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Q&A: Dave Grohl on His 'Sound City' Doc. Stevie Nicks on board for NYC Show

The Sound City Players are scheduled to play their next show in Los Angeles on January 31st, with other dates "coming soon in cool places," Grohl says. "The musicians have all really jumped on after the [Park City] show. I didn't know if Stevie [Nicks] was gonna be able to do New York, and after we did this she was like, 'I'm doing New York." Grohl says he'll keep crossing his fingers for an appearance from Paul McCartney.

Read the full Q&A with Dave Grohl at Rolling Stone

The movie debuts in theatres across North America beginning January 31st.  Check for a theatre in your city to see the documentary (includes Lindsey, Stevie and Mick)... It's basically a one night only event.

New Album Real to Reel with Stevie Nicks singing "“You Can’t Fix This” (Stevie Nicks, Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Rami Jaffee) available March 12th on iTunes

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NEW Merchandise Combo's Available For Fleetwood Mac

Some great merchandise combos on offer over at Rumours Deluxe and Expanded Editions + a T-Shirt or Poster!  Would have preferred a poster with a photo vs just the logo.  Check it out at

Fleetwood Mac 'Rumours' Pitch-perfect pop before they went their own way ★★★★★

Album review: 
Fleetwood Mac, Rumours: Super Deluxe Remastered Version (Rhino)
Independent UK

It speaks volumes about the enduring quality of Fleetwood Mac's Rumours – here repackaged in an expanded heritage edition comprising, in its most lavish format, four CDs, one DVD and audiophile vinyl album – that not even the twin taints of appropriation as Top Gear theme and political anthem have managed to diminish its appeal. It remains one of pop's most impervious generational touchstones.

Rumours represents, along with The Eagles Greatest Hits, the high-water mark of America's Seventies rock-culture expansion, the quintessence of a counter-cultural mindset lured into coke-fuelled hedonism. Its very sound, with those winsome melodies, those West Coast harmonies, and that rhythm section lagging fractionally, imperceptibly behind the beat conjures a fantasy world of luxurious, liberal excess and Californication, captured with sleek perfection.

The album's story is well-known now, rock's premier case of strife bringing forth sweetness, as Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham batted the tattered remnants of their relationship back and forth in song. She had only to refer to “thunder” in “Dreams”, for him to snipe back “You can roll like thunder” in “Go Your Own Way” – but both songs are equally sublime, as too are Christine McVie's attempts to cheer the troops up in songs like “Don't Stop” and “You Make Loving Fun”.

Heaven only knows how they managed to remain focused (and civil) enough to bring the project to such glorious fruition, a process here sketched out across two CDs of revealing demos and outtakes, the best of which may be Buckingham's exquisite “Brushes” – the original demo for “Never Going Back Again” – on which his delicate, lace-like threads of multi-tracked guitar intertwine with the crystalline sparkle of dulcimer or harp.

Hearing the band develop its definitive voice in these performances, one's interest is sharply piqued for the imminent reformation tour: it may not be as intriguing as Bowie's comeback, but there's a peculiar magic in operation here that deserves treasuring.

Download: Don't Stop; Go Your Own Way; Dreams; The Chain; You Make Loving Fun

Extra TV - Video! Fleetwood Mac Talks Band Reunion Stevie Nicks weighs in on Lance Armstrong Scandal

“Extra’s” Jerry Penacoli sat down with Fleetwood Mac; Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, and Mick Fleetwood to talk about the band getting back together and returning to the stage for their seventeenth tour.

Nicks also commented on friend Sheryl Crow’s relationship with Lance Armstrong, and the doping scandal. Watch the interview to find out what she had to say.
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Fleetwood Mac Rumours Reviews + Mick Fleetwood Interview

Photo by Sam Emerson
35 years of Rumours: Will a reissue add to Fleetwood Mac’s classic album?

It’s 35 years since the release of Rumours, but will yet another version add anything to the classic, asks Stuart Bathgate, or are reissues just a cynical ploy by record companies to capitalise on our memories?

YOU bought the record. You’ve got the CD. Perhaps, in the early days of the Walkman, you also had it on tape. All in all, you might well reckon you’ve done your bit by Rumours, Fleetwood Mac’s classic 1977 album. Bought it, bought it again, bought it a third time and given at least two versions to the charity shop.

Ah, but you don’t have the expanded or the deluxe 35th anniversary edition, do you? And you want them, don’t you? Or at least, that’s what the band and their record company hope.

More than 40 million copies of Rumours, in its various guises, have been sold to date, and now the aim is to shift a few more when those two new versions are released on Monday. Which, incidentally, as you may have noticed, is almost a month after the 35th anniversary ended. They always did take their time getting projects finished, Fleetwood Mac, and this one has been no different.

Great article... Check out the rest at

Fleetwood Mac: Rumour has it
The New Zealand Herald
By Scott Kara

"Fleetwood says the band is looking to return to New Zealand at the end of the year or early 2014"

Out of the pain of love turned sour came an album that has entranced the world for 35 years, writes Scott Kara

Mick Fleetwood was perhaps in the best position to see how rock 'n' roll's most famous soap opera unfolded during the writing and recording of Rumours.

He was, as he explains in his dapper and chatty drawl on the phone from his home on the island of Maui in Hawaii, the only one in the group not in a relationship with one of their bandmates.

Check out the full interview with Mick at The New Zealand Herald

This article is also a full page spread in the January 26th issue.

Rumours are true — the Mac are as good as ever
Day and Night - Ireland January 25, 2013

With Fleetwood Mac set to embark on a major world tour this year, it’s little surprise that their best-selling album has been dusted down and repackaged for a new generation.

Released in 1977, Rumours has shifted in excess of 40 million copies to date and continues to resonate as perhaps the quintessential break-up album. 

Each of the five members who formed the band’s “classic line-up” in the mid-1970s was going through the wringer emotionally. John and Christine McVie’s eight-year marriage had hit the rocks. The much younger couple, Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, had drifted apart to such an extent that they were barely talking. And Mick Fleetwood, who had founded a very, very different incarnation of the group 10 years earlier, was coming to terms with the fact that the mother of his two children had been having an affair with his best friend.

Listen to the songs anew all these years later and it’s remarkable just how candidly their travails are laid bare. There’s jealousy, bitterness, regret, pain and passion throughout.

And there are allusions to other preoccupations, too, not least Nicks’s well-documented issues with cocaine.

The evergreen quartet of Go Your Own Way, Dreams, Don’t Stop and The Chain demonstrate just how capable the quintet were at mining mass-appeal pop with a message.

And the success of these singles played a major role in the album’s phenomenal popularity.

Yet — as was the case with those other late-70s purveyors of break-up pop, Abba — Fleetwood Mac didn’t always keep a close watch on the quality control. A handful of tracks haven’t aged well and some feel slight, not least Oh Daddy — McVie's good natured ode to the band’s avuncular figure, Mick Fleetwood.

Even the additional material that comes with this three-disc anniversary edition, including early demos and alternate takes, cannot hide the fact that the album is far from perfect.

Buckingham put it well some time ago when he noted: “It was unnerving to see something that became a real phenomenon, when the music itself didn't necessarily warrant it.” 

KEY TRACKS Dreams (Take 2); Songbird (Demo)

Spend Your Sunday with Fleetwood Mac !

Fleetwood Mac Sunday in the UK
With the re-release of 'Rumours' in the UK on Monday, January 28th - Sky Arts and the BBC will air a few shows on the band.  I haven't seen the "Video Killed The Radio Star" show with Mick, but the other two "Don't Stop" and "Classic Albums" I'd highly recommend you check out.

Video Killed the Radio Star
Mick Fleetwood discusses the music videos that defined Fleetwood Mac, including Big Love and the 'mini movie' for Gypsy.
Sunday, January 27, 2013 - 4pm (30 Min)
Sky Arts 1

Classic Albums Rumours
Fleetwood Mac reveal how private turmoil acted as a catalyst in the creation of a Grammy-winning album that went on to sell more than 40 million copies world wide.
Sunday, January 27, 2013 - 4:30pm (1 Hour 20 Min)
Sky Arts 1

Fleetwood Mac - "Don't Stop"
2009 Documentary looking back over the band's long career, from the early blues outfit led by Peter Green in the late 1960s, to their reincarnation in the 1970s with the line-up that went on to record the 40-million-selling album Rumours. Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks reveal the truth behind the successes, failures and relationships that have characterised their music and made them one of the most enduring acts in popular music
Sunday, January 27, 2013 (1 Hour)
BBC Two UK 11pm
BBC Two NI 11:25pm

Mick Fleetwood on his way to the UK... Fleetwood Mac & Rumours Promo Junket

Mick Fleetwood is on his way to the UK!  He was spotted yesterday at LAX in Los Angeles with his Manager Carl Stubner prepping to board a flight heading east.  More photos here.  MediaEye confirmed on Twitter he's headed that way:

Mick told Planet Rock’s Darren Redick in an interview earlier this week that:

"I’m really looking forward to reconnecting with my sister, Christine McVie, and that’s sort of a lovely, nice thing to be doing. Getting her out of the English cold there for a few weeks... and me and Chris will be flying back [to Mick’s home in Hawaii] after my work in London”. 

Darren asked Mick if Christine would be with them for their shows in the UK and Mick went on to say,

"I would love that and I would welcome that as we all would and I truly hope that happens. And it might just be the case and I will take that to the fore and be reminded that a lot of people would love to see that happen. It would be an emotionally charged moment that would be lovely to have happen. And I know everyone in the band would welcome that. So you never know!”. 

Fleetwood Mac Pack Live Favorites Into 'Rumours' Reissue – Album Premiere via @rollingstone

Concert tracks recorded on 1977 tour come as bonus disc

Click to listen to Fleetwood Mac's '1977 "Rumours" World Tour Live'

On January 29th, Fleetwood Mac will reissue their 1977 classic Rumours in a new edition packed with tons of unreleased material from the studio and stage. Now you can get an exclusive first listen to the 12 unreleased live tracks that will be included with the new set. Recorded during the band's 1977 world tour at concerts in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Nashville and Columbia, South Carolina, the disc features Fleetwood Mac favorites like "Rhiannon" and "World Turning," as well as plenty of  Rumours highlights including a swooning rendition of "Dreams," a stomping version of "The Chain" that comes to a raucous conclusion, and the heartbreaking closer "Songbird." Fleetwood Mac will hit the road for their first tour since 2009, starting April 4th in Columbus, Ohio, with additional dates just announced.

Album Available now in Germany, New Zealand.  Available in the UK on Monday and North America Tuesday.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

NEW Dates Added For Mick Fleetwood VIP Meet & Greet Tickets #Fleetwoodmac

VIP Meet and Greet Packages should be available soon for Mick Fleetwood with the addition of 13 new shows.  The dates are on his site... No order info just yet.  Keep checking

Rating: ★★★★★ It's still MACnificent! 35 years on, classic Fleetwood Mac album Rumours is back with a twist

(Rhino, Expanded and Deluxe editions)

Daily Mail - UK

Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 album Rumours wasn’t so much a rock record as a fully fledged soap opera.
Fuelled by drugs and  tangled romances, it chronicled the five members’ raw emotions with classic songs like Don’t Stop, Go Your Own Way and Dreams.

Keyboardist Christine McVie described the sessions as a ‘nightly cocktail party’ while drummer Mick Fleetwood said they were ‘crucifyingly difficult’. 

But the Anglo-Americans pressed on to finish ‘the most important album we ever made’.

On Monday — 35 years after its original release — Rumours is back.  The landmark album is being re-issued in two packages with bonus material, out-takes and live recordings to mark the band’s reunion tour (UK dates are expected to be in late September).

A three-CD version, selling at around £12, contains the original album, bonus tracks and the live material. For Mac maniacs, a ‘deluxe’ edition, close to £50, is  bolstered by further outtakes, a DVD and copy of Rumours on vinyl.

So how does it all stand up three-and-a-half decades on? Very well indeed. Echoes of the album’s radio-friendly hooks and harmonies can now be heard in modern bands like The Pierces and Haim.

The album has even been the focus of a TV episode of Glee, while an a cappella cover of Don’t Stop is currently heard on a Seat cars’ advert.

The main reason why Rumours continues to fascinate is the way it vividly documents the band’s twisted relationships. Mick was in the throes of a painful divorce from Jenny Boyd and would go on to have an affair with Mac singer Stevie Nicks.

Bassist John McVie and keyboardist Christine had just broken up after eight years of marriage, while Stevie and guitarist Lindsey Buckingham were heading for the rocks following a five-year romance.

The band poured the trauma into their writing: Buckingham’s Go Your Own Way was a hurtful parting shot at Nicks, who responded with Dreams; Christine McVie aimed Don’t Stop at John to show him how she had moved on; he suggested the title Rumours because the group, without admitting it, were all writing songs about each other.

The songs pushed founder members Mick and John away from their roots in British blues to something that sounds contemporary even today.

The rollicking Don’t Stop remains a radio staple while The Chain is the BBC’s theme tune for its Formula 1 coverage.

Stevie once told me: ‘What I remember aren’t the bad nights when we weren’t speaking to one another but the night Dreams was written.

'I walked in and handed a rough cassette to Lindsey. He was mad with me at the time but he played it and looked up at me and smiled.

‘We knew what was going on was very sad. We were couples who couldn’t make it through the perils of fame but we still looked on each other with a lot of respect. It was a shame we had to break up but we got Go Your Own Way and Dreams out of it all. How upset can you be about that?’

The bonus material is strong — especially the songs left off the original album. Of the alternate versions of album tracks, the picks are an early incarnation of Dreams and a new version of I Don’t Want To Know. Less impressive are the jam sessions on the deluxe edition, while the live songs from 1977 don’t add anything.

But the real joys are to be found by listening again to the original, 39-minute album. It’s no wonder Fleetwood Mac were so keen to overcome the tribulations and finish a record with some of the catchiest, most intriguing songs of the Seventies.

Fleetwood Mac - A Look Back At Rumours

by Cameron Smith
Female First - UK

Fleetwood Mac’s landmark album ‘Rumours’ gets re-released next week, and we thought we’d look back at the album to figure out just why it’s so revered throughout the musical community, to the point that it even got its own episode of Glee dedicated to it.

Many albums have a difficult start in life, but Rumours might just be one of the most tumultuous productions ever to pull through the difficulty and pull out the other side. The production of the album was so filled with problems during production it’s a miracle that it even got made, let alone became the unifying factor that would keep the band together for years to come.

Fleetwood Mac was a band built on relationships, with not one, but two couples in the five person group. 1977 though saw both partnerships break down though, with bassist John McVie and keyboardist Christine McVie filing for divorce and vocalist Stevie Nicks leaving guitarist Lindsay Buckingham for the arms of drummer Mick Fleetwood.

Full Article at Femalefirst - UK

Rumours - Fleetwood Mac
Rating: ★★★★★★★★★★

By Daniel Fideli

O ano de 2013 promete ser movimentado para os fãs do Fleetwood Mac. A banda que hoje é formada por Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Lindsey Buckingham e Stevie Nicks sairá em turnê após quatro anos e relançará, em edições especiais, o clássico "Rumours", que em 4 de fevereiro do ano passado, completou 35 anos desde o lançamento em 1977.

Full Review [in Portuguese] at

Fleetwood Mac Weekend! at 95.5 KLOS Listen To Win Tix to L.A. Show

Fleetwood Mac just announced their 3rd Los Angeles area show and KLOS in Los Angeles has your tickets before you can buy them! They'll tell you when to call 800-955-KLOS and score your tickets to Fleetwood Mac at the Staples Center on July 3rd!

Doesn't actually say during what period they are giving away tickets.. I guess they want you to listen from NOW through the wknd.

You’ll also get the remastered expanded edition CD of Rumours containing live cuts from the band’s 1977’s World Tour and studio bonus cuts!