Friday, December 11, 2009


Eagles/Fleetwood Mac dream pairing eyed for stadiums
(for those unaware, Live Daily is owned by Ticketmaster, Ticketmaster's CEO is Irving Azoff, Irving Azoff Manages both Fleetwood Mac & the Eagles)


A dream tour of the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac has reached the proposal stage.

The concept of a summer US tour featuring the two Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members and consistent concert draws of the last decade is being presented to stadium and arena operators and promoters. The double bill is being considered for a combination of single nights in baseball and football stadiums and multiple nights in arenas.

The supply of national stadium tours has been slimming over the last several years. U2 was able to fill the 70,000-seat venues in cities across the country this year, but most stadium shows have been one-offs. Madonna and the reunited Police also had recent successes in stadiums.

The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac have shared a stadium bill only once--July 25, 1976 at Schaefer Stadium in Foxboro, MA. The Eagles were the headliners, having released a greatest hits album earlier in the year. Fleetwood Mac was still touring in support of their self-titled disc that was the first to feature Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham. Within a year of that show both bands would release the albums that elevated them to superstar status, "Hotel California" and "Rumours."


Anonymous said...

I saw the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac in Pittsburgh at Three Rivers Stadium, with Boz Scaggs July 24, 1976

Unknown said...

The author needs to get their "facts" straight- I saw the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac (along with Loggins & Messina and Dan Fogelberg) at Tampa stadium on July 4th 1976. The date is impossible to forget.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the facts are wrong. I was at that Schaefer Stadium concert the author mentions, but I remember it was part of a tour where the two bands would trade off who played first and who played second. The Eagles closed out the Foxboro concert.

Unknown said...

saw the Eagles,Fleetwood Mac.Loggins and Messina-July 4th 1976 at Tampa Stadium-best concert ever

Anonymous said...

I was at that concert in Foxboro in 1976. Fleetwood Mac opened, the Eagles closed (it was billed as Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles). It was part of a tour.

SRQ Boomer said...

Too bad we lost Glenn Frey. Without him a Eagles-Mac concert today could just not be the real deal.
I was at the July 4 1976 Tampa Stadium concert and still get goose bumps recalling how very special it was. Rhiannon and Peaceful Easy Feeling - perfection as the sun was setting.

Unknown said...

Oh yes I had just moved to Florida and had to be there. Awesome

Unknown said...

I was at Foxboro, Boz Skags opened. Then Mac Closed withe the eagles. We were right in front.Remember snake dance to james dean and some one building a fire in the grand stand towards the end

Anonymous said...

I saw the same show in Pittsburgh Three Rivers stadium as well....She BELTED out a version of Rhiannon that ROCKED !

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