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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

#idol Recap of Haley Singing Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac a Stevie Nicks Penned Song

[From Wednesday's American Idol Show]

Haley Reinhart sings “Rhiannon” by Fleetwood Mac on American Idol 2011.


Fleetwood Mac came back big on Glee a couple of weeks ago and last night Stevie Nicks was on Dancing With The Stars. Tonight, American Idol finalist Haley Reinhart channeled her inner Stevie Nicks as she performed “Rhiannon” live. Jimmy Iovine chose the song for Haley and despite it being a little windy on the Idol stage; Haley Reinhart did the song justice. Can she win American Idol Season 10?

By Brian Mansfield,

Watching Haley audition, I'm more convinced than ever that she's improved as much as any top-three contestant I've ever seen. The voice was there from the beginning, but she has learned how to use it better and how to present herself.

Haley says remembering the words will be a challenge as she sings Fleetwood Mac's Rhiannon. "From the minute I met you, I felt you should sing a Stevie Nicks song," he says. Haley's a Stevie Nicks fan, via her mother.

Haley gets smoke and dramatic black-and-white lighting for Rhiannon, which begins with only piano accompaniment before kicking into a more Mac-like arrangement for the second verse, at which point a wind machine kicks up underneath her, blowing her hair and her dress every which way. More than Scotty or Lauren, Haley knows how present a song, and the show's producers are giving her every opportunity to show off that skill. Good performance, great TV.

For me, Round Two goes to Haley, too, though Scotty came close.

And, at this point, even the awkward banter with the judges is playing to her favor.

"You're in a zone right now," Randy says. "You're just having a good time right now. ... I would grow my hair out if I could have the whole wind thing."

"You remind me of why I fell in love with Stevie Nicks to begin with," says Steven.

"It was a really beautiful moment," Jennifer says, "and you looked really beautiful on camera. ... It was a nice contrast to what you did earlier."

From the judges, Round Two is a mixed result: Steven goes for Lauren Alaina, while Jennifer and Randy (and Jimmy) go for Scotty.

"It's going to be an interesting finish," says Ryan, pointing out that Neil Sedaka is sitting next to Jimmy.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

NEW ON YOUTUBE: Christine McVie Live at The Country Club 1983

Tremendous quality video of this '83 concert...

"While McVie never toured as a solo act, she has performed a few dates to promote her solo work. In this series of clips, McVie was promoting her (at that point) upcoming 1984 self-titled album. The lovely pop-infused disc was released in January of 1984 and was a modest success. The album spawned two Top 40 Billboard hits (the #10 "Got A Hold On Me" -- also a great video -- and the #30 "Love Will Show Us How") and the LP peaked at #24 on Billboards Top 200. This concert was recorded on December 16 1983 at the Country Club in LA. Assisted by guitarist Todd Sharp, (future FM guitarist) Billy Burnett, bassist George Hawkins and drummer Steve Ferrone (all musicians who also played on her album) -- along with special guest Mick Fleetwood -- she performs a lively set of new songs and a few FM classics."

This is part 1 of 6

Tuesday, October 05, 2010


If you're a drummer, you might be interested in this.  The October, 2010 issue of Rhythm magazine includes a drum lessons cd featuring a playalong video to Fleetwood Mac's "Go You Own Way".  It also includes the audio track without the drums.

Friday, August 20, 2010


TAKING DAWN cover FLEETWOOD MAC's classic "The Chain"
Not bad... The musics not to my taste, but I can appreciate a good cover...

Stevie could take some tips from the guys near the end of the song where they're 
all thrashing their hair around... Could be interesting ;)

Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Even though the Eagles/Fleetwood Mac Stadium Tour ended up not happening this time around, the Dixie Chicks brought the band to the masses anyway covering "Landslide" last night (June 8th) during the opening night Eagles/Dixie Chicks show in Toronto at the Rogers Centre. This shouldn't be a surprise considering "Landslide" is their biggest crossover hit from their 2002 release HOME - reaching #2 on Billboards Country singles chart, #1 on the AC chart, #7 on Billboards Hot 100 singles chart and #2 on Billboards Hot AC chart.

Full Review - Toronto Sun

"Landslide" is also included on the newly released "Playlist - The Very Best of Dixie Chicks" released June 1st.


Friday, April 23, 2010


Mick Fleetwood:the big picture
By JON WOODHOUSE, Contributing Writer
Maui News

Beginning in the early days of Fleetwood Mac, Mick Fleetwood would often snap pictures of his band mates. Over the years this hobby morphed into a more serious artistic endeavor. Two years ago his photographic work was included in American Photo magazine's "Photography Rocks" traveling exhibition, along with images by musician like Bryan Adams, Lenny Kravitz, Lou Reed and Graham Nash. And just this week, his photos were exhibited at Wailea's Celebrities Gallery.

"Way back in England I got into it by always having a camera with me to take pictures on the road," Mick explains at the opening. "Unbeknownst to me (Fleetwood Mac's bassist) John McVie was the silent photographer, who, unlike me who was a snap merchant, would take 30 pictures with his Leica and never tell anyone. We shared a house in Hampshire and he put in a dark room. He took the picture of Bare Trees in the mist (the Fleetwood Mac album cover), and actually won an award. In a way he was a mentor. John taught me to think about what I was taking. We're trying to persuade him to have an exhibition with me."

Fleetwood's Celebrities Gallery exhibit focuses on archetypal English pastoral scenes - images of poppy fields, a country lane, swans and his mom's house - that have a strong emotional connection for the legendary musician.

"About three years ago, before I moved my mother here, I was in England in Salisbury for a while," he continues.

"She was having a hip operation and I was getting ready to move her to Hawaii. While she was in hospital I would drive around and find a place to sit and wait for the so- called artistic moment. I have fun doing that. I really enjoy it, it's very calming. All these pictures were not snapshots. The poppy field totally caught me. I went back and took pictures on two different days. Salisbury Plain was where I came home to for years. A lot of this is around my mother leaving England and taking shots that had an empathy with her leaving, parts of her garden, river shots and villages."

Pleased that his photo work is finding an audience, he notes: "We're going on a tour of some galleries with an extend version of this. Some of it is celebrity driven and once you get over that, why not? The worst that's going to happen is people are going to say, it sucks, which is probably a good thing to get whacked down."

One can't imagine Mick Fleetwood has ever been told his artistic endeavors suck. He's more used to reaping laudatory reviews. Touring last year with Fleetwood Mac, a U.K. Guardian newspaper review praised: "Fans of Fleetwood Mac's blues-rock band incarnation are sent into rapture when the band piles into 'Oh Well,' so electrifying it could power a small town."

Following the Mac shows, Mick recently completed a tour of Australia and New Zealand, opening some concerts for Boz Scaggs and Michael McDonald with his Maui-based Mick Fleetwood Blues Band.

"It was fantastic," he reports. "Boz used to tour with us in the old days. I met Michael here and spent some time before we went on the road. He's absolutely the sweetest, totally not a rock 'n' roll star. It was a fun tour - they remember the old Fleetwood Mac stuff, because of the English thing. When you play 'Albatross' in the States, no one knows what it is; there we played it as an encore."

With a live CD and DVD (shot in England) out, various Blues Band gigs are in the works, including some European festivals and, "maybe opening up for Meatloaf," he says. And later in the year, they are booked to play some dates with Texas rockers ZZ Top.

"That's totally great," he enthuses. "Billy (Gibbons) is a huge Fleetwood Mac/Peter Green fan. He's itching to get out and play. He's aware of Rick (Vito) and loves his playing."

Then there's the possibility of hooking up with Joe Walsh in between his Eagles' dates.

"I'm thinking about people to do it with, and it struck me that Joe Walsh has played religiously, and I thought it would be a great combo because he's a real rock 'n' roller," he says. "What a great bill, two guys, one from Fleetwood Mac and one from the Eagles, getting together."

In December the concert website Pollstar reported plans were brewing for the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac to join forces this year for a historic, massive stadium tour.

"We were supposed to be doing it now," Mick explains. "We were open to doing it, but there were some timing and lighting issues. Stevie (Nicks) didn't want to go on for the whole thing in daylight. Sadly it fell apart. I think it should happen."

From all reports the Mac's 2009 "Unleashed Tour" was a resounding success, which has whetted appetites for a new album.

"John's game, I am and Lindsey (Buckingham) is. Stevie was not so keen to make the commitment," he says. "I really feel we will do another album. I plan to spend some time with Lindsey in L.A. and explore some producers."

Nicks, he reports, is currently teamed with Grammy- winning producer Don Was, compiling a country version of Mac's epic "Rumours" album. "There will be another version of 'Rumous,' with some fairly well-known country artists," he adds.

And he's talked with Buckingham about doing something. "I asked if he ever wanted to get together and play, and do a corporate gig or something. He said, 'I will,' which is sort of unusual. I pitched him, what about you, me and John, without Stevie, we could do some great old rock 'n' roll stuff. I said we could call it the Men of Mac. So the Men of Mac are available to play your bar mitzvah."

Among other musical projects, Mick might get together with one of the Mac's early members - guitarist Jeremy Spencer - for some show dates.

"Jeremy has a new album out, and he's said he would really like to do something," Mick reveals. "There's some tasty stuff on it. Jeremy likes floaty instrumentals and the album has several. His voice has totally come back and he's playing great. If I knew I was going to do a productive tour in Europe, the Jeremy Spencer Band could open up."

Heading out with the Blues Band reminds Mick of his early days with Fleetwood Mac, long before their transformation into global rock stars packing arenas and stadiums.

"We're not at all plugged into a production, we don't even have a lighting guy," he explains, chuckling. "It's all about playing, and it's freer."

In a recent interview he reported that at the age of 62, he was playing louder and harder than ever.

"It means I'm more desperate the older I get," he says breaking up laughing. "I've put some weight on and that's got something to do with it, and I keep pretty fit. I'm really enjoying playing and it's still there. My Fleetwood Mac drum tech is going. 'What the **** are you doing?' I have aluminum sticks and I've never done stuff to them, but on the last Mac tour, every other song (he indicates he had to keep replacing them). Something happened, I'm taking Hulk pills or something," he jokes. "The whole downtime from Fleetwood Mac I got away from playing because of my lifestyle. Then before I moved here, I was on the track to playing again because I was not completely out of my gourd all the time. The whole ethic of getting back and playing has really been a good thing."

The allure of Maui has helped Mick attract some heavyweight musical friends to join him at his island home. Neighbors of his Kula estate may have heard the distinctive vocals of Paul Rodgers, the legendary singer of Free (of "All Right Now" fame) and Bad Company, and most recently touring as Queen's front man.

"I had a great time playing with Paul Rodgers and Rick and John at the farm," he explains. "I was in London in the same hotel. I love his singing, he's one of the greatest English singers; there's Rod, Joe Cocker and him. So I phoned him up and invited him to Maui, and he came for two weeks. Something quite interesting might come out of it. We're looking at trying to put some kind of bluesy/rock 'n roll, Traveling Wilburys thing together. It could be on a small level or quite a grand level with Fleetwood Mac's rhythm section and some fairly well-known people all getting together."

Sunday, April 04, 2010


Some Notable April Dates in Mac Chart History
There's likely more that happened in April through the years in various countries, this is from going through the information I've collected through the years.

4.01.1977 - Rumours certified gold (50,000 units) and platinum (100,000 units) in Canada
4.02.1977 - Rumours reached #1 on Billboards Top 200 Albums Chart for the first time
4.05.2009 - Stevie Nicks Live in Chicago DVD debuts at #5 on the UK Music Video Charts
4.06.1998 - Rumours certified 18x Platinum in the US
4.07.1999 - Stevie Nicks Enchanted Boxed Set certified gold in the US
4.08.1987 - Tango In The Night certified gold and silver in the UK
4.09.1990 - Behind The Mask released in the UK
4.11.1977 - Rumours reaches #1 on the Australian Albums Chart
4.13.1987 - Tango In The Night released in the UK
4.14.2007 - Stevie Nicks Crystal Visions debuts at #21 on Billboards Top 200
4.14.2007 - Stevie Nicks Crystal Visions debuts at #2 on Billboards Top Music Videos Chart
4.18.2009 - Stevie Nicks Live in Chicago DVD debuts at #1 on Billboard Top Video Charts
4.18.2009 - Stevie Nicks The Soundstage Sessions debuts at #47 on Billboards Top 200
4.15.2003 - Say You Will is released in North America
4.21.1990 - Behind The Mask debuts on the UK Charts at #1
4.22.1972 - Bare Trees debuts on the Top 200 Albums Chart 
4.22.1988 - Tango In The Night certified 4x platinum in the UK
4.22.1990 - Behind The Mask peaks at #9 on the Austalian Albums Chart
4.23.2003 - Say You Will debuts on the Canadian Albums Chart at #8 selling 8,600 copies
4.25.1987 - Tango In The Night debuted on the UK Charts at #7
4.28.1973 - Penguin debuts on the Top 200 Albums Chart peaking at #49
4.28.1990 - Behind The Mask debuted on the Top 200 Albums Chart peaking at #18
4.28.1998 - Stevie Nicks Enchanted Boxed Set released
4.28.2003 - Say You Will released in the UK

4.01.1974 - Albatross (single) certified Silver in the UK (200,000 units sold)
4.02.1988 - Family Man debuts on Billboards Hot 100 & peaks at #90
4.02.1987 - Everywhere debuts on the UK Charts at #29 & peaks at #4
4.03.1988 - Everywhere debuts on the Ireland Singles Chart at #29 & peaks at #2
4.04.1987 - Big Love debuts on the UK Charts at #70 & peaks at #9
4.04.2009 - The Chain debuts on the UK Charts at #94 spending one week on the chart
4.05.1980 - Think About Me debuts on Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart & peaks at #28
4.07.1990 - Save Me debuts on Billboards Hot 100 & peaks at #33
4.07.1990 - Save Me debut on Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart & peaks at #6
4.07.1990 - Save Me debuts on Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks Chart & peaks at #3
4.09.1983 - Oh Diane debuts on Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart & peaks at #35
4.09.1988 - Family Man debuts on Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart & peaks at #23
4.11.1981 - Fire Flies debuts on Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks Chart & peaks at #59
4.12.1987 - Big Love debuts on Ireland Singles Chart at #27 & peaks at #8
4.13.1987 - Big Love peaks at #16 on Australian Singles Chart
4.13.1968 - Black Magic Woman debuts on the UK Singles Chart at #50 & peaks at #37
4.16.1973 - Albatross (single) released in the UK
4.16.1977 - Dreams debuts on Billboard Hot 100 & peaks at #1
4.16.1986 - Stevie Nicks' "I Can't Wait" peaks at #16 on Billboard Hot 100 
4.17.1982 - Stevie Nicks' "Edge of Seventeen peaks at #11 on Billboard Hot 100
4.17.1982 - Stevie Nicks' "Edge of Seventeen peaks at #5 on the Canadian Singles Chart
4.19.1968 - Man of the World debuts on the UK Charts at #21 & peaks at #2
4.20.2006 - Deep Dish "Dreams" w/Stevie Nicks debuts at #22 on Irelands Top 50 
4.21.1989 - Stevie Nicks' "Rooms on Fire" single Released
4.23.1983 - Can't Go Back debuts on UK Charts at #83 spending 1 week on the chart
4.24.2006 - Deep Dish "Dreams" w/Stevie Nicks debuts at #6 on Finlands Top 20 
4.24.2006 - Deep Dish "Dreams" w/Stevie Nicks debuts at #14 on the UK Top 75
4.25.1987 - Big Love debuts on Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart & peaks at #23
4.25.1987 - Seven Wonders debuts on Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks Chart & peaks at #2
4.28.1990 - Love is Dangerous debuts on Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks Chart peaks at #7
4.30.1977 - Dreams debuts on Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart & peaking at #11
4.30.1977 - Don't Stop debuts on the UK Singles Chart at #42 & peaks at #32
4.30.1982 - Stevie Nicks' "After The Glitter Fades" single released

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Stacy's "Silver Springs" - Stevie Nicks cover

This is really nice!!!

Eisley’s Stacy DuPree performs a stunning version of the Stevie Nicks classic “Silver Spring”.

"Get mp3 of Stacy DuPree's "Silver Springs" - Stevie Nicks cover here:"

Friday, January 29, 2010



First we get a report from Livedaily stating that "A Dream Tour of The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac has Reached the Proposal Stage" Then we heard from Timothy Schmidt of the Eagles that it's not going to happen.  Timothy Schmidt was recently in London promoting his own solo album and was interviewed by Simon Mayo on BBC Radio 2 and was asked point blank about the possible summer tour, the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac together.... His response was that he spoke to his manager and it didn't look like it was going to happen. You can here the portion of the radio interview here: "Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles Not Happening"

Now we get Livedaily again making a remark that the tour is reportedly in the organizers hands!!

It doesn't make sense!... Either it's still in the planning stages, or it's completely off.. It can't be both!

Livedaily, who are the ones that keep bringing this up would be connected to this situation more than anyone (or should be at least).  Livedaily is a company that is owned by Ticketmaster Entertainment... which owns controlling interest in Frontline Management.  Irving Azoff is CEO of  both Ticketmaster Entertainment and CEO of Frontline Management.  Irving Azoff also personally manages the Eagles.  Fleetwood Mac are also managed by Frontline Management.  So Ticketing, Band Managment and Livedaily are all under one big roof!  Maybe it's a case of a company being way too big and information doesn't filter around to all departments...or a rogue blog posters. I don't know... If it were not going to happen like Timothy suggested, why does Livedaily still mention it?  

Anyway, if this thing ends up going ahead, what I think will end up happening is the two bands won't be doing a complete co-headlining tour together this summer, instead if they are both out on the road separately they'll likely set aside the occasional date(s) in various cities for them to pair up... That's what I think... 

Here's today's Livedaily news.  

The Eagles have mapped a few additional West Coast dates that will follow their upcoming three-night engagement at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles this spring.

After tackling the April 16, April 17 and April 20 LA shows--the band's first-ever performances in the legendary venue--the group heads to Phoenix for an April 21 appearances, then back to California for concerts in Anaheim (4/25), Sacramento (4/27) and San Jose (4/30), before closing out the run May 9 in Vancouver. Dates are shown at right.

The new shows all go on sale to the public Feb. 8, with the exception of the Vancouver date, which becomes available beginning next Monday (2/1). Tickets will be available at all Ticketmaster locations, via Ticketmaster charge-by-phone (800.745.3000) or online at (LiveDaily is an operating unit of Ticketmaster Entertainment, which also owns Ticketmaster.)

During the run, the band--Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmit--will continue to support 2007's "Long Road Out of Eden," which was the group's first new studio album since 1979's "The Long Run." The set debuted at No. 1 on The Billboard 200 chart after posting first-week sales of 711,000 copies, and went on to become 2007's top-selling album by a group, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

"Long Road Out of Eden" also earned the group Grammy Awards for Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals for "How Long" in 2008, and Best Pop Instrumental Performance for "I Dreamed There Was No War" in 2009.

Late last year, the group confirmed to various industry sources that it was in the planning stages of a massive summer co-headlining tour with Fleetwood Mac. The union of the two '70s AOR heavyweights would likely result in one of the most-hyped tours of the year, and organizers are reportedly searching for football and baseball stadiums to host potential single-night components of the trek, along with multiple nights in smaller arenas in many cities.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Timothy B. Schmidt of the Eagles was interviewed on Simon Mayo Drivetime today in the UK and said that he emailed his Manager today to find out what the Eagles were doing this summer.  His Manager told him about the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac Stadium Tour rumours and that it was being pursued, but confirmed to Timothy that it isn't going to be happening.

You can catch the full Timothy B. Schmidt interview on Simon Mayo Drivetime on the BBC Radio 2 site, or click the player below for the section of the interview regarding the tour.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Eagles and Fleetwood Mac - together

Eagles og Fleetwood Mac - sammen

De har haft gigantisk turné-succes hver for sig. Nu slår de to supergrupper pjalterne sammen.

Både The Eagles og Fleetwood Mac har inden for det sidste årstid begejstret deres danske publikum ved forrygende koncerter.

Tilsammen scorede Mac og ørnene over en trekvart milliard kroner på deres turnéer alene i 2009.

Læs også: Ørnen flyver endnu

Og nu kommer chancen for at se giganterne - sammen.

Det er Billy Joels gamle bookingagent Dennis Arfa, der har fået den geniale idé. Og selvom de specifikke datoer endnu ikke er afsløret, så skulle der også være en god chance for at se Mac-Eagles i Danmark.


Eagles and Fleetwood Mac - together

They have had huge success touring separately. Now proposing the two supergroups rags together.

Both The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac has within the last year or enthusiastic their Danish audience terrific concerts.

Subtotal scored Mac and eagles over three quarters one billion dollars on their own tours in 2009.

And now comes the chance to see giants - together.

It's Billy Joel old booking agent, Dennis Arfa, who has been the brilliant idea. And although the specific dates have not yet been revealed, so there should be a good chance to see Mac Eagles in Denmark.


Tuesday, January 05, 2010

OFF THE RECORD WITH JOE BENSON: Mick Fleetwood and Ken Caillat

This weekend Fleetwood Mac OFF THE RECORD with J.B., Mick Fleetwood & producer Ken Caillat
Sunday January 10th: OFF THE RECORD with Joe Benson will feature the music of Fleetwood Mac as well as more of Joe's conversations with Mick Fleetwood and producer Ken Caillat.

Westwood One - Off The Record

Monday, December 28, 2009


Can Don Henley and Stevie Nicks Work Together on an Eagles and Fleetwood Mac Tour?
December 27, 2009 by Ron Hart Ron Hart
Associated Content

Will Don Henley and Stevie Nicks share the stage, and the limelight, as the rumored Eagles and Fleetwood Mac co-headlining classic rock tour seems to be close to official? As Henley and Nicks are the most recognizable names and faces in their respective 1970's rock super-groups, the two share a history that somehow manages to be both shrouded in mystery and well publicized.

Probably the most difficult aspect to putting together a concert tour like this one is not logistical in nature. Though logistics can be a challenge, the biggest obstacle can be the egos involved. Who exactly is the bigger group, the Eagles or Fleetwood Mac? Who will close the show? Are more Eagles fans or more Fleetwood Mac fans coming? How will this affect the dynamic between the principals in the two groups?

Now, throw in the fact that Don Henley and Stevie Nicks had an on again and off again love affair during the late 1970's and into the early 1980's, and you have an even more complicated situation. While both are quite a bit older now, romances from the past often are hardwired in people's psyche. To further complicate matters, Nicks was involved in no less than three of the other participants in this mega concert tour: Lindsay Buckingham and Mick Fleetwood from Fleetwood Mac, and Joe Walsh from the Eagles.

If this all seems to add up to a potentially tenuous situation, here is one more thing to consider. Don Henley, in an GQ article from the early 1990's, told the world that he believed Nicks became pregnant by him, aborted the baby and named the unborn fetus Sara. Henley shared that he believed Nicks then wrote one of her most famous songs, Sara, and dedicated it to the Henley sired love child that would never be.

In subsequent years, Stevie Nicks made it clear that she was not at all happy with Henley's statement to the world. While she did not deny being pregnant with Henley's child, she apparently was very unhappy with Henley for sharing it in an interview with a national magazine.

Certainly, it appears that through the years Henley and Nicks have patched things up. In recent years, they have performed on stage together, most notably during a mini-tour without the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac in which both performed alone and together.

While both Henley and Nicks became solo stars in their own right, neither became nearly as big as they were with the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac respectively. So while a small solo tour with the King and Queen of 1970's Southern California rock seemingly went well, an Eagles and Fleetwood Mac pairing will have a lot more attention and will represent a lot more at stake.

Both groups have had more than their share of internal drama, but as they bring them together to sell out football and baseball stadiums across the country, it will be very interesting to observe their on stage dynamic (if they perform together), and any offstage drama that may leak out to the world at large.

While both Henley and Nicks are total professionals, and as each are nearing the point of senior citizenship, it is unlikely that any real 'dirty laundry' will be exposed. And for his part, Henley is now a married man. But if the interpersonal relationships again get emotional or complicated, it will be interesting to see how it might effect the tour and the product on the stage.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Fleetwood Mac & The Eagles Eyeing Joint Summer Stadium Tour

By: Howie Edelson

Promoters are pitching a joint Fleetwood Mac/Eagles Sumner tour of stadium and arenas to venue operators and promoters across the U.S., according to The site reports that "the double bill is being considered for a combination of single nights in baseball and football stadiums and multiple nights in arenas." No dates have been announced, but industry insiders are suggesting that the show will undoubtedly pack stadiums of up to 70,000 at every venue the tour plays. So far there's been no word as to when an announcement will be made.

Throughout their '70s heyday, the groups'kept up a friendly rivalry while vying for the top spot as California's hottest rock band. Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles have only played on the same bill twice -- on July 25th, 1976, in Foxboro, Massachusetts at Schaefer Stadium; and on January 12th, 1998 when both bands performed at New York;'s Waldorf Astoria for their respective inductions into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Don Henley and Stevie Nicks were romantically linked back in the late '70s, and scored a 1981 Top Ten hit with their duet "Leather And Lace." The pair went on to tour with each other in 2005. Henley shed some light on his deep friendship with Nicks: "We go back a long way. We don't see very much of each other these days. I mean, she's got her life and I've got mine, and there's certainly nothing going on here on a romantic level. But we're friends. We feel like we've been through a lot of the same things in our careers."

Nicks was asked how, after so many years as a working unit, Fleetwood Mac is able to still deliver at the top of their game with each new road trek: "It stays fresh because we never stop playing. Y'know, basically what we are is entertainers. Even if this band had never made it big, we'd be playing all the clubs, we'd be playing all the clubs in Europe, we'd be still doing that because what we really are is entertainers. So when we go onstage -- we're performers. We're performance artists, that's what we do. So it isn't a question of keeping it fresh because it's what we love. We don't basically have anything else to do."

Fleetwood Mac performed last night (December 16th) in Boondall, Australia.

The Eagles will play their first-ever shows at L.A.'s Hollywood Bowl on March 16th, 17th, and 20th.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Eagles, Fleetwood Team Up

Stadiums could be in for a treat in 2010 with a monster co-bill that’s gearing up to take flight.

Sources close to Eagles and Fleetwood Mac have confirmed exclusively to Pollstar that they are routing a tour, as was previously reported to be under consideration on

The bands have apparently been looking into a trek through arenas, baseball and football stadiums coast to coast.

-Joe Reinartz

Friday, December 11, 2009


Eagles/Fleetwood Mac dream pairing eyed for stadiums
(for those unaware, Live Daily is owned by Ticketmaster, Ticketmaster's CEO is Irving Azoff, Irving Azoff Manages both Fleetwood Mac & the Eagles)


A dream tour of the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac has reached the proposal stage.

The concept of a summer US tour featuring the two Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members and consistent concert draws of the last decade is being presented to stadium and arena operators and promoters. The double bill is being considered for a combination of single nights in baseball and football stadiums and multiple nights in arenas.

The supply of national stadium tours has been slimming over the last several years. U2 was able to fill the 70,000-seat venues in cities across the country this year, but most stadium shows have been one-offs. Madonna and the reunited Police also had recent successes in stadiums.

The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac have shared a stadium bill only once--July 25, 1976 at Schaefer Stadium in Foxboro, MA. The Eagles were the headliners, having released a greatest hits album earlier in the year. Fleetwood Mac was still touring in support of their self-titled disc that was the first to feature Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham. Within a year of that show both bands would release the albums that elevated them to superstar status, "Hotel California" and "Rumours."