Sunday, February 28, 2010


A couple of intersting tweets from Producer Dave Stewart (Eurythmics):

"wrote a great song with Stevie Nicks on Monday called "Everybody Loves You"

and when asked if this means Stevie's making a new album?.... He responded with:

"she's on top form and I see that possibility"

What this all means is anyones guess.  And where this all falls within Stevie's album making process, if that's in fact what she's doing is really up in the air - maybe she's writing music with Dave Stewart for another artist to sing?... Maybe it's just the beginning of putting an album together for herself and we have a few more years to wait for it to be complete... And you never know, maybe she's been working on this already for a few years and it's the middle of the could also be the final leg of making an album.  Man, you could speculate all day about this!  In any case, it's great to hear she's still interested in making new music whether it's writing for herself, others, or producing music for Michelle Branch, which Michelle Branch tweeted about earlier in the month (link)...  Personally, I hope Stevie's working on music for herself... It's been far too long since her last studio album Trouble in Shangri-La came out (2001).

And it's not Dave's first encounter with Stevie as he explains in this interview from Rockline from a couple of years ago when talking about the inspiration behind writing Tom Petty's song "Don't Come Around Here No More" back in the early 80's.

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Anonymous said...

In that Tom Petty documentary a couple years ago he said that Dave Stewart wrote "Don't Come Around Here" for Stevie, but had not finished writing the verses. And Stevie wanted Tom to finsh them for her. But once he had written them he kept to song, which Stevie does sing on. Petty also talks about when his house in LA burned down in the late 80's, and how he, Dave Stewart, Annie Lennox and Stevie were all friends and hanging out at that time. I hope Stevie does do another CD. But I read last week that Fleetwood Mac are going to do another US tour this summer. And what about their new music?

Anonymous said...

I am so torn!!
I would love NEW Stevie music, but a last chance for me to see Fleetwood Mac in Concert,,,,,,,
How about BOTH???
Anytime Stevie Nicks is busy with music the world sings!!!

Anonymous said...

FleetwoodMac, as it exists today, with Mick, John, Stevie, and Lindsey... is NOT going on tour this summer... that's a fact you can take to the bank!!!!!!!!!!

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