one of the best, if not the best things she's ever done!  

The one thing left to complete this evolution will be the release of the In Your Dreams Documentary on the making of the album... When that will be nobody seems to know yet... Last I heard they were searching for a distributor... Hopefully it won't be another 10 year wait.

If you missed your chance when the album was first released to pick up a version of the album with the added bonus track "My Heart".  You're in luck! The Warner Bros. store still has copies of the Limited Fan Edition that includes the extra track, PLUS the 16 x 20 Lithograph of the album cover (Photo by Kristin Burns) that comes with the package deal.  Price is $24.99 plus shipping.  All credit cards + Paypal welcome.

Warner Bros. Records Store

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Stevie Nicks Thanks Fans and Friends for Caring and Reaching Out + Soldier's Angel Crowned Song Of The Year

Stevie took to her official website today posting a letter explaining in a little more detail the circumstances surrounding her mothers passing.  She goes on to thank everyone for caring and reaching out to her saying "It means the world..."

Her mother Barbara was such a presents in her life right from the beginning when Stevie first burst onto the music scene back in the 70's - and even though we as fans never saw her that much, we felt we knew her just a little bit through stories Stevie would tell, and her music.  Her Mother (and Father) meant alot to her.

Thank you Stevie for sharing your mother with the world and also for keeping your fans included, we appreciate it and wish you and your family all the best.

The Letter

Barbara Nicks 1927 - 2011
On Dec 29th news began to ripple through the Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks fan community on the passing of Stevie's mother Barbara Nicks.

Our condolences to Stevie and the entire Nicks family. 

Please keep Stevie and her family in your thoughts, I'm sure they'd appreciate it..

Obituary courtesy of The Nicks Fix
Online Condolences can be submitted via

CityArts - New York's Review of Culture crowns "Soldier's Angel"
Song of the Year

Saluting Stevie Nicks’ “Soldier’s Angel”

Writer Ben Kessler salutes Stevie's touchingly honest "Soldiers's Angel" in the current issue of City Arts calling it his choice for best pop song of the last year.

"My choice for best pop song of last year, Stevie Nicks’ “Soldier’s Angel,” points the way out of hype. As if responding to Bridesmaids and New Girl, Nicks shows us how 21st-century pop artists can speak truth and navigate politics.

In “Soldier’s Angel,” Nicks tells how her visits with wounded veterans at Walter Reed and Bethesda Naval Hospital unsettled her as a woman, citizen and icon. Lindsey Buckingham’s resonant guitar notes ensure that the song is threaded through with dread in the face of mortality. Against this stirring backdrop, Nicks’ voice—scarred and pitted by time and trouble—expresses a veteran artist’s perseverance for inspiration."

Check out the full article here

Monday, January 02, 2012

The Results are in... Ultimate Classic Rock Awards: Stevie Nicks Album|Single

With over 230,000 votes cast in both polls - Ultimate Classic Rock have crowned a winner!

2011 Song of the Year Award and Album of the Year Award goes to:
- Chickenfoot "Big Foot" Song of the Year Award
- Chickenfoot "III" Album of the Year Award 

On the Song of the Year poll, Stevie's "Secret Love" came in 6th garnering 8.99% of votes.  On the Album of the Year poll, Stevie's "In Your Dreams" came in 4th garnering 11.91% of votes.

Congratulations to Chickenfoot!  and Congratulations to Stevie for being the ONLY female contender in the running!

Ultimate Classic Rock 2011 Album of the Year:
1. Chickfoot "III" 40.14%
2. Alice Cooper "Welcome 2 My Nightmare" 25.6%
3. Journey "Eclipse" 14.33%
4. Stevie Nicks "In Your Dreams" 11.91%
5. The Cars "Move Like This" 4.35%
6. Yes "Fly From Here" 3.68%

Ultimate Classic Rock 2011 Song of the Year:
1. Chickfoot "Big Foot" 44.68%
2. Alice Cooper "I'll Bite Your Face Off" 21.08%
3. Journey "City of Hope" 14.96%
4. The Rolling Stones "No Spare Parts" 10.58%
5. Stevie Nicks "Secret Love" 8.99%

Thursday, December 29, 2011

TOP 10 BEST OF 2011: Stevie Nicks "In Your Dreams" # 9

Top 10 Records You May Have Missed While You Were Listening To Bon Iver
9: Stevie Nicks / In Your Dreams
In Your Dreams, Stevie Nicks‘ first truly great solo album since 1981’s Bella Donna, boasts one of the most ridiculous and simultaneously beautiful songs she’s ever sang. If you know the record already, I’m sure you can guess which track I’m talking about. It’s “Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream)” and if you’re unfamiliar, well then I’ll just say it, it’s a love song about two star crossed vampires. It is wildly absurd and yet Nicks pulls it off and it becomes the record’s most memorable moment not because of its subject matter, but because of its gorgeous chorus. The rest of the record more than lives up to the high of “Moonlight”, becoming one of the most surprisingly cool records released this year. If you bypassed In Your Dreams because you thought it was a disposable late period record from a 70’s relic, rethink your position and get lost in it’s dreamy sweep.

Words by Patrick Driscoll
Full Top 10 at

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Exciting News for Stevie Nicks Fans... YOU could be in her documentary!

"In Your Dreams" Documentary Fan Video Submission

Weapons of Mass Entertainment is looking for an additional element to compliment the nearly complete In Your Dreams Documentary... They are looking for fan submitted video clips telling Stevie what she or the album "In Your Dreams" mean to you.  This is an exciting opportunity for anyone really, but most especially Stevie's fans!  Your video, which Stevie will likely see in the selection process could be included in the documentary!  So get crackin'...and get filming...  

Deadline for fan video submissions is 
FEBRUARY 1, 2012

Full details at Stevie's official website The Nicksfix

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Year End Lists.... Stevie Nicks | Lindsey Buckingham Albums and Songs

Published by: @Nickslive for Fleetwood Mac News and Reviews
The Top 25 Songs of 2011
by: Rob Sheffield

10. Stevie Nicks, "Annabel Lee"
The gypsy queen comes back to tell the world who the eff she is, with a lyric by one of her hot dead rock & roll boyfriends, Edgar Allen Poe.

by: Karen 'Gilly' Laney

#3 "In Your Dreams" Stevie Nicks
The original witchy blonde songstress rates high on our top albums list this year, delivering the kind of quality record we’ve come to expect from her. Stevie’s voice is still superb and though she’s not breaking any new ground here, she’s dancing all over a foundation that she’s worked incredibly hard to maintain. The songs are strong, full of haunting imagery and have enough “ooooohs” to keep the sisters in leather and lace bowing down to the moon. Producer Dave Stewart is successful at keeping Nicks on track as she hammers out another worthy record for the wild at heart.

Top 10 Songs of 2011
by: Joe Robinson

morn #4 "Secret Love" Stevie Nicks
The first single from 'In Your Dreams,' the Fleetwood Mac singer's first solo album in 10 years. She originally wrote the tune for the band's 1977 album 'Rumours,' but it didn't make the album and has been floating around as a bootleg since. The video for 'Secret Love' features Stevie and her teen-aged goddaughter Kelly hanging out in Nicks' own house and backyard. Eurythmics guitarist Dave Stewart co-produced.

29-95 MUSIC
Top 10 albums of 2011
By Joey Guerra / Music Writer

10. In Your Dreams, Stevie Nicks: In Your Dreams was a lovely surprise, a delicately layered collection of lush pop tunes with country and rock flourishes. Producer Dave Stewart (yes, the Eurythmics guy) plays up to Nicks’ vivid tales of ghosts, vampires and gothic romance without getting bogged down in the imagery.

Top 10 Best of 2011
by Patrick Driscoll

Top 10 Records You May Have Missed While You Were Listening To Bon Iver

9: Stevie Nicks / In Your Dreams
In Your Dreams, Stevie Nicks‘ first truly great solo album since 1981’s Bella Donna, boasts one of the most ridiculous and simultaneously beautiful songs she’s ever sang. If you know the record already, I’m sure you can guess which track I’m talking about. It’s “Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream)” and if you’re unfamiliar, well then I’ll just say it, it’s a love song about two star crossed vampires. It is wildly absurd and yet Nicks pulls it off and it becomes the record’s most memorable moment not because of its subject matter, but because of its gorgeous chorus. The rest of the record more than lives up to the high of “Moonlight”, becoming one of the most surprisingly cool records released this year. If you bypassed In Your Dreams because you thought it was a disposable late period record from a 70’s relic, rethink your position and get lost in it’s dreamy sweep.

Top 10 Concerts
Small venues, classic artists make big impact
By John J. Moser

10. Rod Stewart/Stevie Nicks, April 5, Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia: If there's one thing Stewart and Nicks' show proved, it's that time, indeed, marches on. While Nicks turned slower, lighter and — dare I say it, matronly — to adjust for the limitations of voice and age, Stewart barreled forward with a damn-the-torpedoes attitude that made his set far more enjoyable, faults and all.

Best Music of the year:
Top 50 Alubms of 2011
By Jaclyn Gallucci

#47.  Stevie Nicks – In Your Dreams (Reprise)
Not content to periodically reappear on tour with Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks instead found a viable creative partner with Dave Stewart and production partner Glen Ballard. Nicks came away with her first album in a decade and best solo outing to date.

Notes from the stage
by: Joey DiGuglielmo

Washington is always a big concert town — most major tours have stops here — but this year was especially teeming with gay and gay-friendly big-name musical acts. There was such an abundance of options, some evenings — like July 31 when Dolly Parton was at Wolf Trap and Britney Spears was at the Verizon Center or Sept. 1 when Stevie Nicks was at Jiffy Lube (Nissan) and Olivia Newton-John was in Baltimore — music fans had to make tough choices.

She doesn’t tear it up like she did in the old days, but what Stevie Nicks lacks in passion and grit, she’s made up for in pitch and finesse. Her “In Your Dreams Tour,” supporting her amazing 2011 new album (her first in a decade), found the Fleetwood Mac singer taking her time, giving her band plenty of chances to shine and balancing a wealth of cuts from the new album with trademark Mac and solo hits like barnburner “Edge of Seventeen” and “Rumors”-era wonder “Gold Dust Woman.”.

Top 10 Favorite Albums of 2011
by Michael Knudsen

#2 Stevie Nicks In Your Dreams
Stevie Nicks is a fucking legend, no one care argue with that. In Your Dreams is her first studio album in almost ten years, thankfully it was well worth the extremely long wait. It’s a beautifully crafted album that cuts straight to the heart, there’s something so comforting and soothing about her unique voice, if you haven’t checked out this release yet, please do yourself a favor and pick up a copy! Sadly in today’s youth-oriented world, it’s easy for Ms. Nicks to be passed over but I’m telling you this is such a solid album that’s definitely not to be missed.
Essential Tracks:

New Orleans, Italian Summer, For What It’s Worth, Secret Love, In Your Dreams

Pop music, Rock music, uncategorized, Year-end Top 10 Lists
Nick DeRiso’s Top Albums for 2011, Rock and Pop Edition

No. 3 - LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM - SEED WE SOW: You keep waiting for Lindsey Buckingham, the old rebel, to soften into middle-aged acceptance, to conform. This wasn’t that record. Credit Buckingham for never trading true emotion for sentiment. Seeds We Sow was as hard eyed as it is musically ambitious. Makes sense. Buckingham, for all of the things he rejects, for all of the things that piss him off and make him play the guitar in a bloody-fingered rage, was never about nothingness. Buckingham’s music, in a move that belied his era, didn’t settle for cheap thrills, quick answers — or something so obvious and easy as nihilism. And, lucky for us, it still doesn’t.

The best concerts of 2011
By Marley Lynch, Sophie Harris, Hank Shteamer and Steve Smith

Lindsey Buckingham at the Town Hall, Sept 27
Supporting a strong new solo record, Fleetwood Mac’s male lead and fingerpicking demon of a guitarist proved that he still runs on pure raw-nerve emotion.—HS

The Best Cover Songs of 2011

38. Lindsey Buckingham: "She Smiled Sweetly" (The Rolling Stones cover)
Buckingham’s Seeds We Sow went top ten on the Billboard charts – not bad for a self-released album by a man in his early sixties. His take on “She Smiles Sweetly” trades the church-like hush of the Stones’ original for the quiet of a man alone in his room, always haunted after midnight. “Don’t worry,” he whispers, quoting her, and you know he feels her breath on the back of his neck, like a breeze from his beloved Pacific Ocean, and you can hear it brushing the sand from his spirit. – Patrick Robbins

Blog Critics Music Picks The Best Albums of 2011
By Glen Boyd

Kit O' Toole picks Lindsey Buckingham's Seeds We Sow
Sure, Lindsey Buckingham may be best known for his tenure with Fleetwood Mac. But his 2011 release Seeds We Sow reminds listeners of his unique gifts for songwriting and guitar picking. Whether pondering love and the universe in "Stars Are Crazy," or redemption in "End of Time" and "Gone Too Far," Buckingham impresses with his philosophical musings and sophisticated guitar work. However, he still has the penchant for writing accessible pop and rock. Only he could make anger catchy on "One Take" or the "Second Hand News" sequel "Rock Away Blind" ("I could go crazy without even trying/ Fleeing the scene of the crime," he snarls).

Instead of the slick, almost robotic arrangements of his 80s singles, Seeds We Sow showcases Buckingham at his most intimate and stripped down, revealing his raw talent. "Sliding down the karma slide/ Seems like it never ends," he sings in "End of Time." "When we get to the other side/ Maybe then we'll make amends." Is he discussing his own mortality, or our uncertain times? No matter the interpretation, Seeds We Sow perfectly showcases a superior guitarist, lyricist, and rock 'n' roll survivor. The album demonstrates that sometimes a guitar, voice, and simple arrangements can say more than a full-blown production ever could.

A-Z Best Songs of 2011

"Seeds We Sow" Lindsey Buckingham 
The lush sound of Fleetwood Mac stripped right down and laid bare. It's a haunting ode to the way the fates dictate life's path. It oozes charisma with every note, and highlights how underrated Buckingham truly is.

Best Of 2011: Singer/Songwriter
December 7, 2011

MAGNET’s Hobart Rowland picks the best singer/songwriter releases of the year.

1. RYAN ADAMS Ashes And Fire (PAX-AM/Capitol)
2. IRON & WINE Kiss Each Other Clean (Warner Bros.)
3. LIAM FINN Fomo (Yep Roc)
4. LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM Seeds We Sow (Mind Kit)
5. JOAN AS POLICE WOMAN The Deep Field (Play It Again Sam)
6. A.A. BONDY Believers (Fat Possum)
7. RICHARD BUCKNER Our Blood (Merge)
8. MATTHEW SWEET Modern Art (Missing Piece)
9. STEPHIN MERRITT Obscurities (Merge)
10. BILL CALLAHAN Apocalypse (Drag City)

Honorable-mention releases

Lindsey Buckingham "Seeds We Sow"
Along with my wife, I awakened to Fleetwood Mac in a major way in 2011. The 1975 self-titled album, Rumours and Tusk have been on constant rotation this year (especially the breathtaking "Crystal", which I've started to think of as proto–Will Oldham). I loved Buckingham's fierce live show, and Seeds We Sow, the solo record he supported at that gig

Read the rest here

Best of 2011: Songs of the year
by: Mike Long, Reverb writer

10. Washed Out, “Amor Fati”
9. Lykke Li, “Get Some”
8. Real Estate, “Out Of Tune”
7. A.A. Bondy, “Rte. 28/Believers”
6. Tennis, “Long Boat Pass”
5. Lindsey Buckingham, “Gone Too Far”
4. Antlers, “No Widows”
3. Smith Westerns, “Weekend”
2. Shapes Have Fangs,”The Desert (Has A Place For You)”
1. Adele, “I’ll Be Waiting”

Year-End Lists 2011: Jon's Picks
by Jon Rogers

Top 10 Personal Musical Discoveries in 2011
Lindsey Buckingham was actually a pretty amazing songwriter.  Go ahead and laugh if you must, or try to deny it. But unless you’ve fully digested his songs on Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk or his 1981 solo debut Law And Order, your argument is completely meaningless to me. Discovering these two albums this year made me revisit the other Buckingham-era Fleetwood Mac albums I had only casually listened to in the past (while trying to ignore the nagging feeling that I kind of liked them), and like almost everyone else who is around age 30 and unafraid of being labeled “tasteless”, realized that those albums are incredible, largely due to Buckingham’s songs. In any case, I still hate the theme song to National Lampoon’s Vacation, but I plan to seek out whatever else I can find.

The Top 25 Rock Albums of 2011
by Rhapsody Editorial

7. Lindsey Buckingham "Seeds We Sow"
There's something timeless about Lindsey Buckingham's musical vision. Much of this has to do with his fingerpicking and voice; neither has aged all that much since he joined Fleetwood Mac back in the mid-'70s. Recorded and released by the man himself, the thoroughly enjoyable Seeds We Sow feels particularly youthful. Numerous tracks, including "That's the Way Love Goes" and "End of Time," don't sound too different from much of what passes for modern indie pop. He closes out the record with a nice rendition of "She Smiled Sweetly," a deep track from The Rolling Stones' Between the Buttons. [J.F.]

Top 10 Music Blu-Rays
by Steve Guttenberg

Lindsey Buckingham
“Songs From the Small Machine – Live in L.A.”

This show from earlier this year looks and sounds great, definitely the sort of thing you’ll want to play to wow your audiophile or home theater pals. The opening tunes feature just Buckingham alone on stage, singing and playing guitar, and you really hear his sound filling the old theater. When the rest of the band joins Buckingham the recording’s hard-hitting dynamic range struts its stuff. The set list includes his solo and Fleetwood Mac tunes. The theater’s ambience and the appreciative crowd’s cheers sound utterly natural coming from the surround channels.

Favorite Rock Albums of 2011
by: AMG Staff

…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead – The Tao of the Dead
Brett Anderson – Black Rainbows
Arctic Monkeys – Suck It and See
The Black Keys – El Camino
Blitzen Trapper – American Goldwing
Lindsey Buckingham – Seeds We Sow
Duran Duran – All You Need Is Now
Foo Fighters – Wasting Light
John Wesley Harding – The Sound of His Own Voice
PJ Harvey – Let England Shake
Joe Henry – Reverie
The Jayhawks – Mockingbird Time [pictured]
John Paul Keith – The Man That Time Forgot
The Kills – Blood Pressures
Nick Lowe – The Old Magic
Radiohead – The King of Limbs
Paul Simon – So Beautiful or So What
Urge Overkill – Rock & Roll Submarine
Tom Waits – Bad As Me

A2G’s Top 21 Songs of 2011
BY: g

“In Our Own Time” by Lindsey Buckingham.  Lindsey Buckingham just gets better with age.  On his latest album “Seeds We Sow,” the songs range from reflective ballads to the rockin’ anthem “In Our Own Time,” which assets, “It wouldn’t make any difference.  We crossed the line.  From the fire we will rise again.  In our own time.”  It’s such an empowering anthem!  It was a toss up between this song and “Stars Are Crazy,” which is a reflective look at questioning yourself.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Torrey DeVitto talks about appearing in Stevie Nicks' "Moonlight" Video

Q&A with Torrey DeVitto on her new "Vampire Diaries" role. During the interview she was asked about her appearance in Stevie's "Moonlight a Vampires Dream" Video.

Full interview on Wetpaint

You recently played violin on Stevie Nick’s song  “Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream)" on her recent album In Your Dreams. How did that come about?

I grew up playing violin and before I even knew I wanted to act, I always thought that violin was my path in life and that was what I was going to do. And then when I got into acting when I was 15, 16 I still kept up with my violin.

[Stevie Nicks] knew that I played; she’s one of my mom’s best friends, so I’ve known her for a really long time. This song was really close to her, and she was like, ‘I want you to play this and you to play this only.’ So I played for her and we worked together and it was a lot of fun.


Friday, December 09, 2011

Stevie Nicks | Fleetwood Mac - Billboard Year End Charts

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Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac make Billboard Magazine's Year End Charts.  

Click here for a complete listing of all charts compiled by Billboard.

Billboard Magazine calculates the sales year from December to November so a lot of the big sellers from last December make this years list.  All sales are based on Soundscan data.

Top Rock Albums
Year-End top-selling albums across all rock genres, ranked by sales data as compiled by Nielsen SoundScan.

# 45 - Stevie Nicks "In Your Dreams"

Top Catalog Albums
Year-End top-selling albums across all genres that are at least 18-months old. ranked by sales data as compiled by Nielsen SoundScan.

# 47 - Fleetwood Mac "Rumours"

On Other Charts:
(Previous week in parenthesis)

UK Top 40 Catalogue Chart - December 10, 2011
# 21 - Fleetwood Mac "Rumours".

Australia Top 100 Albums Chart - December 5, 2011
# 24 (25) - Fleetwood Mac "The Very Best Of"
# 52 (44) - Stevie Nicks "Crystal Visions… The Very Best Of"

Australia Top 50 Catalogue Chart - December 5, 2011
#  1 (1)  - Fleetwood Mac "The Very Best Of"
#  7 (5)  - Stevie Nicks "Crystal Visions… The Very Best Of"

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Chart Update: Fleetwood Mac | Stevie Nicks | Lindsey Buckingham - Australia, USA

Fleetwood Mac continue to dominate on the Australian Album Charts with the largest impact shown on the Catalogue Charts.  The Very Best Of 2 CD set remains at # 1 this week, with Stevie's Crystal Visions Best Of CD moving up a notch to the top 5.  Rumours makes the largest move - back into the Top 10 at # 9.  Fleetwood Mac's Greatest Hits slides two places to # 20.  On the Top 100 Albums Chart albums are pretty much holding except for Stevie's In Your Dreams dropping 11 places to # 100.

Fleetwood Mac's The Dance DVD re-enters the Top 40 DVD Chart at # 37.

Australia Top 100 Albums Chart - 11/28/11
# 25 (24) Fleetwood Mac - The Very Best Of
# 44 (44) Stevie Nicks - Cyrstal Vision The Very Best Of
# 100 (89) Stevie Nicks - In Your Dreams

Australia Top 50 Catalogue Charts - 11/28/11
# 1 (1)  Fleetwood Mac - The Very Best Of
# 5 (6) Stevie Nicks - Crystal Vision The Very Best Of
# 9 (28) Fleetwood Mac - Rumours
# 20 (18) Fleetwood Mac - Greatest Hits

Australia Top 40 Music DVD Chart - 11/28/11
# 37 (Re-entry) Fleetwood Mac - The Dance

USA - Billboard Top 40 Music DVD Charts - 12/3/11
# 37 (24) - Lindsey Buckingham - Songs From The Small Machine: Live In L.A.

Third week sales for the week ending November 20th and chart date December 3rd keep Lindsey's new DVD inside the Top 40 - but dropping significantly to # 37 from # 24 last week.  This will likely be the last week for the DVD on the chart.

# 27 - Fleetwood Mac - Rumours

Friday, October 28, 2011

STEVIE NICKS: Explains Fleetwood Mac Delay until 2013

Stevie Nicks has explained to us why the next round of Fleetwood Mac activity, which had been expected to take place in 2012, has been pushed back to 2013. She says she wants to continue promoting her current solo album, InYour DreamsI, through next summer, and expects to release more singles and videos from it. "I just want people to see and hear it, so I want to keep this record going until next summer."
Stevie says Lindsey Buckingham, in particular, has been supportive.

"Lindsey knows how important this record is to me, because [he] was a part of [it]. And so he said to me, 'This record is your heart. Don't feel as if you have to run back to Fleetwood Mac, because you don't."

She's also got two movie projects -- both based on old songs -- she wants to "at least get started" next year. One is a movie version of the Welsh folk tale that inspired her to write "Rhiannon," the other an animated film based on a pre-Fleetwood Mac song called "The Ladybug and the Goldfish." 

Dave Schulps